A stealth metal bending tool, with more features than a Swiss-army knife. https://t.co/wpgBu..

Animal Mistake by Luis Zavaleta & Professor Otto by Twister Magic - Trick A collection of kids' favorite animals! Imagine a magical piece of folding paper that gets really, really big... it's filled with colorful cartoon images of kids' favorite animals. Now imagine those images morphing into each other each time you unfold the paper. That's what makes kids love Animal Mi
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Final Load Balls (Set of 3) by Goshman - Trick Goshman brings to you a set of three 2-inch Final Load Balls. These stiff and firm balls come in a set of one red, one yellow, and one blue ball.
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Amazeballz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Scott Alexander and Puck - Trick The Balls in the Net is a classic piece of sleight of hand that is suitable for any condition. This can be performed close-up, parlor style, on the street or on the grandest of stages. Scott performs this routine for you in front of 800 theater goers and this eight-minute routine is jam packed with
In stock. $99.95 $99.95
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Drawer Box by Mr. Magic - Trick What's magic without having things disappear and reappear? You place an object into this magical drawer box and you close the door. When the door is reopened, the object is seen to have magically vanished! Items vanish and reappear at your command.
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Artist: Remastered (2 DVDs) by Lukas - DVD The latest release from Lukas Crafts! Lukas has done it again. He redefines the meaning of stage lectures in his newest DVD, Artist: Remastered. Artist: Remastered is not just a stage lecture, but a new approach and interpretation of magic from none other than Lukas himself. With his reinterpretati
In stock. $95.00 $95.00
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Street Cups Starring Gazzo (DVD + Book) Cups and balls isn't about the cups. It's about entertaining people. If you want to entertain with a set of cups this is the best training package money can buy!
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Vanishing Milk Bottle (JUMBO DELUXE) by Sorcier Magic - Trick We present a large bottle built to contain milk or other liquid. After showing it, the liquid contained inside will start to diminish and vanish. A high quality bottle for professional use. Measures 23 centimeters high and 8 centimeters in diameter, supplied with the cap. Instructions included.
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Dream Book by Tora Magic - Trick This mysterious book makes you rich! Read a motivating story of how to become a millionaire. Show the book to be comprised of much writing. While reading, golden ideas of becoming rich come to your mind and the pages now show pictures of money instead of words! Soon, the power of your mind causes th
Out of stock. $99.00 $76.23
Selected Doll by Tora Magic - Trick The magician shows a page with four different drawings of a doll. Each one has different colored hair, clothes and shoes. He also shows a doll inside its box - that doll is wearing a white dress and shoes. The magician asks a spectator to choose one of the drawings from the page he earlier presented
Out of stock. $225.00 $173.25
Print Machine (Stage) by Mr. Magic - Trick Imagine being able to print money ON STAGE! You take blank pieces of paper and place them between the rollers. Like magic, they come out the other side as REAL MONEY!! This super gigantic Money Machine uses the same principal as the original close up version except on an extremely large scale. Audie
In stock. $150.00 $115.50
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Cups And Balls (Aluminum) by Uday Three small balls placed under three metal cups magically jump from cup to cup, vanish completely and reappear again under the magician's control!These shiny chrome-finished cups are perfect for any Cups and Balls routine. Includes four hand-crocheted balls and velvet drawstring bag.Available in alu
Out of stock. $17.00 $12.75
STAR BOX by Tora Magic A brand-new effect: A beautiful colorful box enables you to change a silk into anything, including MULTIPLE objects! Simply place the silk into the drawer. Close the drawer, and upon opening it again, VOILA! MAGIC HAPPENS! The silk has been transformed into something else. Looks fabulous! Your audie
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Chris Randall Lecture Notes 3 by Chris Randall - Book These are the notes taken by Chris Randall during his latest world tour.The contents of this booklet include:Floating Card and CoinThe RingsBalls from the MouthLites and BallsHeaven's AcesDeck SwitchMouth ChangeCard Under Drink RemixNapkin Rose MagicRopesThe Lemon TrickMisers Dream IdeasChris Randal
Out of stock. $24.95 $19.46
Cups and Balls 3 Color (Diamond Cut) by Mr Magic - Trick The Cups & Balls is the oldest and most famous trick in magic. The performer shows three cups to be empty, and places them on the table. Giving one cup a tap with his wand, he lifts it to find a small ball underneath. The ball disappears only to re-appear under another cup! The ball is replaced
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Cornucopia Cube 777 (Wooden) by Tora Magic - Trick Show an empty box to the audience. Then, astoundingly, the following items appear from it, one by one! 3 crystal cubes full of colorful spring flowers 4 flower vases 4 jumbo dove cages with latex doves Looks like real magic! How it works: 1. The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform -
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