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Bullet Catch 22 by G Sparks - trick  The most dangerous trick in the world!!!  "It`s a wonderful idea and a clever trick."- Paul Harris - EFFECT:  You display a bullet. Then, while demonstrating the danger of holding a lit match under the bullet, "BANG!" the bullet fires, your head jerks back, and you're shocked! Y
In stock. $19.50
Airborne with the Greatest of Ease by G Sparks - Trick One of the finest and simplest of stage illusions... the floating glass! While talking to the audience, the performer casually pours liquid from a bottle held in his right hand into a glass held in his left hand. Suddenly, he releases the glass... but it doesn't fall! That's right, the glass re
Out of stock. $19.50
Bullet Catch No Switch by G Sparks - TRICK A Bullet Catch with No Gun, No Assistant and No Switch.The 38 Special Nickel Plated Bullet has, Greater Visibility.Uses a Lighter instead of a match, for More Control over the Flame.The Magnetic Bang Gimmick, can be added or removed from the Lighter at any time.And most important, No Switch is requi
In stock. $27.00
Airborne Clipo by G Sparks - Trick "Now use a 12oz Coca-Cola Can for the Airborne Illusion." With Sparks Clipo Gimmick, and a 12oz Coca-Cola can, you Float the Glass in Mid Air while the Liquid is Pouring.Just clip on the gimmick and pour.It's that Simple. Comes with Airborne Clipo and the 12oz Glass. (can not supplied)
In stock. $19.50
Street Monte by G Sparks - TRICK A Monte Routine with Bottle Caps and a Coin, (USA Quarter Size)The included Black Velvet Pad, (4" x 5 1/2") is your working surface and is used to carry the props. No matter where you place the coin, your Audience, will never find it. Appear and Vanish the coin as often as you like.You can even have
Out of stock. $23.40
Napkin Act by G Sparks - TRICK (DVD) Includes, Blown Away, "Now that's my kind of Magic." Roger Klause Blown Away is Sparks' Impromptu Multiplying Napkin Ball. Learn 10 Fun and Easy Napkin Tricks and Sparks' Rising Straw.Includeds DVD and Gimmicks Running Time Approximately: 52 min
In stock. $13.50
Bang! The Bullet Catch by G Sparks - Trick "The Best Bang for your Buck." Bang! Bullet is a 357Mag Nickel Plated Brass Shell and will not Tarnish Slug is a Full Copper Jacket for No Exposed Lead New Method for a Real Loud Bang! A Great Cabaret Styled Routine Candle adds a Touch of Class Not Sold to MinorsIncluded:Gimmicked 357Mag BulletDispl
In stock. $29.96
Thirsty Straw by G Sparks - Trick "Anywhere, anytime, a glass fills from a single Straw." Thirsty Straw, fills a Shot Glass with the Liquid of your choice.Display a single Straw.Tear off the Wrapper.Put the Straw into the Glass.Magically the glass fills with liquid. After the glass is full, you can use the straw to have a drink. Wor
In stock. $15.00
Coin Can Magic by G Sparks - Trick "The Misers Dream Comes to the Modern World." Appear a Coin from Thin Air Produce 12 Half Dollars from the Empty Can Have a Coin Penetrate the CanComes with the Magic Tomato Soup Can and a coin clip.( half dollars not supplied )
Out of stock. $30.00
Got Milk? by G Sparks - Trick Milk Appears, Floats and Diminishes!Comes with DVD and all the Gimmicks.Just add milk!
Out of stock. $26.25
Airborne Soup Can by G Sparks - Trick A can of soup is being filled with water and floats in mid air.Comes with a Gimmicked Real Tomato Soup Can and a Gimmicked Universal Bottle top which fits most water bottles.
Out of stock. $19.50
Airborne Close Up by G Sparks "Double Whammy Influence, Two Tricks with one Great prop." Airborne Gum Numb, "The Dentist gives you a Drink he calls, Gum Numb."And the Cup is Floating in Mid-Air while the Liquid is Pouring. Absorbo, "Have you seen the new, Absorbo Napkin."Let me show you how Absorbent they are, filling the napkin
In stock. $15.00
Bullet Hole by G Sparks "A Bullet and a Playing Card, create a perfect illusion." A 38 Special Nickel Plated Bullet and a Playing Card with holes in opposite sides are shown.Pushing the bullet into one hole.You create a perfect illusion.As the bullet moves through the solid card from one hole to the other.Amazing. The card
In stock. $18.00
Naughty Silk by G Sparks - Trick "An Old Classic with a Colorful New Look." You Display a Black Tray with Three Colorful Shot Glasses and a Silk with a Knot tied into it's center.The Naughty Silk, is then pushed into one of the shot glasses.Now you lead your Audience down the path to the Magic Flying.As you ask the Audience to watc
In stock. $22.50
Airborne Plus by G Sparks - Trick "Airborne, Plus Sparks Floating Straw." You Never Go Down to the Glass with Sparks Airborne. Sparks Floating Straw is Easy and Fun for All Audiences.Props: Our Best 12oz Acrylic Glass for longer pouring time and Sparks Universal Gravity Pour Top Gimmick for the bottle of your choice. Plus, Sparks Fl
In stock. $26.95
Snowstorm Sure Shot by G Sparks "The Best of Sparks, hand held or foot launch Cannons." Magically Appeara Complete Snowstorm ... as a finale, a Cloud of Smoke ... to appear a prop from(non toxic), a 12 inch Silk ... falling from the sky.As a Finale or at any time in your Act. Up to 8 launches from one 12 gram non threaded co2 cart
Out of stock. $41.25
Shot Can by G Sparks - Trick "A Double Shot of Magic from the Little Can that can." You set a Shot Glass on top an empty 8oz Little Can.One open hand, simply draws down upon the glass. The Shot Glass Vanishes.Nothing in your hands.Nothing up your sleeves.Pick up the can and give it a shake.The Shot Glass is heard and then seen
In stock. $24.96
Airborne Wine (glass & Gimmick) by G Sparks - Trick A Class Act Airborne Illusion An Elegant Wine Glass Gravity Fed Hook-Up Great Price Easy to DoPour the Wine and the Glass Floats in Mid-Air, as the Liquid Pours. Comes with both, an Elegant Wine Glass and Hook-Up Gimmick. (bottle not supplied)
Out of stock. $30.00
Coin Trap Tion by G Sparks - Trick "Solid thru Solid Magic."Vanish a Cig Build the COIN TRAP TION Appear a Coin Have the Coin Penetrate the GlassComes with the COIN TRAP TION Ash Tray, Shot Glass, Drink Glass, puff smoke, cig vanish, coin clip and coaster. ( half dollar not supplied )
In stock. $93.75
Magic Milk Diet by G Sparks - Trick "A Fun and Visual Milk Trick."In this kids-friendly effect, you place a straw in a glass full of milk. A moment later, you are able to suspend the glass by holding only the straw! But wait, there's then pour the FULL glass of milk into a shot glass, and miraculously ALL the milk fits! Thi
Out of stock. $11.70
Airborne Party Glass by G Sparks - Trick "Two Gimmicked Glasses for Twice as Much Fun." Be The Life of The Party Airborne Options, Whiskey, Water or Wine You Never Go Down to the Glass with Sparks AirborneProps: Two Party Glasses, one Whiskey/Water Tumbler and one Wine Glass.Plus Sparks Universal Gravity Pour Top Gimmick for the bottle of
In stock. $25.95
Salty Bandit - G Sparks Here is a definite Sparks' classic! His "zombie" trick is performed with an ordinary object: a salt shaker. The included foulard is made from a traditional bandit-style bandanna, hence the story line about "Sal Bandito", the salt shaker who is a bandit. This bandit must later hide out, under a
In stock. $33.75
Airborne With The Greatest Of Ease Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick "This is the Best Plastic Bottle I have found to date." In Celebration of the New Airborne Image, G Sparks releases a Limited Edition of 48 Airborne Bottles with Hook up Gimmick.To use with your, Airborne with The Greatest of Ease. (glass not included)Hand Numbered and signed, inside top lid, by G S
Out of stock. $11.70
Bullet Catch No Switch Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick These Limited Editions of 70 each, are the Complete Tricks with the following Special Features: Packaged in a White Food to go Chinese Box Hand Numbered and Signed, inside top of box, by G Sparks Printed Shot Glass with a Black Velour carry bag. Colorful Chinese Print Coin Purse for the 38 Special N
In stock. $34.50
Lucky Coin Stop by G Sparks - Trick "An Automatic Coin Production." 3 Bar Coasters, a Real Game Die and a Shot Glass NOTE: Use your own coin.
In stock. $18.75
Bullet Catch 22 Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick These Limited Editions of 70 each, are the Complete Tricks with the following Special Features:Packaged in a White Food to go Chinese Box Hand Numbered and Signed, inside top of box, by G Sparks Printed Shot Glass with a Black Velour carry bag. Small Black Velour Pouch for the 9mm Nickel Plated Bull
In stock. $27.00
Airborne Inviso by G Sparks - Trick "Now use an 8oz Coca-Cola Bottle for the Airborne Illusion." With Sparks Inviso Gimmick, and an 8oz Coca-Cola Bottle, you Float the Glass in Mid Air with the Liquid Pouring.Just pop on the invisible gimmick and pour.It's that Simple. Comes with Airborne Inviso and the 12oz Glass. (bottle not supplie
Out of stock. $19.50
Coin O Matic by G Sparks "A Fun Game with Appearing Coins and Audience Participation."Display a Black Tip Tray, a Postcard with Dice printed on it and an empty Shot Glass.Place the Postcard on the Tray.Place the Shot Glass up-side-down on top of the Postcard.Holding the Tray, Card and Glass in one hand.Your other hand reach
In stock. $33.75
Airborne Flower Power by G Sparks - Trick "Three Great Effects in this Wonderful Airborne Routine." You show a Single Stem Flower Vase holding a Lone Flower Stem.Magically they Float Around.Bringing the vase to rest, you add the secret ingredient, Water.While pouring the water into the vase you completely let the vase go.The Vase remains Fl
In stock. $41.25
Twist Flicks by G Sparks - Trick "Magic with just a Twist." Easy To DoOld Time TrickGreat Magic Gift Item Letterpress Printed on a 3.5 inch Bar Coaster with Envelope, individually packaged in a clear hanging style bag.Sold in Sets of 3: Man in the Mirror, Bird in a Cage and Fish in a Bowl (colors vary)
In stock. $9.00
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