A jaw dropping transportation of FOUR signed cards. Pro caliber magic that anybody can do. https://t.co/kbIiS..

B'Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo Three phases, each one more impossible than the last. Strong enough to stand on its own, or as a finale. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
Pre-order. $19.95
The Gift by Angelo Carbone (Black) A devastating prediction device built into an innocent looking box. RESERVE YOURS SOON.
Pre-order. $74.95
Masterpiece by Rick Lax (Download + 26 Cards) A true miracle. No deck, no distractions, no sleight-of-hand. Just pure MAGIC. INTRO PRICE. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $19.95
Inferno by Joshua Jay (DVD + Gimmick) Burn an imaginary deck of cards, reach in to the flames and save just ONE card from burning; THEIR selection. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $30.00
Making Mind Reading Look Real by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) Learn how to leave audiences feeling like they've had a supernatural experience. LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $19.95
B'Wave by Max Maven - Trick An Ultra-Simple Approach To The Packet Brainwave Effect. No Sleights - No Rough & SmoothThe magician puts a packet of cards on the table. He says to the spectator, "Let's play a game of imagination. Imagine that these are the four Queens." He pantomimes plucking a card with each hand from the pa
In stock. $12.00
Token by Paul Richards (DVD + Gimmicks) Their symbol ALWAYS matches your prediction that has been in plain view the whole time. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $39.95
Charmed By Lewis Le Val (Instant Download) The freshest mind-reading routine we've seen in ages. Not one but TWO powerful techniques that will charm any crowd. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $14.95
Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper presented by Nick Locapo (Instant Download) A jaw-dropping miracle that pros carry with them religiously. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. ORDER TODAY AND SAVE.
In stock. $9.95
Hands-Off Multiple E.S.P. System (Download + 2 Decks) By Neil Tobin Make your mentalism seem more real. Finally, ESP cards that look authentic! Easy to read. Original routine included. "The quality and design FAR EXCEED any ESP cards on the market." -- Genii
In stock. $35.00
Perfect Open Prediction by Boris Wild (DVD + Gimmicks) A FISM card champion's method to openly predict a selected card that eliminates ALL sleight-of-hand. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $24.95
QR Code by Mickael Chatelain - Trick "You'll always have it on you, ready to go!" - David Stone Ask your spectators if they know about QR-CODES. Then take a key ring from your pocket and pass it around calling attention to the QR-CODE tag attached to it. Explain that the code is a prediction! Using either your own smartphone or a spect
In stock. $29.95
Visions by Matthew Wright - Trick Visions is an incredibly powerful and simple double-prediction effect, suitable for walk-around and parlour. It can very easily be adapted into a full stage routine. An envelope is placed in full view. A spectator is asked to imagine they are drawing a picture in their mind... it is a free choice an
In stock. $29.95
The Known by Thom Peterson (Instant Download) A reputation-maker using ANY deck of cards that looks as incredible as it sounds. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. ONE OF OUR HIGHEST RATED TRICKS.
In stock. $9.95
Halting Prediction By Michael O'Brien (Instant Download) One of the cleanest serial number predictions on the market today!
In stock. $4.95
Making Mind Reading Look Real by Luke Jermay (DVD) Learn how to leave audiences feeling like they've had a supernatural experience. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $19.95
Turning Heads by Ryan Stock (Instant Download) An amazing trick with a secret that might be even more impressive than the effect. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $14.95
The Carey Files: Volume 1 by John Carey (Book) A collection of sixty one new effects and methods with cards and coins.
In stock. $43.00
Triveal By Joel Dickinson (Instant Download) Participants merely think of playing cards and you reveal them without asking any questions and then watch jaws drop as your prediction hits them hard
In stock. $19.90
Killer Prediction by Cody Fisher - Trick Right out of his corporate act Cody Fishers KILLER PREDICTION is a masterpiece of stand up magic. The magician introduces a cased deck of cards as his prediction. Then tossing three different colored paper balls into the audience three spectators are chosen. Together they freely select the identity
In stock. $39.95
Prediction Impossible by Jay Sankey (Trick Only) Stun your spectators by performing a "test conditions" demonstration of your clairvoyant powers!
In stock. $0.99
Free Prediction by Nader Medhat video DOWNLOAD Very powerful effect! Four envelopes are on a table, numbered 1 through 4 - each a different color. Three spectators are told that one of the four envelopes contains $100. Whoever selects the envelope containing $100 gets to keep the money! All three spectators freely select an envelope. These are o
In stock. $15.00
Stealth Writer Complete Set by MetalWriting - Trick This set contains everything needed to use the Stealth Writer. You are provided with the clever gimmick that works with both a dry-erase marker and a permanent marker, a special dry-erase Stealth Pad that conceals the confabulation note, plus necessary tools and instructions. Included is a versatile
In stock. $160.00
NUMERUS by Raphael Macho - Trick On this DVD, you will learn a method to show an incredibly direct variation of a "Card-at-Any-Number" effect. The goal was to achieve the cleanest handling possible in the CAAN plot. No unnecessary movements, clean, direct and strong. But not just that! Two other strong variations of Numerus are tau
In stock. $24.96
ESP-ECTATION by Rizki Nanda I cannot speak highly enough about this routine. I have been knocking people out with this effect all year. One symbol and ONE symbol only is in an envelope. The card in the envelope can be seen at all times. 5 ESP symbols are place on the table. The spectator names ANY SYMBOL. NO FORCE OF ANY KIND.
In stock. $34.95
UNKNOWN by Rus Andrews (Instant Download) Fate or Will, influence will prevail
In stock. $12.00
But Not Here (RED) by Mark Elsdon (DVD + Gimmick) A thought of card is predicted under the fairest and most impossible conditions with a surprising twist at the end. NOW SHIPPING.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $30.00
Connected by Paul Stockman and Alakazam Magic - DVD Alakazam Magic take great pride in bringing fresh new material from original artists to the forefront of the magic and mentalism communities and the latest of these exciting new talents is a name that is destined to become synonymous with modern mentalism. For over a decade, Paul Stockman has been e
In stock. $49.00
Shape Shifter by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmicks) Transform a metal object from one shape to another IN THEIR HANDS. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $24.95
Impossible Envelope (Gimmick and DVD) by Paul Stockman and Alakazam Magic - DVD Direct from the professional repertoire of Paul Stockman, the "Impossible Envelope" is an innovative new prediction effect that can be used for stage or close up work. Confabulation, multiple outs, publicity stunts and headline predictions are just a few of the effects possible with this unique take
In stock. $28.00
Smart Ass 2.0 (Red with bonus pack) by Bill Abbott The Basic Smart Ass Effect:You place a jumbo card face down on a chair without revealing it's identity.A participant is invited to sit down on the mystery card and is shown a deck of shuffled playing cards. You explain that they will use their subconscious to deduce the identity of the jumbo card th
In stock. $60.00
Destiny by Jacko and Aprendemagia - Trick Aprende Magia presents Destiny by Jacko, a demolishing mentalism effect that is very easy to perform. The magician asks a spectator to come to the stage. He gives the spectator an envelope with a prediction. Then he shows him a travel catalog with a lot of touristic destinations. He gives the catalo
In stock. $37.50
Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD This is probably the best book ever written on headline predictions. It describes, in detail, the methods behind the two greatest headline predictions ever performed. The first one was performed by mentalist Robert Nelson in 1947, and was known as the Miracle Prediction of the Age. It achieved world
In stock. $25.00
Postmentalism by Alvo Stockman The future of written prediction is HERE.
In stock. $29.95
The Butterfly Effect by Dave Forrest (Instant Download) An IMPOSSIBLE self working triple prediction!
In stock. $12.00
Gemini Calling by Roberto Giobbi (Instant Download) An incredible dual prediction. No setup, and NO sleight of hand. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
TUBE 3 BY Jason Messina (Instant Download) Predict The Future Using YouTube
In stock. $4.95
One By George Campbell (Instant Download) An Impossible Prediction Effect. Very easy to perform.
In stock. $9.95
Way Out by Marc Oberon - Book Marc Oberon's Way Out is a versatile utility item that enables a single, folded piece of plain paper to contain the outs for anything up to twelve different predictions. It can be instantly opened to reveal only the desired one, with no fumbling or suspicious handling.Experienced mentalist will read
In stock. $22.50
Psychic Money Sense by Devin Knight - Trick Give a spectator psychic intuition! The magician shows three small coin envelopes. On the front of each envelope is attached a different coin. One envelope has a penny attached to the front, another has a nickel, and finally the last envelope has a dime. The magician says he has made a written predi
In stock. $9.00
The Stealth Writer and Stealth Pad by MetalWriting - Trick This set contains everything needed to use the Stealth Writer. You are provided with the clever gimmick that works with both a dry-erase marker and a permanent marker, a special dry-erase Stealth Pad that conceals the confabulation note, necessary tools and instructions. Included is a versatile asso
In stock. $70.00
Poetry Reading by Alvo Stockman MULTIPLE predictions woven into a beautiful poem. Written, read and handed out right in front of your spectator!
In stock. $19.95
Open by Marcus Eddie (Instant Download) Predict a FREELY AND OPENLY chosen card. Immediately reveal your prediction which has been in view the whole time!
In stock. $17.95
Open by Marcus Eddie (DVD + Supplies) Predict a FREELY AND OPENLY chosen card. Immediately reveal your prediction which has been in view the whole time! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $19.95
The Ultimate Headline Prediction by Devin Knight - Book This effect will get you more publicity than any other headline prediction. It has many features that you cannot do with other headline predictions. THIS NEW METHOD INVOLVES NO SWITCHING OF THE HEADLINE PREDICTION SLIP. There is only one headline prediction slip and it is signed by the VIP! Best of
In stock. $15.00
Vegas Vacation by Carl Christman - Trick Vegas Vacation is a brilliantly designed effect that allows the performer to predict every aspect of the spectators' imaginary trip to Las Vegas. They will be able to freely make a variety of choices. In a finale they will always remember you will reveal a detailed prediction of all their choices.De
Out of stock. $29.98
Elements of Mentalism Vol 1 (Water) by Nefesch - DVD Water is the first in a series of 4 new DVDs where Nefesch will show some of his professional mentalism routines that he performs using the 4 elements of nature (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air)Routines Included in WATER:Water Mark:You predict the amount of water spectator would pour in a glass.Water Sp
In stock. $7.50
Smart Ass 2.0 (Blue with bonus pack) by Bill Abbott The Basic Smart Ass Effect:You place a jumbo card face down on a chair without revealing it's identity.A participant is invited to sit down on the mystery card and is shown a deck of shuffled playing cards. You explain that they will use their subconscious to deduce the identity of the jumbo card th
In stock. $60.00
Roll the Dice Card Prediction by Ickle Pickle Products - Trick What you receive is a pair of dice and a deck of cards. The beauty of this effect id that it yields a different result each time.Effect: The magician presents a deck of cards and instructs the spectator to shuffle. After the deck is shuffled the spectator is instructed to roll the dice. Once the dic
In stock. $9.38
Paper, Rock, Scissors by Didier Dupre and Wild-Colombini - DVD A unique great idea using the famous game PAPER, ROCK AND SCISSORS. You play the game with a spectator and you predict the last game played, you predict if the spectator wins or loses and with which symbols! Easy to do. Two different presentations given. Suitable for close up and stage. Complete rea
In stock. $10.00
Alluminati (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Oberle - DVD Your empty hands grab a can of soda and tear off it's aluminum pop tab (that cute little metal thingy with the two holes in it).Your lovely spectator focuses her attention on one of the tab holes....allowing her secret thoughts about you to flow into the metallic circular space. You wait a moment..b
In stock. $34.95
World Tour by Makenke, Diego Raskin and Aprende Magia - Trick APRENDE MAGIA presents Wold Tour by Makenke and Diego Raskin. This is a new mentalism effect to keep with you, it's easy to do, really practical and absolutely amazing. You can guess or predict two places of the wold that the spectator is thinking of without using any difficult techniques. World Tou
In stock. $30.00
Alarmed by Noel Qualter & Ade Gower (DVD + Gimmicks) An mind-melting professional caliber thought revelation. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $57.65
Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan (Complete PRO Package) As interactive and large-scale as stand-up magic gets! Everyone decides the outcome in this awesome miracle. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $45.00
Confab-shoe-lation by Richard Bellars (DVD + Gimmick) The trick that fooled Penn & Teller. Bold predictions, IMPOSSIBLE accuracy. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $39.95
FOB by David Penn (DVD + Gimmick) FOB is the perfect finale to your existing card and mentalism routines. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $55.00
Ultimate CD Prediction DVD Kit by Will Tsai (DVD + Supplies) There's a reason top pros end their shows with CD Prediction: IT KILLS. The best part? They keep the CD! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $45.00
Epic Lunch by Charlie Justice and Jeff Pierce (Instant Download) A walk around Mental Epic routine utilizing multiple magic principles where the performer makes 3 predictions for 3 spectators, each numbered and using a different color marker.PROPS NOT INCLUDED.
In stock. $5.00
Silver Swindle (Euro) by Dave Forrest and Romanos (DVD + Gimmick) You'll always know which hand the signed coin is in and, despite being allowed to examine the coins, your audience will never know how!This is Silver Swindle! Your participant chooses any one of two identical coins and signs it. You then turn your back and they put one of the coins in your hand. The
In stock. $25.00
The Art of Winning (US Dollar) by Henry Evans and Marcel (DVD + Gimmick) The art of winning: (An Idea from Henry Evans and Marcel)Three PredictionsThree different MethodsCompletely automaticNo skill required You receive: A gaffed deck, an special bill, (With the explanation in DVD) It's available in US Dollar and Euro Bill.
In stock. $52.50
The Art of Winning (Euro) by Henry Evans and Marcel - Trick The art of winning: (An Idea from Henry Evans and Marcel)Three PredictionsThree different MethodsCompletely automaticNo skill required You receive: A gaffed deck, an special bill, (With the explanation in DVD) It's available in US Dollar and Euro Bill.
In stock. $52.50
The Twitches Theory by Ben Cardall (Instant Download) Real world Mentalism with real world skills and the ability to full out guess your spectators memories!
In stock. $20.00
The Sapphire Collection by Richard Osterlind (2 DVD Set) Fifteen new and original creations performed and taught by one of the art's most respected and influential performers and teachers. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $79.95
Isabella's Star 2 by Peter Turner: The Star Goes Supernova (Book) Reveal a participants star sign or even their EXACT DATE OF BIRTH without any pre-show. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $64.00
Zodiacus by Michael Murray: The Isabella's Star Companion (Book) Zodiacus was designed by Michael Murray to accompany David Sena and Pete Turners Isabellas Star effect along with its latest variations which were detailed in Isabellas Star 2.At its heart this is simply a subtly marked set of number cards but in reality this is so much moreHoused in a beautiful dra
In stock. $16.00
Divine by Colin Mcleod (Book) Secrets to unique mentalism methods and creations shared for the VERY FIRST TIME. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $105.00
Personal FX by JB Magic and Wayne Dobson - DVD 3 business cards are removed from a small leather holder. The cards are laid out in a row. Spectator puts their PHONE on ANY of the 3 business cards. Next they place their KEYS on either of the 2 remaining business cards. The last card goes back inside the wallet. As clean as it gets, the spectator
In stock. $18.75
Validate by Val Le Val and JB Magic - DVD The hit of the IBM/SAM convention, sold out in 1 day! EffectThe perfect, ANY card at ANY date diary effect. With only one diary, no outs, no memory work and a regular deck of cards. You can perform this knockout effect. No odd or even dates, absolutely any date can be named. No force this is a diffe
In stock. $26.25
Parabox by Chris Annable (Instant Download) A premonition, transposition, switch and vanish all in one! Parabox is a simple, deceptive and invisible card to box effect.
In stock. $3.95
Oscar Prediction 2015 by Chris Philpott (Instant Download) The most impressive prediction method we've seen in years. Get this today and PREDICT THE OSCARS. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
E.S.Prediccion By E.E. (Instant Download) Five Zener cards, Two predictions.
In stock. $20.00
The Swami Gimmick (4 gimmicks, Lead & Book) - Trick A manuscript on the use of, and ideas with the utility mental gimmick for predictions for stage mentalist...Table of ContentsIntroduction The Swami Gimmick Fixing the Lead in the Gimmick Learning to use the Swami Gimmick Presentation Angles Choosing a spectator and making a Prediction Writing the Vi
In stock. $25.00
Desert Brainstorm- #2, DVD Effects Performed and Explained:Larry Becker - A Case of Simple LogicChristopher Caldwell - Ani- MentalGene Urban - Body TalkDocc Hilford - The Seventh SignLee Earle - Manila MiracleKenton Knepper - The Five Bill MiracleMark Strivings - Confabulous Vacation
In stock. $26.21
Lucky Lotto Trick by Danny Archer EffectYou`ll be an instant winner when you perform Lucky Lotto. You can do it for one person, a small group or table, or from the largest stage! The magician announces that he will do his famous $10,000 card trick. A card is freely selected and shuffled into the deck by the spectator. The magician t
In stock. $11.25
Kon-King by Aldo Colombini - Trick You have a jumbo card inside a folder as a prediction. A deck of cards is shuffled and cut. A spectator deals the card into four packets, then FREELY chose any one. The spectator can even change his mind. No force. The spectator turns over the top card of the chosen packet and it is seen to be (say)
In stock. $15.00
Impossible 1 to 52 Deluxe (Giant Cards) by Eduardo Kozuch - Trick EffectThe magician shows an envelope with a prediction and a deck of cards inside his box.A spectator says a number between 1 and 52 and puts turns their hands palm-up so the magician can tilt the box and drop the cards onto the spectator's hands. The box is shown to be empty and none
In stock. $50.03
Tube by Jason Messina - Book Here's just some of what's possible with the TUBE system: You meet someone at a party, and explain that you had a dream about them a month ago. You write something down on a piece of paper, fold it up and hand it over. It could be put in an envelope or hung from the ceiling. YOU NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH
Out of stock. $26.25
Crossroads by Ben Harris- Book A spectator is handed a cased deck with the promise that the performer will not touch it! The performer also places his wallet on the table, "This is my money trick..." he explains*. Two spectators are asked to assist. Together, they decide upon what appears to be a "freely chosen card." In this ins
In stock. $35.00
Dream Prediction Lite (Book, DVD, Props) by Paul Romhany - DVD Paul Romhany's top selling one-person prediction routine just got better. The original Dream Prediction was one of the Top Selling Products for 2007, and now Dream Prediction Lite offers the same effect as the original, but more portable for most working conditions. Dream Prediction Lite is the idea
Out of stock. $199.95
CD Prediction by Will Tsai and SansMinds - Trick From Will Tsai, the creator of the world's first and only Real Time Cassette Prediction. The world's first self-contain CD Prediction unit. One of the most powerful finale of any magic or mentalism show. And the most affordable of its kind!What it is:It's the world's first CD prediction that does A
In stock. $359.95
Cody's Comedy Confabulation by Cody Fisher - Book The magician tries to read the minds of the audience several times and does in fact succeed BUT in the most absurd manner possible! In the end however, the magician removes a sealed prediction that proves he did in fact know exactly what the audience would say! This is one of the most clean, direct,
Out of stock. $30.00
Moustache by Chris Ballinger - Trick The Effect:The spectator selects a moustache style form a pack of cards depicting 26 different moustache styles. The selected card is brought up to the magician's face and an actual fussy moustache matching the selected style appears on the performer's upper lip. Not only that, but the selected card
Out of stock. $24.99
Taking Chances by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD Ten routines, with cards and other objects.ELEVATION 39 (Aldo Colombini): An 'elevator' routine with a surprising double climax!FUTURE SHOCK (Roy Walton): A card is selected and found by your two predictions, which eventually find their mates!AVENUE (Hiro Sakai): A spectacular way to produce the fou
Out of stock. $10.00
Quadruplex by Wild-Colombini Magic - Trick An astonishing double-punch prediction!The performer explains that he has two prediction cards. One is placed in full view. A spectator mixes a packet of cards, which consists of several jumbo cards cut into quarters. The quarter-pieces are placed face up on the table and some are turned face down.
Out of stock. $10.00
Diminishing Prediction by Wild-Colombini Magic - Trick A card is selected (say the 2S) and replaced. A Jumbo card is shown as a prediction (say the 10S) but the spectator denies that it is the selection. Another Jumbo card is shown (say the QC) but it is not the selection either. The selected card is smaller. The two cards are shown back and front and p
In stock. $10.00
Add-Acadabra by Wild-Colomnini Magic - Trick A novelty that's designed for laughter but which is good magic too!This is a truly novel effect and a new routine born from an old principle. A prediction is shown. A card is selected in a fair manner, reaching, at the same time, a chosen number. After a couple of gags, the prediction is shown: You
In stock. $7.50
Deal Breaker by Wild-Colombini Magic - Trick You show several FULL COLOR cards with pictures of objects and leave an envelope as a prediction on the table. A spectator selects a card. The routine ends with your prediction being correct and... With a laugh! Great routine & easy to do.Complete with beautiful full color cards.
Out of stock. $10.00
Fully Loaded Magazine by Sean Taylor - Trick A spectator is handed 2 or 3 magazines. They freely choose any one.The spectator is now asked to choose a page in that magazine, again a free selection.The page is now ripped from the magazine and torn into a pile of pieces. The spectator now chooses one piece. This is a completely free selection.Tu
Out of stock. $30.00
Pierrot Prediction by Richard Griffin - Trick An envelope containing a prediction is shown. Part of the prediction can be seen through the holes in the envelope. A spectator is chosen. Two clown bow ties are shown, one red, one yellow. The spectator has the free choice of any one and instructed to put it on.This process repeats with a clown hat
In stock. $299.95
The Stealth Communicator by Jamie Salinas & Gene Protas- Trick The Stealth Communicator made it's debut at MINDVENTION in Las Vegas on October 16, 2011 and was a complete sell out! This new product allows the mentalist the ability to receive up to eight codes from a secret assistant.This device uses the latest technology in wireless communication and is digita
In stock. $150.00
Achromatic Prediction by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD A box is given to anyone you want (the chief of police, the major, a tv producer, etc.) this box is sealed and it will be opened some days later, the box will never be touched again by you or anybody else involved in the stunt. The day that the prediction will be open, lets say you are performing at
In stock. $12.00
Jewelry Box Prediction by Indomagic Land - Trick Effect:Magician shows a wooden box and opens the lid.There are 6 colorful stones (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Violet)in the box.The magician asks the spectator to chooses one stone and place it on the table.Then the magician asks the spectator to open the drawer at the bottom of the box.The
Out of stock. $74.96
Miracle AC-AN by NONO & Bomb Magic- DVD NONO, a great Taiwanese magician, has released a DVD of his amazing stunts in 2011 (only available in Taiwan). He spent 2.5 years to create this magic. As a talented practical magician, he owns a private bar, interacts with lots of customers everyday, knows the tricks of entertainment, and specializ
In stock. $25.00
Choice by Illusion Secrets video DOWNLOAD In this trick you make an unbelievable double prediction.1. Just imagine you show two cards with a prediction.2. You put them in your pocket without revealing them.3. The spectator names any two cards from the deck. It's an absolutely free choice!!!4. Your spectator won't believe it but when you pul
In stock. $9.95
Apocalypse 2.0 - JP Vallarino - Trick You take a portfolio out of your pocket and insist that there is an envelope containing a prediction. The envelope exceeds the portfolio so everyone can see it.You ask the spectators to place on the table about ten items belonging to them (lighter, card, phone, coin, hamster... anything is possible!
In stock. $29.96
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