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Emotional Intelligence [E.I.] by Luke Jermay (DVD) Jermay's room-shattering THREE PHASE mind reading routine. Entertaining a room full of people has never been this easy! Completely impromptu. Can be done on business cards.
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The performer attempts to read a spectator's mind.

The performer displays a stack of index cards / business cards / napkins. Each card has an emotionally-charged word written on it. The cards are mixed. A spectator is asked to select one of the cards and remember a time they felt that emotion.

The performer begins to vicariously experience the emotion... vaguely at first... almost like a psychic reading... but the performer gets more and more specific and eventually names the emotion exactly.

Phase 2: BUILD ON IT

The performer attempts to transfer his/her psychic abilities to a spectator.

One spectator selects an emotion card and thinks about a time in his/her life when he/she experienced that emotion.

With the performer's help, a second spectator is able to intuit the emotion the first spectator is thinking of and name it exactly.


The performer attempts to name specific details from a spectator's life.

The cards are mixed. A spectator removes one of the emotion cards. The performer asks the spectator to think of a specific name and a time period they associate with the emotion they have chosen.

The performer removes a notepad and pen. One-by-one the performer writes down the specific details he/she is sensing from the spectator's life. The performer is specific. His/her intuitions are committed to writing so there can be no mistake.

The performer is accurate to a degree that proves shocking to the spectator. This is an emotionally-CHARGED climax that can go in many directions. The performer is guaranteed three hits.

A Framework for Cold Reading

EI provides the performer with three phases and five guaranteed "hits". The methods Luke teaches are surefire and can be depended upon in performance. EI does not rely upon cold reading or guesswork.

That said, EI is ALSO an ideal framework for cold reading. Within the context of EI, performers can apply cold reading techniques without fear of failure. The three-phase structure of the routine and the FIVE GUARANTEED REVEALS ensure a great performance regardless of the accuracy of the cold reading.

"I wish I had a routine like EI when I was learning cold reading." -- Luke Jermay

Manufacturer Says

Features over an HOUR of live performance footage. Performance venues include:

  • The Magic Castle in Hollywood
  • The Onyx Theater in Las Vegas
  • Psychic Eye Book Shop in Las Vegas, NV

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 10 of 70)
8 of 8 magicians found the following review helpful:
Good Money Maker... But Old School Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
When I bought this I was impressed. I've been doing magic and such for a few years professionally as was not new to the mentalism scene. I bought this on a whim, and it really impressed me.

Yes what he teaches isn't new techniques and yes it does rely heavily on showmanship and presentation, but it is a good routine and an easy one to get gigs with. This has happened to me as the story below will show.

I was working in my office and my boss called me into her office for a meeting. As I was in I see the head of department, plus one of the execs there. Apparently she had told this exec that I do magic, and the exec wanted to see a trick. Not having anything on me I decided on a whim to do EI. Asking her for her own business cards I performed E.I. I ended up getting 4 high priced shows from that 2 minute trick and a couple of wedding gigs - which I put down to this trick!

I think that really says enough about this routine...
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7 of 7 magicians found the following review helpful:
Embarassing performance Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 13th, 2012
I would not have bought this if I had seen the actual performance... The demo video only shows the revelation, and this is COMPLETELY misleading. Had I seen the actual performance from the beginning, I wouldn't have paid a single penny for this trick. The trick is just embarassing

Basically, it's a pick-a-card-and-I-will-guess-that-card kind of trick with lots and lots of verbal diarrhea - which Luke says it's cold reading - but it's not, period

Pros: The explanation, and tips are very very comprehensive. I very much appreciated Luke's effort in making sure the DVD viewers fully understand the concept of the trick

Cons: The trick itself is just embarassing. If you see the performance from the beginning, any magician who started magic for about a month would be able to see how this cheap trick is done. Further, in the DVD, you can sometimes see the audiences' reacting with awkward laughters, the kind of reaction you give to embarassing tricks

Very dissapointed in the product. Next time, show the actual performance and don't "fish" your customers like this
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6 of 6 magicians found the following review helpful:
Could be better Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 29th, 2008
This was my first introduction to Luke Jermay, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. The presentation seems to take far too long for what you get. Yes, I understand this isn't some quickie effect you rush through, but if you watch the spectators on the video (like the blonde lady he misreads for Ambition instead of Education) you can actually see them looking around and away like they're bored to tears at times. I'm fairly new to mentalism tricks, and this probably wasn't the DVD to start with. I'm sure his other stuff is great because of the reputation he has though.
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5 of 6 magicians found the following review helpful:
Old Trick, New DVD! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
This is a trick for you only if you are new to mentalism. By new, I mean that you are asking yourself what is mentalism and if there was any way to convince someone that you can read his or her mind. This dvd does share some ways to perform a very old trick, but not worth it. This is my first Luke Jermay product, and it will probably be my last.
Did this review help you?
5 of 6 magicians found the following review helpful:
If you're new to mentalism, maybe. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 4th, 2009
I'm a little baffled by the dramatically positive reviews. If you're brand new to mentalism, OK, maybe you're be impressed. But I *hate* effect demo videos that are edited to mask the effect. Upon seeing the full effect on the DVD, you'll know exactly how the *entire* thing is done without watching anything in the explanations section! That, to me, is not a good thing. Unless, like I said, you're a total newbie, and haven't read or watched much mentalism before.
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5 of 6 magicians found the following review helpful:
You basically pay for the effect, the method is so obvious Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 1st, 2009
If penguin showed the whole trick on the demo, no one would buy this. I think that the video made the effect seem much better than it is. In the video it shows phase 2 by having a spectator read another spectator's mind. What they show is not half of it. This method is dead simple and its kind of annoying how the effect is way different in the preview than it is in the actual dvd.

With all of this being said, I think the effect is a really cool idea, but Luke is no creative mastermind for releasing this trick. I will use this on certain people who don't look very smart. If I were you, i would try to somehow see the real trick, and then decide if you want it.

This method is as old as the hills and is not worth 30 bucks
Did this review help you?
5 of 6 magicians found the following review helpful:
This is for the Beginner! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2008
I learned a valuable lesson from buying this DVD. If you have 13 steps to mentalism, have been doing magic for at least 2 years steadily to an intermediate/advanced level, you are NOT eligible for this DVD! Granted this DVD is the best for what it is, the material on this DVD is not original or principal shattering. Some of the "secrets" to this performance are way to obvious for the intelligent layman. Seriously, if you are not new to mentalism don't buy this! If you are new, go right on ahead and get 13 Steps to Mentalism too! In addition, don't expect much from Jermay's bit on cold reading. I'm surprised that Jermay didn't even mention NLP! All in all, I feel sorta degraded for this purchase. I should have known from the trailer that it was simple stuff.
Did this review help you?
4 of 4 magicians found the following review helpful:
Emotional Intelligence Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 18th, 2011
Naw, nothing great. Got bored less than half way through. Probably throw it in the closet and it will never see the light of day again. Too bad, I had such high expectations.
Did this review help you?
4 of 4 magicians found the following review helpful:
Simple trick, great routine Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 16th, 2010
This routine seems to have polarized the buyers: it's either great, or very disappointing.
Those that rate this negatively do it for three reasons. First they say that the secret is quite straightforward and simple. It indeed is: it uses some of the basic and rudimentary secret, all of which are learned when one starts getting into the field of magic. But then, mentalism is always about getting a peek, isn't it :-)? The methodology might seem basic, but only to the magicians. Spectators are really baffled by the entire routine. Those who think that the phase three is straightforward (and hence not worth the money) I would recommend to go and read Minds Blowing from James Biss: his password routine utilises the same exact principle, and Biss says it gets amazing reactions. Not every routine should be designed to trick the magicians!

The second negative comments comes from the fact that Luke does not seem particularly interested and sometimes seems detached during the explanations. Well, Luke often comes across as that, to be honest. However, in this video, he does excellent teaching, focusing on many small details and observations.

Third objection is about the presentation itself. I fully agree that the way Luke packages the performance is very personal (attacking the psychic seers), and that it tends to be quite wordy. However, I do believe that if you play this out very quickly and neglect the process and the build-up, you loose a lot, hence lot of practice and good scripting (possibly finding the way it fits your presentation style) are compulsory.

Overall, I would say that this is a very good video with powerful routine, good teaching and wide range of performances. I don't give it 5 stars, as it is presented in a very personalised manner and hence might not suit everyone.
Did this review help you?
3 of 3 magicians found the following review helpful:
WAY TO OBVIOUS !! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 12th, 2012
Ever had one of those moments when you wanted desperately for the world to open up and swallow you ?!?!???!!!
E . I has just left me eating a S#@T sandwich!!!!!
Beautiful presentation , great set up .
Total lay audience, just the type I thought would be 'dumb founded ', and ' amazed ' at this illusion , kicked me right in the groin !!!
Cries and moans of 'You're kidding !!!', and " Obviously you're !@#$%^!@#$%^&!@#$%^....' and we're not that stupid !!!'
Looking back at this illusion , through a spectators eyes , they were right ! It really is BLOODY OBVIOUS !!! Some times we want our illusions to work so much , that we under estimate our spectators \ audience , which is something a pro , amateur or total beginner illusionist , should never do !!
Keep your money in your pocket or, be very very careful to whom you present this to !! Your audience as a whole needs to be very gullible .
You need but one person to ' click ' and you're gone !! If this happens , your presentation / stage area becomes very small , the heat intensifies ten fold and your reputation trickles ( sweat ) down your back till it reaches the crack of your ar#% !!
Luckily illusionists are thick skinned ( we need to be!) . Next week new crowd new Illusion , " The show goes on " .
" What doesn't kill us makes us stronger !" .
Did this review help you?

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