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Stickman Bob by Kieron Johnson
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"Such brilliant, mad, obsessive thinking that has created spectacular effects. You are a true one off. Keep up the brilliant work!"
- Andy Nyman

"Kieron Johnson is a genius."
- Fay Presto

"A polar vortex has hit the magic world."
- Wayne Dobson

"Without doubt my favorite routine using flash paper, a brilliant idea from the brilliant mind of one of my favorite performers/creators. A charming trick that leaves the spectator with an impossibly magical souvenir that they can keep forever."
- Jamie Raven

"Since seeing Kieron's original Bob routine, I've been hooked on this plot. The addition of the cannon, more fire and now the animated character bursting through the deck makes this a complete, wild and fun routine. I use it as a table piece at weddings and corporate functions, and the reactions are electric. It's an addictive story and will stay with me."
- Steve Rowe

Stickman Bob
is no ordinary stickman. He will find your spectator's signed card in the most spectacular way, leaving them with an awesome souvenir.

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. Introduce Bob, your magician stickman friend, and let the fun begin!

Bob is also a stuntman and will combine his death-defying skills to find their card.

A cannon is introduced and yes - Daredevil Bob is going to get shot out of the cannon!

The countdown starts, and Bob is shot from the cannon towards the deck. It bursts into flames.

The flames subside - Bob can be seen to have burnt his way through the box and the deck. His smoked silhouette remains are on the back of the signed card.

Stickman Bob is ideal for all types of performance -- street, close-up, even parlor and stage.

It is very easy to do, has fantastic visuals, and makes a great emotional connection. It is an effect your audience will remember, as it leaves them with their signed, burnt Bob card at the end!

You are supplied with laser cut-out burnt cards and the fantastic metal cannon for launching Bob. Use in conjunction with your own red-back Bicycle deck.

Sheets of flash paper are not supplied due to international shipping regulations, but we do provide a flash tutorial that explains everything.

For those not wishing to use fire in their performance or are too young to use flash products, we include a non-flash version using an audio sound file with countdowns in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German and Italian.

Stickman Bob is Kieron's homage to the great work of Bob Farmer, Andrew Mckinley, David Benn. The stickman drawing was inspired by Dan Harlan.

TV rights not included.

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GREAT TRICK BUT... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 8th, 2017
it can’tt be performed as shown in the trailer if you live in the U.S.A.

An important part of the effect depends on something made in England that can’t be imported to the States.

Perhaps I can figure out a workaround but Murphy’s should have made some arrangement to make this important item available in the U.S.!
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Almost the perfect effect Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 1st, 2017
This is a great magic trick more of an effect than a trick. The only reason that I did not give it a full 5 star rating is because they should have given us way more cards. Also they should have given a stronger template as opposed to having us use a simple playing card as the template you will find that you will end up needing way more cards really quick I hope you guys are going to provide refills because I would hate to have to purchase the entire effect just to receive the few cards that you did provide other than that guy's this is one effect that you can show off to children as well as adults it is great
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Can't believe this is now manufactured and sold like this:( Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 18th, 2017
This trick is in kierons lecture. U have to make it urself, but here it now comes with almost every thing u need as flash paper can't be sent... this trick kills!!!! It's very entertaining. It's very different. I love it! I loved it more when it was only known threw the lecture as I see alot of ppl are gonna buy this one where as it being in his lecture, less ppl wld know about it... it took me a long time shopping around for a cannon... I use a Lego cannon... many antiques stores I went to to find one but started with a metal one till I found a Lego one... so that's an upside as it comes with one... it's cheaper to buy the lecture and learn there and u will see more off the wall, outside the box material from the mind of this unique crazy man... his style is very dif and unique so u may wanna get the lecture instead and make it urself. It's really not hard to make at all... It says u can use Ur own cards but I wld suggest using a mirage deck... not sure the handling and such with a normal deck but the mirage makes it sooooo easy to perform... not sure if that's explained in this product as I didn't buy it, but it is in the lecture... too bad flash paper can't be sent threw mail Cuz it's it's very important and wld be nice to have it come professionally done... (ull see what I mean when u get it)

All and all, Amazing trick! I use it in every show I perform... Sucks that more ppl are gonna be doing this one now. I really do suggest his lecture instead tho as it's cheaper and ull get sooo much more material and ideas that are over the top, even if u don't use them, it's great to see what his mind creates..

down side, it's a one off... u can't reset this instantly. U cld reset it if u go to the bathroom or something but who has time for that? And to reset, ull have to carry more things to set it up so there goes pocket space... next down side, (for me anyways as I use a mirage deck) the deck will be committed for only that trick so it takes up pocket space... if u use a normal deck, u cld take the burned cards out and continue Ur set... but agn, it's a one off so ull be going to other tables with a card box all burned and burned cards in side and I dnt see that very professional showing up to a table with a burned up deck... deff 5 stars!!! just suks that more ppl will be performing it nowthat it's being released like this:(
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