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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 15th, 2015
I bought IRIS specifically for the Qu35t1on & An5w3r close-up Question and Answer routine. Boy, was I disappointed. Looch does offer a new way to mark the cards so you know which card belongs to which person, however, this new way is not necessarily an improvement over other ways to mark a card or billet.

The main reason I am so disappointed with Qu35t1on & An5w3r is there is no method taught for secretly getting the question each person asked. Looch says to just look at the card and read their question. What? That's not mind reading. Some say that how you get the information does not matter, what people want is the answer to their question. Sorry, I totally disagree. How the mind reader gets the question in the first place is what makes or breaks a Q&A routine. It's not mysterious or impressive in any way if the mind reader looks at the card and just reads the question.

Oh, and Looch does suggest one way to get the questions secretly: buy another one of his products to learn how.

Huge disappointment.

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Nov 30th 2015 11:22pm
I think it depends if you are performing more as either a reader or a psychic or both versus as a magician or mentalist. If you are performing as more of a magician/mentalist. then yes you are right: getting the information is part of what sells the effect. But as Paul Voodini points out, a person giving genuine readings for entertainment or a "real" psychic doesn't care about figuring out what the persons question is, and would not try to do that. They instead only are there to give the reading, so it makes logical sense to look at the question.

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