The ultimate close-up tossed-out deck.

Tarbell 81: Modern Stage Magic (Instant Download) Tricks, devices, and routines adapted to work on the modern stage of today.
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Pro Show Holder by Gary James - Trick Great way to perform a magical production! Pro Show Holder holds a shot glass, fruit, beer bottle, pool ball, deck of cards, etc. Loop for belt with press stud, or it can just hang on waist band or back.
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1HPD: The One Handed Poker Deal by Erik Ostresh (Instant Download) A deft display of card control with just one hand!
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Magnetic Cane holder by Alan Wong - Trick Magnetic Cane Holder by Alan WongThe magnetic cane holder is a secret utility item worn as a belt clip and designed mainly for cane workers with the following features: Steel spring clip securely worn on your belt under your jacket, or attach to any thin table edge or case Super strong nickel cadmiu
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Silent Assistant (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds - Trick Everyone dreams of having a stealthy ninja do their dirty work. Quiet and effective. Well, SansMinds has been busy working on a device behind the scenes, and is excited to announce that... NOW YOU CAN! Introducing the Silent Assistant! A devious device that achieves all the effects of a PK ring, wit
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Paul Harris Presents YaYa (DVD and Gimmick) by Jesse Feinberg The YAYAJesse has transformed a simple house-hold item into the world's teeniest invisible hold-out. And it just happens to work really really well with your normal Sharpie cap! With your tiny YAYA in place you can take the cap off your Sharpie and make it instantly vanish and re-appear in your othe
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Paul Harris Presents Refill YaYa by Jesse Feinberg - Trick 150 refills for YAYA.Each YAYA is good for about ten performances. That's enough YAYA's for about 1500 performances!No instructions included.
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Gimmick It Yourself by Ben Williams video DOWNLOAD Gimmick It Yourself is a project I have long thought about doing. These are all effects I have developed to solve a problem I have at one point thought about or had! The idea was to provide a multi-trick release from which everyone would benefit for the same price as a good single-trick release. Thi
In stock. $20.00 $20.00
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