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SvenPad® Sven Notes (3 Sticky Notes Style Pads) (3 Pads) The Most INNOCENT Pads In the Entire SvenPad® Lineup. Perfection on steroids!
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SVEN NOTES look uncannily like the famous sticky notes on every desk: what could look more ordinary? The backs have brown paper that makes sure these bay boys will fly under all radar.

With the Sven Notes you will discover the same ultra precision manufacturing that has made all the GENUINE SvenPads® a worldwide phenomenon. Be careful you don't use these to accidentally write down your shopping list!

These are just too easy to use: Simply hold the pad outwards in betwixt your fingers, and ask someone to open at one page. Done.Then toss the pad aside.

Force ANYTHING on ANYONE with ease! Concentrate on your presentation, not your props! Your perfect FORCE has never been SIMPLER, MORE DECEPTIVE or more hands-free!

Casually show all of the pages to be different (words, drawings, celebrities, destinations, foods, phone numbers, etc). Then openly hand the SvenPad® to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. The performer instantly knows exactly what she is thinking.

With your SvenPad® in hand, you can create hundreds of effects in ANY language. This is the cleanest way to force ANY piece of information (or more) that you choose. It is simple, deceptive and hands-free! There is NEVER any heat on your pad!

You casually show all the pages of a notepad to be different (words, drawings, celebrities, destinations, foods, phone numbers, etc). Then, you hand the SvenPad® to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. Somehow, the performer INSTANTLY knows exactly what she is thinking.

Focus on your effect - not your methods!

The SvenPad® removes any risky or impractical methods and allows you to focus on your presentation, safe in the knowledge that the method WILL NEVER let you down.

The SvenPad® is easy to carry yet plays big, no matter what the environment is. The multitude of effects that are possible make it a must-have accessory for any magician or mentalist.

The quality of the original SvenPad® is exceptional. All the short edges are insanely precision trimmed to less than 1/45 inch!

Each pad is then hand inspected and tested before shipment to insure perfection and exact tolerances.

To the naked eye, the difference in page sizes is imperceptible. The pad is supplied blank so that you can customize it however you like. Each package comes with full instructions and a phenomenal custom SvenPad® routine by the late Master Mentalist Bob Cassidy.

• THE ORIGINAL! The highest quality and most deceptive Svengali pads ever made. Why buy poorly made copies when you can own the BEST as used by the world's top performers?

• PERFECT! These look nearly identical to Post-it notes 3x3 pads.Canary yellow paper, perfect backs, no adhesive.

• LASER CUT PAGES – Insanely & visually imperceptible 1/45″ long & short edges

• Heavier paper stock

• PROFESSIONALLY MANUFACTURED, each is hand tested before delivery

• BLANK PAGES – create your own forces and routines!

• INCLUDES a 15 page instructional PDF with tips + enhanced version of Bob
Cassidy’s classic “Scary Movie” routine

• UNLIMITED uses for the working professional!

• Hand made in the USA!

"The gimmicking of the SvenPads® is perfect and completely undetectable. In short, you are able to force ANYTHING, instantly and with the pad in the spectator’s hands. As I am sure you know, I much prefer classic methods and secrets for my routines. They are proven over time, cannot go wrong and are totally baffling if performed correctly. I cannot think of another prop that fits that bill as perfectly and is so versatile. It works flawlessly, fits into your pocket and can create as big an effect as your imagination is capable of developing."
Richard Osterlind

"One of the most versatile and well made utility devices I have ever used. Highly recommended. I can attest that these pads are the best I've ever seen. To those who claim they can make them themselves- OF COURSE you can. But you'd have a hard time achieving the perfection Brett's SvenPads® offer. And you certainly wouldn't have the benefit of the performance material that comes with them. These have my highest recommendation."
Bob Cassidy

"I got it today and it's going into my act tomorrow morning. The SvenPads® are very very good!"
Lior Manor

"Absolutely love SvenPads!®. Gotta give a shout out to Brett for his top notch customer service and saving me a ton of time as I used to make these by hand. Utility item with endless possibilities and one of the cleanest forces possible."
Oz Pearlman

"The SvenPad® is a marvel. As complicated and sublime as anything you own. Every mentalist should applaud its availability, but leave it to just a few to perform. Seriously, don't leave to a show without it. It is as individual as you."
Marc Salem

"I am currently entering into my 5th season of a weekly theater show to which I perform four shows per week and have the ability to test out new material every now and then and I have to tell you, as a worker, the SvenPad® is real. It doesn't just do the job, it destroys. I can’t speak highly enough of this. It's perfect in every way. TOTAL GAME CHANGER! Its a firm part of my show now and I hope you don't sell too many.. its too good!!! Absolutely ridiculous!... btw.. I'm ordering more!"
Bobby Motta

"I just got my SvenPads® today. I must say the workmanship in unbelievable. My mind is now thinking of the various ways to use this. Highly recommended."
Devin Knight

"For many years I've been helping develop original routines for our mentalism students here at Mystery School. Now thanks to Brett's SvenPads® we have a very practical addition to our tool kit! I've used this principle in past performances, but the new SvenPads® are the best I've ever seen. They are a joy to work with."
Jeff McBride

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A fantastic utility device! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 19th, 2017
I own all of Brett's various pads, and have always used one or another of the variants in my performances all the way back to when the pads first were launched

One of my favourites is Sven Notes (the Post It pads) which I do not use in my shows, but have on me almost all the time, and I am always ready to do some miracles on just a seconds' notice
The pads are extremely well made, it is actually difficult to tell one of these and a regular 3M PostIt pad apart!

If you consider a new device for your walk around - close up - impromptu tool box, I can't recommend the Sven Notes enough.
I don't think I make a mistake, once you start using them, you won't stop!
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Post It Sven Pads Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 17th, 2017
I started out using the larger pads in my stage shows and received such great reactions that I picked up some Post It pads for strolling work. And I LOVE them. I never liked performing an effect where I had to force something in a strolling event because some of the same people watch you multiple times. But the Sven Pads are small so that I can keep multiple pads in my pocket. That way I can have multiple "forces" through out the evening. This really blows away the "wise guys". And they are so innocent looking no one suspects any funny business. If you like normal looking props that perform miracles, buy Sven Pads.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Best utility EVER!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 12th, 2018
I bought this a while back and love it, I didn’t write a review, and I just don’t know why. In my opinion it’s better than any other pad because everyone knows what stick notes are and they just don’t expect it to be gimmicked. It’s easy to carry around, it fits perfectly in your pocket, and you get 3 of them. I’ve done it a lot and not one time have people asked to examine the stick notes.
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THE BEST FORCING DEVICE!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 21st, 2017
This is NOT one of the best but the BEST forcing device on the market. The SvenPads by Brett Barry are so easy to use and are SOOOO POWERFUL! Without the SvenPad's I wouldn't even know where I would be right now but I definitely know it has pushed my magic and mentalism so far.

Also it dosen't look like a magic prop and looks like a ordinary bit of stationary you would buy anywhere. IT'S AMAZING and I just can't stop using these.

Also please be aware of CHEAP COPIES, these cannot compare to them as the quality is far different. I can see for my self that Brett Barry creates these pads from LOVE as he puts his time and name to it, he looks at every detail from the design to the way it's made, and other unrespectful COPYCATS just have no respect and copy his ideas just for the money and you can see from the quality that their pads are RUBBISH!

Anyway I have seen for myself by purchasing Brett's SvenPads first to then purchasing cheap COPYCAT pads and can see that the difference in looks and quality is far different.

Trust me and purchase the SvenPads by Brett Barry, you will feel JOY!

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Terrific Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 18th, 2017
I have Sven Pads and Sven notes and can only say great things about them. The possibilities are endless. So innocent yet unbelievably powerful to use. Once you start using them, you will just keep coming up with idea after idea and will not be able to live without them! Would give 10 stars if I could!
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