A mental masterpiece. You know the unknowable, with 100% certainty. https://t.co/SNUF3..

> I Hate Card Tricks by Stephen Bargatze

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 11th, 2015
I purchased this monumental mindscrew a few months ago and am literally shocked that magicians aren't falling all over themselves to give this positive reviews! And then, it dawned on me; "the silence is for a reason...this is WAY too good to share!" Yeah, it's one of those. Just like 25-years ago when Mike Powers released Holey Terror to the world and magicians got all quiet and hush-hush because NO ONE wanted anyone else, ESPECIALLY non-working magicians, to have this in their hands for fear it would flood the gates and possibly ruin the impact it had on paying audiences. Well, consider me the evil "Masked Magician" of the 21st Century because THIS effect deserves to be seen! It's well within the grasp of any level to perform, although presentation is EVERYTHING here and you'll need excellent and skilled audience management to create a miracle for audiences imbibing in a bar setting, it's a true stunner! My ONLY gripe, although very picky and easily attributed to my perfectionistic OCD for flawless routining would be that I wish it came with standard Bicycle Rider Back cards, but since Penguin sells a blank face Bicycle Rider Back deck pretty cheap, I can eliminate the need for Prozak pretty cheaply! Stephen is a hoot and very, very intelligent although I think he loves for people to think he's just a goon who gets lucky....ALL THE TIME (LOL!), so his approach is very entertaining and textbook precise for those, like myself, who want to simply perform a couple miracles as "regular" Joes with "no clue" of proper card handling...sort of "portals" for this crazy stuff to act through.

Again, as deadly as this effect is and for the amount of slayed brain matter it leaves behind, I'm simply shocked there aren't pages of glowing reviews for this, but as mentioned, I'm sure there are hundreds of magicians out there putting legit hits out on me right now for tipping this as Card Trick Of The Year if you really want to leave your audiences talking about you for a
few decades to come. There's really no explaination they can hang their hat on and the real "work" goes completely out-the-window upon conclusion when you turn the garden hose on them around the corner at the conclusion. Backtracking just isn't an option and everything they thought they had on you, justified or not, is crushed by the Godzilla-like devastation waiting for them to pour through and examine.

You know what? Forget everything I just said. Please, DON'T buy this! I think I do want this one for myself!!! (Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge, Add To Cart you wanker and start performing REAL magic)

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May 07th 2016 9:51pm
Too late! The cat is out of the bag!! :)

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