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High Quality Plastic Eggs(White / 6-pack)by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick A Plastic Egg is frequently used for the Egg Bag routine. It is certainly better than a wooden one, being very lightweight, whereas a wooden egg will cause the bag to sag and give away its presence. The Plastic Egg is also perfect for productions where a large quantity of something is desired. Since
In stock. $13.00
Magicians Paint (1 oz. jar) by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick 1 ounce jar of palm colored magicians paint.
In stock. $3.71
High Quality Blown Eggs(White / 6-pack)by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick The Blown Egg is most commonly used for the Egg Bag, Don Alan's Comedy Egg Can, and for filling with confetti.There are a number of other effects that can give the Blown Egg center stage: Egg & Rice, Egg Nog, Eggs to Silks, and Eggs to PopcornAnimation Effects: Mesmerized Egg, Wonderful Walking
Out of stock. $15.00
Traveling Egg by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick The magician shows an egg and vanishes it... He then displays a clear glass which, if he chooses, he can hand out to be examined.The audience having been satisfied that the glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown paper bag, which he says has some confetti in it.He thrusts the glass
Out of stock. $22.46
Color Changing Egg by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick Created by the late English Wizard Douglas Francias. The performer shows a white egg, and a red silk..The white egg is placed into a tumbler and covered with an ordinary pocket handkerchief.The red silk now mysteriously turns into a red egg. Uncovering the tumbler, the white egg is seen to have chan
In stock. $33.75
Hard as a Rock by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick This comedy number was originally performed by Bill Taylor during the 1960's; It can be shown independently or followed up with a trick that uses the broken egg, for example: Egg in Newspaper.The magician uses comedy to make this illusion just that much more rememberable for the audience. The magici
In stock. $11.21
Aerial Egg by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick This prop is a plastic egg in which holes have been cut at each end,The small strip between the holes is the only part that will be visible to the audience (the egg placed properly is back-palmed),the strip is painted in a light palm color and is not detectable at a short distance.
In stock. $7.46
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