Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros.

Quintet in C Minor By Jes Hansen (Instant Download) Psychic Entertainmet for the 21st Century!
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Nanomagics by Roman Garcia Pastur - DVD "The tricks on this DVD are so powerful that each one of them is used to bring a magic show to an end."Luis Piedrahita"One of the most creative minds I know - now at a touch of a button. It's fantastic!"Dani Daortiz"Roman Garcia's magic is powerful and really impossible. Some of the best visual piec
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The Third Eye Trick - Trick This clever trick is not just an accessory, it's a whole mental act. You can perform any live or dead test, or any routine using the old "one ahead" principle...The magician shows a little carton box (like those used to carry visit cards) and from it he takes out 5 or 6 cards that he gives to 5 or 6
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Til Death Do Us Part By Jim Critchlow and Alakazam - Trick Jim Critchlow has seamlessly blended magic, mentalism and storytelling to create a unique moment of astonishment that leaves spectators truly stunned. When performed at the right time, there is absolutely nothing that can follow this effect.Using some old wedding photographs of married couples from
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Hampton Falls (DVD and Cards) by Tony Chris - DVD A Macabre Mentalism/Bizarre Masterpiece On June 18, 1969 in Hampton Falls, Massachusetts, eight high school students spent one terrifying night in an abandoned and purportedly haunted insane asylum. Not all of them survived... Tony Chris tells their story through his captivating, macabre mental mast
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Penny Dreadful Detective by Christopher Taylor A reenactment of the 'famous' Edwardian parlour game.
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Epiphanies by Colin McLeod - Book For the last two years, Colin McLeod has been off the radar. He's been working hard behind the scenes on his real world performances, both for TV and stages around the world.What you'll learn in this book is the material he's been refining during that time. These are the real methods, concepts and i
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What's in a Name by Harvey Raft - Trick A spectator is asked to secretly print the name of someone, living or dead, on a sheet of paper. The performer divines the name! The performer is 100% correct! REQUIRES NO SPECIAL SKILLS! UNIQUE AND SUBTLE! NO ELECTRONICS! NO CENTRE TEAR! NO STOOGES! NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! GREAT QUALITY! REASONABLY PRI
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