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Mystery Ball by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricks A ball appears and disappears mysteriously from the inside of an attractive vase!Easy and amazing!The item measures 7cm (2.76").
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Ball & Vase Deluxe by Bazar de Magia - Trick EffectYou receive a gimmicked cup and ball. Easy to do trick. The vase is 3" 1/2" tall and its about 2" wide.
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Lota Bowl AL (Large) by Mr. Magic - Trick Mr. Magic Lota Bowl is a totally self-working miracle, perfect for stage or parlor performances. The Lota Bowl can be performed serious or as a repeating comedy prop in your act. Your audience sees a beautiful bowl sitting on a table. The magician picks it up and pours water from it, into a bucket o
Out of stock. $34.95 $26.91
Ball & Vase (Plastic) by Uday - Trick A pedestal vase has a lid, which fits snugly over the ball inside. This ball can be made to vanish, re-appear and penetrate the pedestal vase.
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3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase by Mr. Magic - Trick Want a powerful visual effect for your parlor or stage show? The Mr. Magic 3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase is a perfect effect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any celebration! The magician shows a picture of a flower vase with some empty stems. The back of the picture is empty, other than a simple
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Water of India (Copper) by Uday - Trick A large copper vessel filled with water is emptied out completely. A moment later the vessel is again picked up full, emptied and stood down again. This is repeated many times during the show.
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Ball Vase Royal The perfect magic trick for beginners.A ball is displayed in a handsome vase. The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase. No sleight of hand necessary. Comes complete with all necessary props and detailed, professional instru
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Super Botania 55 Blooms by Tora Magic - Trick Have you ever seen something this gorgeous in your life? Our jaws fell to the floor when we saw the craftsmanship and beauty of this giant appearing Botania! The magician shows an elegant cone to be absolutely empty. The magician places the cone on the floor and takes a single flower and tosses it i
Out of stock. $1200.00 $924.00
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