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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 12th, 2015
I've rewatched this lecture at least three times, and I've gotten nothing from it.

Which is really sad because he performs some great magic!

I really wanted to like this lecture, and learn something from it, but I did not get as much as I felt like I should have.

I feel terrible because I want to rewatch it again today and maybe find something that I don't already do or some kind of nuance or move that I can put into another routine, but I've come up short, and even with repeated viewing I've gotten very little from this lecture at all!

Even the theory 11 theory in 11 words did not really help me unfortunately.

After all that, the other half of the lecture is Tom showing off his tricks OiAter and Big four poker. They seem like really great tricks that require a lot of set up. They were cool, but I already perform similar magic that is impromptu, and can play BIG! Which I felt that the tricks were not so good to the point that you could hold up a show with "hey wait a moment while I set up this poker game".

I feel like maybe I'm being unfair, but I did not find anything interesting, fun or cool on this lecture.

I will probably never do the ribbon trick, I will probably never perform the blue orangutan trick(s).

I really like Tom, and I'm sure he plays well to certain audiences.

I just didn't like this lecture, sorry.

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Nov 24th 2015 5:37pm
I've rewatched this lecture a few times, and maybe I judged too quickly.

Tom shares with us some neat tricks that have simple and workable methods.

I do not think I will be using them without heavy modification, but I know there is something in this lecture for anyone.

More importantly, I think Tom's words on remembering Jim Ryan was really important, and after going to my first convention, I can really understand why Tom would want us to support young magicians. A simple experience like getting close enough to see what people are jamming on is so important for the up and comers.

It was also really touching that he remembered Jim Ryan's spirit of magic.

Overall, I think this lecture was satisfactory.


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Nov 30th 2015 8:17pm
Jordan- I appreciate your review and follow up comments. You took the time to watch it, think about it and then to post your follow up comment. That's all I can ask for a fair,honest and thoughtful review. I thank you for that.- Cheers Tom Dobrowolski

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