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Wedge by Jesse Feinberg (DVD + Gimmick) YOU CLEARLY DISPLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD you casually reach inside to grab your deck.But you've stored a few extra things inside the case that you forgot about.You pull out a box of TIC TACS, a LIGHTER, CANDY, DICE an ADDRESS BOOK AND MORE...MORE THAN ENOUGH SOLID REAL STUFF TO FILL THE
In stock. $26.25
Penciltration by Jesse Feinberg (DVD + Gimmicks) The FIRST bill penetration where you actually SEE the pencil push through a borrowed bill. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
Equilibrium by Jesse Feinberg (DVD) Balance borrowed objects on top of nothing more than the fragile piece of cellophane from your deck of cards! LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. NOW SHIPPING.
In stock. $19.95
Paul Harris Presents Animate and Restore (DVD and Gimmick) by Jesse Feinberg The best animation style effect we've ever seen. Clever and jaw-dropping. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $39.95
Paul Harris Presents YaYa (DVD and Gimmick) by Jesse Feinberg The YAYAJesse has transformed a simple house-hold item into the world's teeniest invisible hold-out. And it just happens to work really really well with your normal Sharpie cap! With your tiny YAYA in place you can take the cap off your Sharpie and make it instantly vanish and re-appear in your othe
In stock. $29.95
Magicap by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Magicapby Jesse Feinberg View ClipEffectIncredible magic with an ordinary cap and pen... Show a regular bic pen and cap all around. Take the cap off and it disappears! Snap your fingers and its back on the pen! Take the cap off again and put it in your pocket... In a blink, the cap appears back on t
Out of stock. $15.00
Alpha Cards by Jesse Feinberg - Trick EffectHeat sensitive, REUSABLE color changing cards! Hold an Alpha Card in your hand, and it will magically change from spades to hearts! If you wave it in the air, the card will change back to spades. No setup or reset required. Just add a little body heat to the special playing card. This is a bra
Out of stock. $15.00
Cigapen by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Cigapenby Jesse Feinberg View ClipEffectA cigarette changes into a real bic pen! Take a cigarette out of your pack and show it all around. With no cover, the cigarette visually changes into a regular pen. The pen can be shown all around, and even handed out for examination. No pulls, no difficult sl
Out of stock. $15.00
Snap by Jesse Feinberg - Trick A regular pencil is shown all around. When you wave your hand over the pencil, the eraser jumps from one end to the other! Give the pencil a shake, and the eraser jumps back to the other side... SNAP the pencil in half and the eraser jumps from one half to the other! You can even cover one end in yo
In stock. $15.00
Paul Harris Presents Refill YaYa by Jesse Feinberg - Trick 150 refills for YAYA.Each YAYA is good for about ten performances. That's enough YAYA's for about 1500 performances!No instructions included.
In stock. $6.00
Coin Thru Box by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Coin Thru Boxby Jesse Feinberg View ClipEffectAny coin is borrowed and signed. A regular card box is shown all around. The coin is then rubbed against the box, and slowly, the coin melts right through. You can then shake the box and hear the coin inside! The coin can then be dumped out and examined.
Out of stock. $15.00
Shadow Box by Jesse Feinberg & The Magic Estate - Trick A SIGNED PLAYING CARD VISUALLY APPEARS INSIDE A CARD BOX FILLED ONLY WITH LIGHT!In the beginning there was darkness, and from that darkness we found light, and from this light came everything!This is Shadow Box, a close up illusion from Jesse Feinberg!No gimmicks! Completely impromptu! Use a borrowe
In stock. $19.95
Intact by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg - DVD Intact-a fantastic card to impossible location effect developed by magician extraordinaire Jesse Feinberg and released for the first time on DVD by Black's Magic Group, Inc. Get this. A spectator freely chooses a card. There are no forces. They sign the card. Then the put it back into the deck anywh
Out of stock. $18.00
Springboard (Gimmick and DVD) by Jesse Feinberg - DVD Springboard is an exciting new gimmick that will allow you to perform amazing card magic! Add springboard to any deck, and your ready to go. In this DVD, you will learn how to build your first springboard gimmick, and how to use it! Everything is explained in full detail, including four easy to do e
In stock. $23.40
Intact by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Intactby Jesse Feinberg View ClipEffectA signed selection visually appears inside a Tic Tac box! Have a regular playing card freely selected, signed and returned to a regular deck of cards by an obsever. Take a real Tic Tac box out of your pocket with your free hand. Only a couple of mints can be se
Out of stock. $15.00
Paranormal (GHOST) PEN by Jesse Feinberg - Trick A regular bic pen is held between your hands. Slowly, the pen starts to move on its own... It moves eerily between your fingers, and even jumps out at people. This is a unique new gimmick with some interesting applications. Eveything is taught in full details. This is unlike any other pen trick on t
Out of stock. $15.00
Write Angle by Jesse Feinberg - Trick EffectA Bic pen is displayed, and the magician begins to concentrate. The pen starts to slowly bend by itself, until its melted at a 90 degree angle. It actually moves on its own! The pen can be immediately examined... No switches, no setup. The pen is really melted!Comes complete with gaffed Bic Pe
Out of stock. $30.00
Write Angle by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg - DVD Write Angleby Black's Magic and Jesse Feinberg View ClipWRITE ANGLE - is another fantastic creation from the mental mind of Jesse Feinberg. Imagine taking an ordinary, simple, common Bic pen and making it bend with the power of your mind right in front of astonished onlookers. Yes, it is possible. N
Out of stock. $18.00
Cigapen by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg - DVD CigaPenby Jesse Feinberg View ClipA Visual Transformation of a Cigarette into a Pen CIGAPEN - is the ultimate pocket trick to carry around with you so you can do magic anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. It is a visual transformation of a cigarette into a standard pen. Brought to you for the first ti
Out of stock. $18.00
CashCard by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Cash Cardby Jesse Feinberg View ClipEffectA playing card visually melts through a regular dollar bill! Borrow a dollar and have a card selected. The bill is then folded around the card, trapping the card inside. Everything is shown around. The card is then slowly pulled through the bill! It looks am
Out of stock. $15.00
CashCard by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg - DVD CASH CARD - is a visually striking card through bill effect created by magician Jesse Feinberg, and now released for the first time on DVD to the magic community so you can use it in your own act. Here's what CashCard is all about: A deck of cards enters play. A spectator chooses a card. The magicia
In stock. $18.72
Spellochange by Jesse Feinberg - Trick A written prediction visually changes on a pack of cards... EffectA card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician takes the card box and writes a prediction on it. When it is revealed, the prediction doesn't make any sense...It looks like a random lines. Wait...Give it a shake, and the lin
Out of stock. $15.00
BIG (STRETCH) PEN by Jesse Feinberg - Trick Magically stretch an ordinary looking pen to 3X its size! The HUGE pen really works, and is immediately examinable. YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT OF INK MAKES A GREAT BACK SCRATCHER NO ONE WILL EVER STEAL YOUR PEN AGAIN!!! Includes BIG PEN and matching regular size pen
Out of stock. $11.25
At the Table Live Lecture - Jesse Feinberg 11/5/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Jesse Feinberg is a true creative force in the world of magic. Having consulted for some of the top names in magic including the one and only Criss Angel, as well as produced mind boggling magic with the likes of Paul Harris, Jesse definitely has a story to tell. His magic is unique and baffling, wi
In stock. $24.95
CASH BOX by Jesse Feinberg - Trick A dollar bill suddenly changes into a regular deck of playing cards! Cleanly show a couple of bills, and at any time you can produce a full poker size deck of cards for your next magic trick...the possibilities are endless! NO SETUP / INSTANT RESETSUPER VISUAL PRODUCTION OF A PACK OF CARDS!!!REAL DO
Out of stock. $25.00

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