Shudder by Dee Christopher - DVD The power to provoke motion with one's mind is something that has fascinated man since the existence of such a concept. Imagine a perfectly simplistic demonstration of mind over matter. In this DVD, you will learn how to make a borrowed soda can move freely across the table at a moments notice. Dee
In stock. $22.50
close-up dvd pk
Belief by Dee Christopher - DOWNLOAD A collection of thoughts. Belief is the new ebook on mentalism by Dee Christopher. In this ebook, not only will you find some versatile techniques and a devestating full close up mind reading act, you will also find several essays on creating the most powerful demonstrations possible and making the
In stock. $24.00
Cronos by Dee Christopher - DOWNLOAD "Dee is not only giving you an effect here. He is giving you a full routine that packs so small but plays so big, hits hard and leaves them with no where to go. An astouding little routine which lets you seem like a true time lord."- Alan Rorrison You hand a small box to an audience member at the st
In stock. $29.95
Dee Christopher LIVE (Instant Download) This master of deception and trickery will teach YOU the tricks of his mentalist trade! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
close-up confabulation magic mentalism penguin-live stage
Stapled by Dee Christopher (Instant Download) Basically STEROIDS for mind-reading. Looks freaky and IMPOSSIBLE. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
In stock. $9.95
Block by Dee Christopher (Instant Download) Your new favourite gimmick for mind reading! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
In stock. $14.95
Proximity Effects by Dee Christopher - Book Dee Christopher presents 'Proximity Effects' a collection of effects and routines straight from the underground. Dee Christopher is making a name for himself in the magic 'underground' with his brand of mental and visual magic. Proximity Effects is a collection of powerful card routines that range f
In stock. $19.69
book close-up mentalism street
Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas - DVD Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christopher's METAL. Teaching the guarded methodology and technique behind his highly visual and impactful metal bending routines, Christopher covers all the ins and outs to take you from a beginner to a pro - seasoned metal benders will also find new
In stock. $18.75
close-up dvd metal-bending spoon-bending street
Anate by Dee Christopher and Titanas - Book ANATE is a psychological technique.It's a subtlety that is not 100% sure fire, but when you get the technique down and you hit, You'll know it. Imagine placing one card on the table, face down.The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. The place explodes.Imag
In stock. $26.25
book card close-up mentalism
Broken Wing by Dee Christopher - Trick With the Broken Wings device, you can easily: Predict impossible things Make writing appear, disappear or transform Create dual realities Force cards Automatic writing without special pens Peek information Drawing Duplications Switch billets or cards This device is a gimmicked pad. It's simple in it
In stock. $22.46
close-up mentalism street
Vanity by Dee Christopher - ebook DOWNLOAD Some random letters are chosen to make up the initials of a fictional character out of the performer's sight. A name could be thought of from these letters, this will never be written down; it's in the mind of the spectator. The spectator is asked to grip the performer's wrist and scream the initial
In stock. $14.99
Deep Shadows by Dee Christopher - Book Deep Shadows is a collection of techniques, tools and effects discovered by mentalist and psychokinetic expert Dee Christopher over 10 years of study, creativity and performance as a professional magician and mind reader.Featuring a foreword by Daniel Madison and an incredible expanse of magic, ment
In stock. $56.25
book book-test close-up coin-bend coin mentalism metal-bending pk spoon-bend stage street
Deep Shadows By Dee Christopher (Instant Download) Over 250 pages of solid, hard-hitting mentalism tricks, techniques and gimmicks!
In stock. $39.95
Sight by Dee Christopher and MagicTao - Trick A spectator chooses one horror movie from a list of 10. You make a prediction and then reveal how you have read their thoughts when you tell them which horror movie they chose. The spectator has a completely free choice and you are always able to predict their chosen horror movie. This is very easy
In stock. $15.00
close-up dvd mentalism street
Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD An Out Of This World variation, streamlined and ready for performing situations without a table.BASIC EFFECT:The performer talks about intuition, chance and that little feeling we get when we know something is right, or wrong. A deck of cards is introduced and legitimately shuffled. Half the deck is
In stock. $21.00
Legion by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD A LEGION OF OUTS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHTThe legion device is something I've kept under wraps for some time, some of my closer friends have seen me work with this, but I didn't tend to perform it around magicians up until recently when I decided that it was time to unleash the beast... So to speak.The
In stock. $12.50
download mentalism multiple-out
Origin by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD With Origin, I've compiled the vast majority of my signature work (including exclusive work unavailable anywhere else) in magic and mentalism, a multitude of effects and essays over 280 pages. Full list of contents: INTRODUCTION (Page 6) TRICKS & TECHNIQUES (Page 7) 5020: Become a human lie dete
In stock. $40.00
The Touch by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD If telepathy was real, what would it look like?It's often said that twins possess the uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking, feel what they are feeling. A couple in love often finish each other's sentences. You know when a close friend you haven't heard from in years is on the other end
In stock. $10.41
Black Heart and Bourbon by Dee Christopher - Book Black Heart & Bourbon is the latest collection of Dee Christopher's tricks, techniques & thoughts for magicians and mentalists.With NINE brand new, never before seen effects; this collection is full to the brim of amazingly versatile methods, well crafted routines and clever psychological el
In stock. $30.00
PYO (data CD and DVD) by Dee Christopher - DVD "You should be charging WAY more for this!!"Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo & Troy TV shows)"Smart and revolutionary."Pablo Amira ("I'm adding this to my act, and I hardly EVER add new material. BRAVO!!"Morgan Strebler (Creator of Liquid Metal)The book test is a classic in m
In stock. $29.96
playing-card card mentalism custom-designed-decks
Gambit (Red) by Dee Christopher and MagicTao - Trick You place five playing cards on the table. You then show the Spectator a poker chip that has a prediction on one side. You ask the Spectator to mix up the five cards so they are not in any particular order. You ask the Spectator to place the poker chip onto any one of the five playing cards. When yo
In stock. $11.25
card close-up dvd gambling
Gambit (Blue) by Dee Christopher and MagicTao - Trick You place five playing cards on the table. You then show the Spectator a poker chip that has a prediction on one side. You ask the Spectator to mix up the five cards so they are not in any particular order. You ask the Spectator to place the poker chip onto any one of the five playing cards. When yo
In stock. $11.25
card dvd poker-chip
Anate: Ultimate Edition by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD ANATE is a psychological technique. "Dee Christopher has an applied sense of a linguistic principle here not unlike my own. His approach in this work is one to which I not only relate, but applaud."- Kenton Knepper It's a subtlety that is not 100% surefire, but when you get the technique down and yo
In stock. $16.00
InsaneWAVE by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD "Dee Christopher has taken the Brainwave effect to new heights with his new effect. I looked for the R/S... There was nothing. He fooled the hell out of me."- Alan Rorrison INSANEwave is Dee Christopher's evolution of the BrainWave effect. The classic effect is that a named card is the only card in
In stock. $16.00
How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD Dee Christopher exposes the his methodology to recreate the trickery, deception and fraud under taken by the world's leading psychics, psychokinetics and mediums. Unlike other studies of this nature in the parapsychological world, the author's background lies in the art of conjuring, sleight of hand
In stock. $40.00
Pieces at 3am Volume One by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD "Dee has outdone himself with this one. It is literally filled to the brim with practical working material. One of the best mentalism ebooks I've read in a long time."- Matt Mello (Technique, Bullet, Graphic) Five pieces of stunning mentalism straight from the underground. Esoteric - Impromptu Walle
In stock. $16.00
Pieces at 3am Volume Two by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD Four years have passed since I released the original Pieces at 3am. The book that came to be one of my best selling collections and the single publication that spawned most variations by other artists of my original thoughts and ideas. I've had the thought of doing a second volume for years, but I'v
In stock. $16.00
Rush: Close Up Russian Roulette by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD "Dee Christopher has managed to found an exciting and original way to introduce a dangerous stage classic to the close-up arena. A marvel idea from an amazing artist."- Daniel Madison "Gorgeous take on an effect very close to my heart..."- Alan Rorrison "I love the idea. Great thinking - A practical
In stock. $16.00
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