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> Little Door by Roddy McGhie

Great Idea...Bad Gimmick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 14th, 2017
The effect is wonderful.
The method is ingenious.
The problem is the gimmick I received.
First...the box line drawn on mine is razor if drawn with a ruler. Plus the bottom of the line is cut off so it's half the thickness of the other lines. No way it looks like a hand drawn box in any way.
Second problem is the card that is in my little door is a 10 all that shows in the window is a ZERO...which creates a HUGE problem.
What card is a ZERO?
I understand if you think a bit you can figure out which card it is but the real issue is...anything that creates doubt...hesitation...what the ??? a spectator's mind messes up the effect. It makes them look closer at the door...trying to figure out what the card is. Not good.
They need to stick to easily recognizable cards when they make these things.
I'd give it a 1 for my gimmick being unworkable but it really is a brilliant idea so I gave it a 3 and hopefully you get a better gimmick than I did.

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May 03rd 2017 5:34pm
Heres a thought and its not in the video so you really have to try to think for yourself rather than having someone figure it out for you , How about thickening the line yourself with a sharpie ? Jeez...

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Oct 09th 2017 9:36pm
omz40 - if you read his comment completely, you will see that its not just the thickness of the line, its also cut off, so widening it with a sharpie wont help. "Jeez..."

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Nov 28th 2017 1:49pm
I got this back when it was first released. Personally I gave it five stars but I didn’t run into the line problem you did or the card being blank when you open the door. By any chance did you call up Penguin and request a switch? They’ve been great with me on such matters over the years. Hope it gets settled for you because the effect really does kick butt and messes with people, even if your line isn’t as perfectly drawn as the box ( mine never is due to shaking but it’s not noticed ).

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Jan 18th 2018 2:17pm
Penguin Magic is a fantastic company I have purchased hundreds of magic tricks on Penguin Magic and some of them have had problems. England magic has never hesitated when I have requested a refund or a replacement due to a defective product. I understand that it can be inconvenient to deal the delay of getting a replacement item. And yeah and I think we can all agree that we do not live in a perfect world. No matter how hard you try or how sincere your efforts are, mistakes are going to happen. I personally believe that if you end up with a high quality product in the end then you should leave a 5-star review.

PS in my opinion this trick is worth 10 Stars.

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Jan 25th 2018 11:21am
You could always bring a small ruler and say "this won't work unless the lines are straight"- they'll be puzzled but since they don't know what's going to happen, you will get away with it.

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Jan 25th 2018 11:22am
You could also erase the pip and replace it with another value. I know that card pips on a sheet are available somewhere.

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