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Four Square Blendo EffectThis is one of the most beautiful and classic effects of magic! **Very Easy To Do!** The magician shows the audience five silks. One is red, one is yellow, one is green, one is blue and one is white. The white silk is tied around the others. This white silk is untied, and set aside. The other
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Mismade Flag With A Twist (14 inch x 21 inch) by Magic by Gosh - Trick Welcome to a classic piece of magic! In your hands, you now have a great trick that has plenty of wonderful comedy possibilities. The magician places a red handkerchief and a white handkerchief into an empty bag, but forgets a blue handkerchief. Out comes a flag that has no blue and no stars! The ma
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Happy Santa Blendo Set (36 inches)by David Ginn - Trick Here is the most beautiful SANTA CLAUS silk ever produced for MAGICIANS and CLOWNS to use in their Christmas holiday shows! Four silks - red, white, green and black - crushed together, pop open to reveal an eye-appealing 36-inch Santa Claus on a green background!Graphic artist Dena Wade, under the d
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Thumb Tip Blendo by Mr. Magic - Trick Four small silk hankies of four different colors are placed into your hand. With just a snap of your finger, all four silks combine to form a silk of the four colors.
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Bag to Blendo (Large / stage) - by Mr. Magic This is an excellent visual effect. The performer presents a solid colored bag from all sides. The bag is about 11" square. Now 4 different colored hankies are dropped into the bag. The bag is given a shake and in an instant it visibly transforms into a large silk foulard of the same four colors! As
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Thumb Tip Blendo di Fatta - Trick Professional Silk Magic...That`s Easy to Do!The magician displays four small, different colored silk handkerchiefs and pushes them inside his closed fist. When he opens his hand, the separate silks have joined into one large, 4 colored silk!Comes Complete with 100% Italian Silk handkerchiefs, thumb
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Color Explosion (36 inch - purple) Blendo Set - Trick Exclusive David Ginn 36" silk pattern - wave around 5 different colored silks, bunch them up in your hands, suddenly they blend into one beautiful 36" silk with a startling new design!Easy to do!Come complete with five 9" silks, the big 36" silk, and instructions.
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American Flag Blendo As PATRIOTIC as it gets -- red, white, and blue silks fuse to form a USA flag! Earns WILD APPLAUSE every time!
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Sponge Ball Blendo by Mr. Magic - Trick Draw attention to two medium-sized, colored sponge balls on a table. Reach into your pocket and pull out one more. All three, one by one, are placed into your fist. When you open your fist, all three different colored sponge balls have combined into one large, multi-colored sponge ball! This looks G
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Blendo Plus by Mr. Magic - Trick Three silk hankies are shown. One green, one red and one yellow. They are dropped into a bag and once removed, they are found to be tied to one another with knots. With a wave of your hand, make the knots disappear, only to show that the three silks have now combined into one tri-colored silk!
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Blendo Silk 36 inch by Uday - Trick Three 15 inch silks RED, YELLOW, and GREEN instantly blend into a 36 inch mulicolored silk.
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Blendo Plus by Uday - Trick Three 12 inch silks in different colors are pushed in a tube of cardboard. Silks come out tied together! The silks are wound around the hand and it becomes one tri-colored 18 inch silk.
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