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> Dream Pad by João Miranda Magic

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 26th, 2016
The coolest part of this effect is vision box, but you will need to buy it separately.
The effect does not include a place to display the prediction, you will need to construct it yourself as they show in the DVD. I think it's misleading that the method included of presenting the prediction to the audience, is not shown in the promo. Probably because it's not nearly as visual as the vision box.
The advantage of this pad over a standard confabulation is you can openly show the writing area, the sacrifice is a longer reset and prep time and a more complex set up.

This effect will need something to be replaced every 4 times, and this will require some glueing. You will need to buy replacements regularly. To reset you will need to duck into a bathroom.

The pad is practical if you do not need to perform it too many times in one night like a stand up show. It's too much prep for walk around gigs, and unnecessary for larger ones, unless you were completely surrounded.
If you want a good confabulation finish, the vision box is a really cool option, but I advise you save your money on the pad.

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Dec 01st 2016 11:27pm
One more note, if Joao reads this, the pad does not need to be so big and thick you only can write on a tiny area in the center and it looks weird. If you have small hands like me its needlessly more clumsy than a smaller sized pad. Please reduce the size as there is no reason in the world to make it so big when you need to write small anyway.

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Aug 19th 2018 2:41am
This is not an honest review, I truly feel as if you are nit picking here.

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Apr 08th 2019 10:19pm
I have purchased this and vision box from Joao personally and As much as I love the entire concept, I will admit you can re-create Dream pad yourself by going to Staples or any office stationary store, buy 1 note pad, some carbon paper and a plastic sheet from the cover of a presentation folder and it will cost you only $10 versus $65 plus tax USD./ Vision box is a great effect and beats Mystery Solved and the other card to impossible box effects but Dream pad is not worth it!

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