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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 31st, 2015
I really LOVE Hollow by Looch,
as taught in this lecture,
and if you don't have a laser cutter as Looch had access to,
a crafts/fabrics store has a near-perfect hole puncher that is suitable and will save you a ton of time
if you've tried an exacto knife (which was my first try--total failure in time investment and also the edges
are too jagged for smooth sliding...that'll be clear to you if you know the method).

However, I never use it anymore (at a paid gig)
because I can't justify taking up all that valuable pocket space just for a full peek of a business card (I've become very conservative with pocket space),
when there are equally effective methods such as Banachek's from Psi Series or, which I personally use, Kuff's Bold Business--but with Convincing Control which
I feel is much fairer than telling the participant to place her card on the top of a stack and then cut the cards multiple times as Kuffs does.
Anyone else do Bold Business but with a Convincing Control instead, or is that just me?

"All that pocket space?," you ask?
Yes. If you're only planning on doing one effect,
and it's a DD, then it's negligible.
Looch here had the benefit of being able to have a case off to the side of the stage and walk on-stage then off-stage
to draw from his case. I do walk-around,
and pocket-space is precious to me.
If you do around 10 effects at a show,
and each of the 10 require that much room in your pockets,
then you'll need a fanny pack and/or you'll look ridiculous.

This is especially true if you can achieve the same result
with what you already carry on you--a stack of ordinary business cards.

Also I've performed the Rock, Paper, Scissors,
with success. However, I didn't like that all of the outs
are in his pockets (since my FIRST thought was that the MO was MO, and therefore I wanted to check all his pockets).
So I place a wager on the outcome of the game, and folded into the wager someone holds is one of the outs.
The other out is on the back of my lanyard.
And the 3rd out is in view the entire time (not my pocket, which again seems shady).

Of the 2 above effects I just mentioned which are taught in this lecture, I prefer the RPS. Why?

1. Because I can do a DD using business cards in a few OTHER ways, using a stack of ordinary business cards, which are basically as clean, but do not require extra pocket space (since I already carry a stack of ordinary business cards on me). With Hollow, your gimmick can be used only for Hollow. And it takes up as much pocket-space as another deck of cards (almost--a stack of at least 25 business cards is what you're looking at). Not an issue for everyone.

2. Because RPS seems so immune from guile/deception. It's a game kids play on the playground. Derren Brown did it sensationally, it seems so spontaneous and innocuous.

3. It takes up as much pocket space as 3 business cards. That's fantastic.


He also shows his effect which was shown in his SAD DVD, where he memorizes a deck of cards in a flash. When I first saw SAD, I didn't like this effect (seemed boring I think). But seeing it again, I'm starting to like it more.

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Jan 01st 2016 12:56pm
Just performed a NYE show,
and did the RPS probably 4 times (on different sets).

I believe firmly in my MO variation,
and I believe it's much better than using your pockets.

But wanted to mention that one girl, Wendy, at the end said,
"There's a 33% probability ..."
And I said, "You forgot there's a possibility of a draw, as well."
Then a man said, "Yes, that changes it and makes it even harder."
Then Wendy said, "But you knew what you were gonna throw."

That bothered me (it should be obvious why to those who know the method). Didn't spoil the trick, since she didn't think of the MO;
but still made me think. Maybe it would be better to rewrite the prediction by leaving out what I throw and only call attention to what the participant threw, "You won!...you'll throw scissors." And leave it there.

P.S. I mentioned that one of my MO's is the wager.
I had been writing it on a blank card and folding it up inside. But that's stupid (and messy, and needs to be carefully hidden, especially since a have another person hold onto it, or put it in their pocket, or keep their hand down on it). Instead, simply WRITE it ON the bill! (in such a way that unfolding it once shows, "You win!" then unfolding it completely reveals further, "..you chose scissors." Though I always let the person unfold the prediction, as that seems MUCH cleaner than my unfolding it and reading it to them).

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