Mad Coin by Ninh Ninh - Video DOWNLOAD You borrow a coin and a pack of cigarettes from the audience. Ask a spectator to sign the coin. Then you slide the plastic wrapping partly off of the cigarette pack. With a quick gesture, the signed coin in your hand will penetrate the plastic wrapping of the cigarette pack! Purely te
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V-Coin by Ninh Ninh - Video DOWNLOAD You borrow a coin from the audience, then tell them to sign the coin. Next you put the coin on the floor. You then step on the coin and immediately slide your foot from your shoe, revealing that the coin is totally inside!. The gimmick is simple and easy to implement. Use a borrowed coin from the au
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Print by Ninh (Instant Download) Make an ordinary object into an impossible one.
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Print by Ninh - Video DOWNLOAD The audience chooses a card, they keep it secret. The magician takes out a pack of gum packaged in a blister pack. He makes a gesture and magically, the gum inside is a printed image of a card. He continues to shake his hands again; the value of the card appears. The magician then removes the gum ou
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Magic Bottle by Ninh - Video DOWNLOAD Approach a spectator while holding a bottle of water, ask to borrow any small object and visually melt their object through the walls of your water bottle. The possibilities are endless! Borrow coins, keys, playing cards, even a GOLDFISH! There are so many possibilities, you will be coming up with g
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Mad Coin by Ninh (Instant Download) You borrow a coin and a pack of cigarettes from an audience member then you ask them to sign their coin. You take their SIGNED coin and throw it at a pack of cigarettes trapping it inside the cellopha
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Bottle Magic by Ninh (Instant Download) Visually penetrate your own bottle of water with items you borrow from a spectator.
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Tattoos on card by Ninh & Rizki Nanda (Instant Download) Burn and reveal ANYTHING YOU WANT on a playing card!! (INTRODUCTORY PRICE $7)
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Tattoos on Card by Ninh & Rizki Nanda Video DOWNLOAD Show whatever you want on the card ... ANYTHING. Turning fire streaks into your message with ''Tattoos on card'' You picked a card and burn it, will usually leave black streaks on the cards. But with ''Tattoos on card'' black streaks will transform into any character to your discretion. An image of
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Tunnel (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ninh and SansMinds Creative Lab Visual, Mysterious, and Completely Impossible! For years, magicians have been using props such as boxes on stage to create illusions to fool the human mind. While it is a classic setup, lugging around boxes isn't really appropriate for the strolling magician. Well, now we have something equally amaz
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