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Bending the Real by Jay Sankey (DVD, Book, Gimmicks) A revolutionary perspective on "real magic" from one of the art's deepest thinkers, and a fantastic follow-up to "Beyond Secrets." NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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Inseparable by Jay Sankey BLUE (DVD) A truly impossible effect with a specially manufactured SURREAL card gimmick!
In stock. $25.00 $25.00
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Sankey's Best Coin Magic By Jay Sankey (DVD) 20 of Jay's most powerful and creative coin effects.
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Sleight Of Hand With Cards by Jay Sankey (DVD) Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians.
Out of stock. $25.00 $20.00
Identity Theft Project by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick) NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $34.95 $34.95
Definitive Sankey SAMPLER (6 Trick PDF) Here's a taste of the 1600 pages. 500 tricks. 3 volumes. 1 mind. Welcome to The Definitive Sankey.
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Deliverance by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick) Mail a sealed prediction that turns out completely true!! A monster reputation maker and perfect for everything from Super Bowl to lottery! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95 $29.95
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Descendent by Jay Sankey - Trick This effect has A LOT going for it. It's simple, direct, very easy to perform, visually POWERFUL, and you end clean! It also doesn't require a whole lot of scripting. As with some of my favorite effects, I've even performed it in total silence (at a gig where the band or ambient sound was just too l
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Brainwash by Sankey Magic - Trick 'BRAINWASH' is a reputation-making combination of magic and mentalism! The spectator cuts the pack ANYWHERE they want! TOTALLY FREE CHOICE! EASY to perform! Requires only the most BASIC sleight-of-hand! You will be amazing people with 'BRAINWASH' 5 minutes after opening the package! The magic happen
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.00
Sound Waves by Sankey Magic - Trick Shocking demonstration of pure mind-reading using some of the world's most popular songs! A LETHAL combination of total freedom and absolute control! (A Holy Grail when it comes to mentalism.) Instantly repeat the mind-bending effect with a DIFFERENT mathematical sequence and a DIFFERENT song! So EA
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.00
Definitive Sankey Volume 3 (Book Only) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic - Book The centerpiece of Volume 3 is the chapter of magic with bills. Sankey has done more work on close-up magic with borrowed bills than anyone else, and the finest of this material is collected here. "Voodoo," "Montreal Transpo," and "Chameleon" are other standouts from chapters on magic with matches,
Out of stock. $65.00 $65.00
Slyder by Sankey Magic - Trick NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND REQUIRED! 'SLYDER' is the perfect 'psychic device' for TOTAL BEGINNERS and even seasoned professionals. The ingenious, easy-to-use 'SLYDER' gimmick does all the 'secret work' for you! INSANE MIND-READING DEMONSTRATIONSFlip through the pages of a totally unprepared magazine. Have s
Out of stock. $30.00 $22.50
Unholy by Jay Sankey - Trick UNHOLY' requires only basic sleight-of-hand! Comes complete with printed instructions and 3 specially machined washers! Looks exactly like an ORDINARY 'hardware store washer!' VISUAL close-up magic at its best! Great on its own or performed with HOLY MOLY and HOLY STRETCH! Perform countless effects
Out of stock. $20.00 $16.00
Contained by Jay Sankey - Trick CONTAINED is a mind-blowing magic machine. Featuring 16 EFFECTS with playing cards, dollar bills, sugar packets, photographs, lottery tickets, paper napkins, holiday wrapping paper, newspapers, file cards, business cards, monopoly money, candy and more. Each CONTAINED gimmick, is hand-crafted by mas
Out of stock. $29.95 $29.95
Definitive Sankey Volume 1 (Book and DVD) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic - Book The journey begins with a thoughtful introduction on what makes Jay Sankey tick, and then details all the sleights and signature moves needed for the ensuing volumes. Then we lead off with Cards and Props, a chapter devoted to such Sankey classics as "Airtight" and "Nailed," yet also includes the lo
Out of stock. $65.00 $65.00
Definitive Sankey Volume 2 (Book Only) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic - Book Volume 2 takes you right back into the action with a chapter on magic with keys. Then comes all of Jay's best work with the Erdnase Color Change, including his signature "Fragile Harbor" effect, wherein you push a drawing of a ship into a bottle. Stage Mentalism, Ambitious Card, Situational Magic, a
In stock. $65.00 $65.00
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Definitive Sankey (3 Book and 1 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic - Book 1600 pages. 500 tricks. 3 volumes. 1 mind. Welcome to The Definitive Sankey. Four years ago we (Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin) embarked on a literary journey to describe the very best of Jay Sankey's enormous body of work. The idea was simple: if you eliminate the weak tricks from Jay's unparalleled o
Out of stock. $150.00 $150.00
Definitive Sankey Deluxe Edition (3 Book and 2 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic - Boo For the collectors, we have an extremely limited supply of Collector's Edition volumes of The Definitive Sankey. For just $250 dollars, you get special edition volumes in sleek black leatherette, plus a gorgeous slipcase, plus TWO feature-length DVDs of Jay performing the best of the best. Finally,
Out of stock. $250.00 $250.00
One Car Garage trick - Sankey An Animated Miracle With A Pack Of Cards EFFECT: The spectator selects and signs a card. The magician draws a small "garage door" on the back of the card. Then, slowly and in full view of everyone present, the drawing of the garage door is impossibly SLID OPEN to reveal a car parked inside! The
In stock. $15.00 $12.00
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Snowstorm by Jay Sankey (DVD + trick) With this innovative card magic trick you will be able to make a drawing on a signed card come to life!
Out of stock. $15.00 $12.00
Wrap It Up by Jay Sankey (DVD & TRICK) Chewed Gum and a Wrapper wrap themselves back up! Super Easy! Super Visual!
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey - DVD One of the best card tricks of ALL TIME.
Out of stock. $35.00 $29.95
Kaleidoscope by Jay Sankey (DVD) Over 3 HOURS OF BRAND NEW EFFECTS. Some of Jay's most CREATIVE work in years. Highly recommended.
Out of stock. $35.00 $34.95
Deliverance by Jay Sankey (Instant Download) Mail a sealed prediction that turns out completely true!! A monster reputation maker and perfect for everything from Super Bowl to lottery!
In stock. $24.95
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Magic and Comedy by Jay Sankey (DVD) The most articulate and insightful comedy magician in the world shares - for the first time - deep thoughts on finding the funny. Highly recommended!
Out of stock. $25.00 $25.00
Extremely Ambitious by Jay Sankey - DVD EXTREMELY AMBITIOUS is exactly that, an extremely ambitious collection of handlings, techniques, ideas and approaches all created with an eye towards taking the classic Ambitious Card effect to an exciting new level. Jay shares many of these for the VERY FIRST TIME!This breakthrough project is divi
In stock. $40.00 $32.00
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Spookey by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmicks) Two keys are closely examined, immediately linked and unlinked several times, and the last super visual unlink happens IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS!
In stock. $40.00 $31.20
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Blockbuster by Jay Sankey (DVD) Make a serious impact with Blockbuster. Rough and rugged, create an ULTRA-memorable magic moment.
Out of stock. $40.00 $30.00
HARDCORE by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmicks) The most powerful collection of magic Jay's released in YEARS. This is HARDCORE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. NOW SHIPPING.
Out of stock. $35.00 $35.00
The Disappearance by Jay Sankey - DVD The performer hands a small pay envelope to someone to hold, commenting that, "inside the envelope is a prediction of the exact card you will select."A card is then selected from the pack and the magician removes a sheet of clear acetate from the envelope. But printed on the acetate is not one, but
In stock. $30.00 $29.95
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Zero Gravity by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick) Deliciously impossible. Balance a borrowed cell phone on a dollar. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $25.00 $19.50
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Holy Stretch (With DVD) by Jay Sankey - Trick The Effect"Adding Holy Stretch to the original Holy Moly effect is like throwing gasoline on an already blazing fire."-Jay SankeyImagine you have just finished performing the worldwide best-seller HOLY MOLY. The audience is still reeling from the fact that you caused a real hole to mysteriously trav
In stock. $25.00 $19.50
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Final Fusion (w/DVD) by Jay Sankey - Trick Caution: High intensity lasers are involved in the method to this trick -- Ok, not really, but it's still pretty INTENSE!!
In stock. $30.00 $29.95
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Hijacked (with DVD) by Steve Morrison and Jay Sankey - Trick Featuring an incredible collection of FIVE OUTSTANDING EFFECTS including:. THINK OF A JACKThe fronts and backs of four Jacks are slowly shown to the audience and given to a spectator to hold. The spectator is asked to "think of any Jack." A moment later, the magician removes the named Jack from his
Out of stock. $16.00 $16.00
XL (with DVD) by Jay Sankey - Trick "XL"- The incredible card illusion that BECOMES REAL! The spectator shuffles the pack, touches any card and the selected card is closely examined. You remove two Jokers from your pocket and both Jokers are also examined. The selected card is slowly sandwiched between the two Jokers and that's when s
Out of stock. $20.00 $20.00
Supernatural by Jay Sankey - DVD This is without a doubt one of the most powerfully stimulating collections of magic and mentalism Jay has ever released! The sixteen killer routines include knock-out effects with steel bolts, monopoly money, ping pong balls, drinking straws, bottle caps, dollar bills, glass capsules, business card
Out of stock. $30.00 $24.00
Deranged (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey - Trick Eight pieces of a cut postcard (featuring Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa') are handed out to be closely examined.A spectator selects one of the pieces. And a folded prediction is introduced.A spectator is asked to hold the remaining pieces behind her back and give them the 'ultimate fair shuffle' (m
Out of stock. $29.95 $23.36
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