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> Stickman Bob by Kieron Johnson

Can't believe this is now manufactured and sold like this:( Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 18th, 2017
This trick is in kierons lecture. U have to make it urself, but here it now comes with almost every thing u need as flash paper can't be sent... this trick kills!!!! It's very entertaining. It's very different. I love it! I loved it more when it was only known threw the lecture as I see alot of ppl are gonna buy this one where as it being in his lecture, less ppl wld know about it... it took me a long time shopping around for a cannon... I use a Lego cannon... many antiques stores I went to to find one but started with a metal one till I found a Lego one... so that's an upside as it comes with one... it's cheaper to buy the lecture and learn there and u will see more off the wall, outside the box material from the mind of this unique crazy man... his style is very dif and unique so u may wanna get the lecture instead and make it urself. It's really not hard to make at all... It says u can use Ur own cards but I wld suggest using a mirage deck... not sure the handling and such with a normal deck but the mirage makes it sooooo easy to perform... not sure if that's explained in this product as I didn't buy it, but it is in the lecture... too bad flash paper can't be sent threw mail Cuz it's it's very important and wld be nice to have it come professionally done... (ull see what I mean when u get it)

All and all, Amazing trick! I use it in every show I perform... Sucks that more ppl are gonna be doing this one now. I really do suggest his lecture instead tho as it's cheaper and ull get sooo much more material and ideas that are over the top, even if u don't use them, it's great to see what his mind creates..

down side, it's a one off... u can't reset this instantly. U cld reset it if u go to the bathroom or something but who has time for that? And to reset, ull have to carry more things to set it up so there goes pocket space... next down side, (for me anyways as I use a mirage deck) the deck will be committed for only that trick so it takes up pocket space... if u use a normal deck, u cld take the burned cards out and continue Ur set... but agn, it's a one off so ull be going to other tables with a card box all burned and burned cards in side and I dnt see that very professional showing up to a table with a burned up deck... deff 5 stars!!! just suks that more ppl will be performing it nowthat it's being released like this:(

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Dec 07th 2017 12:02pm
We are really pleased that you like and perform Stickman Bob.

You have said you do not have the new package and therefore you do not know of the developments with this effect that make the reset very quick and workable.

You are also supplied with laser cut cards and a metal cannon which make this look so much better than making your own and using a plastic cannon.

You are right there is a lot of crazy magic on Kieron's lecture so we urge everyone to check it out, but Bob has moved on a long way since then.

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Dec 07th 2017 1:58pm
You beat me to my review! I have been working on BIP BOOK 2.0 and Will To Read, finishing up ID Steve Cook, Position Impossible and then on to what i have been waiitng for since the launch video of saturn magic of Stickman Bob. Kieron is great! and is very kind in getting back if you have a question contact on Facebook or to Saturn Magic. Yes the Flash Paper situation sucks as they seem to make such precious kinds for the trick but this does require you to do some arts and crafts, and to get flash paper. You complain about people will be doing this now, but not everyone will be doing it the way its done in the uk! They have the advantage :) but we can still make it just as great if you follow the videos, thanks for the review

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Dec 07th 2017 6:50pm
Ur right "themagiczone" I don't know the new developments so I can't really judge or what not till I see it... fact of the matter is it kills!!!! I deff like the fact that it can be signed now and easy reset is great as the original is a one off... I just may buy this effect to check out the new developments... a trick this good needs to be looked at all angles to see what works best for u and the spectators u are performing for... thanks for opening my eyes a Lil bit more;)

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