Learn one of John Bannon's favorite tricks. Use ANY deck, and it's self working! https://t.co/KP9Re..

Insta-Snow Powder (100 grams) Insta-Snow Powder is the original fake snow polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds.You may never know when snow is about to fall, but with Insta-Snow Powder from Steve Spangler Science, you can have the next best thing. Don't settle for i
Out of stock. $11.25
Easter Basket Production by The Great Gorgonzola - Tricks Employing a body load to produce a basket of flowers, bowl of water, or some other large item from a foulard is a centuries old concept. Producing a full Easter basket makes for an impressive and colorful finish for a seasonal show. The modus operandi is exactly that taught by Professor Hoffmann, an
In stock. $26.25
Mouth Coil 46 ft (black/orange) by David Cresey - Trick A braided streamer of brilliant BLACK 'N' ORANGE paper, that can be produced from almost anywhere.Just open your mouth, reach in... And magically produce 46 feet of Black 'N' Orange colored streamers, COMPLETELY DRY!This effect NEVER fails to get an applause from any audience. If you prefer, the coi
Out of stock. $17.70
Throw Streamers (red/green)by Cresey - Trick Throw Streamers are an instant classic amongst magicians...They're EASY to conceal and perfect if you want to make a Stunning Visual Impact!Five COILED STREAMERS are packed into ONE Flat Disc, Unfurling into a dazzling cascade of color with just the flick of the wrist.David Cresey STREAMERS are very
Out of stock. $15.19
Ultimate Mind Power (GOLD, XL-23mm)by Maynard's Magic - Trick Using the Ultimate Mind Power.A light bulb can be made to illuminate at will.Paranormal activity?Only you will know the secrets of Ultimate Mind Power.Perform over a dozen effects!
Out of stock. $29.99

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