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> Little Door by Roddy McGhie

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 24th, 2016
I bought this directly from Roddy as soon as I could; once I saw the teaser trailer I was hooked!
Its a great trick; super simple and great visuals.
I would highly recommend this trick.

1.How easy is it to do?
Its a very simple trick, there isn't really any "slight of hand" just a natural move that is super simple to do and will fly by everyone. That being said, PRACTICE. If you want to preform well, practice; but, we all know that.

2.Is there a gimmick?

3.Can you make the gimmick yourself?

4.How long will the gimmick last?
This depends on how well you take care of your card box's. It has the potential to last a long time if taken care of. (I have had mine for a couple months now and it still looks/functions great)

5.What are the Angles like?
The angles are great, I have done this surrounded and not been caught.

6.Is it examinable?
Yes! wipe the ink away and hand the box right out to spectators. They will be blown away!

The Bottom Line... Get this trick now!!

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Jun 07th 2016 10:36am
Can you clarify what doesn't line up and I might be able to help?
Best wishes, Roddy

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Jul 28th 2016 3:02pm
is the deck examinable?

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Jul 05th 2017 7:49pm
Roddy... why not make this a full dry erase box that we just fold rather then sticking another layer on to the box that A: is shinier then the rest of the deck and B: giving it an extra layer on the back of the box... I think if it came all as one peice and we folded it and glued it, it wld be more deceptive.. no?

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Jan 26th 2018 2:48am
YES, you CAN do the gimmick yourself.
I hate these false declarations...
It's not that complicated.

But yeah, lot more easy to buy it already made.

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Aug 16th 2018 10:52am
I have very small hands because I'm about 5 feet tall. Will I still be able to do this trick?


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