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> RUBICON by Gregory Wilson

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2016
I pre-ordered Rubicon and received it last month. It is an awesome trick and now has a place in my show. It is well made and thought out. This will last for years. It is packaged very well and the packaging is so good you can use it for your shows. I didn't have to make any adjustments but other might spend some time adjusting it to your needs. The only downside is the instructions or online only, and I'm not a fan of that but that's personal preference. I think this one is a home run.

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Dec 11th 2016 1:50pm
I am not a fan of online instructions as well...if you are going to price this at a level outside most magicians then...give a DVD as well...bad form in my book...even though I too will probably purchase this.

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Dec 12th 2016 1:08pm
Why not a VHS? ;)

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Dec 14th 2016 9:39am
Personally I don't own a dvd player on my mac so i prefer online instruction... I think the best medium to satisfy everyone is a USB stick.

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Dec 16th 2016 7:49am
rtesta, LOL!!! Great comment!

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Dec 18th 2016 1:43am
I HATE online instructions, because my flaky Wi-Fi internet connection makes it impossible for me to watch them. Spend the damn 50 cents and burn a DVD, especially when you are charging hundreds of dollars for a single effect. There can be no possible excuse not to, that is terribly unprofessional.

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Jan 01st 2017 11:06am
While I also am not a fan of online only instructions, they most likely chose that route to help prevent the sharing of the trick, considering the price. Just my opinion...

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Feb 11th 2017 2:46am
I generally do not care if the instructions are online or offline, even though at this moment since i do not have a great wifi connection i would have preferred offline version... but i do understand the reasoning of Greg when he says that any time he gets a new idea he can just shoot it and it is the online available for us.

but i totally disagree that it is unprofessional.... because whoever knows effects by Greg has to know that every detail has been though out and us not having the physical dvd is not because he wanted to save money on that ....

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Feb 17th 2018 9:48pm
A pile of shit has a thousand eyes..........

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