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The Chapters of Marc Spelmann (4 DVD Set) by Marc Spelmann - DVD
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The Unknown, The Stranger, The Acquaintance, The Initiated

These discs have been unavailable for the last six months and since their original release over four years ago have earned Marc a reputation in the Magic world as a creative and original thinker and performer.

Alakazam Magic are proud to re-release this unique four DVD set in a beautifully presented collector's edition box set.

Marc has been invited to perform for the worlds elite A-list, from Eric Clapton, Lennox Lewis, George Michael, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, Davina McCall, Gerry Halliwell, Johnny Vaughn and HRH Prince Andrew.

His client list is truly extensive with corporate giants such as Sony, Vodafone, Columbia Pictures, Jaguar, BMW, Dyson, The BBC, Carlton Television, Channel 4, Channel 5, Madam Tussauds, Rail Track, Credit Lyonnaise and Amtrak as a mere few of Marcs regular clients.

"I managed to finally get Marc to release some of his treasured routines for the magic community and I have to say that as a magic dealer I cannot remember a book or DVD set with so many real world routines. Marc has delivered material that knocked everyone out at the filming. I am confident that anyone of any level who purchases these DVDs will use Marc's killer routines and principles.

In my opinion Marcs fantastic chair routine One In Thousands, Staple Roulette and his diabolical approach to the bank night theme The Prize Draw are all individually worth the price of the entire set of DVDs to a working professional and could be sold for hundreds of pounds each.

On the day of filming a shattering 31 routines I could not decide which routines I wanted to ad to my repertoire, I was spoilt for choice, a rarity for any set of DVDs. The privileged audience who saw the filming firmly believe that every effect was a true performance piece.

Marc thinks outside of the box and creates workable real world effects that play huge. I can honestly say that it is an absolute pleasure to be releasing this unbelievable set and the two and a half year process of finally pinning Marc down has been worth every second. All of this from someone who is not really known in magic circles and at a young age for his wisdom, knowledge and maturity with the impossible. Our art will benefit I'm sure."

-Peter Nardi

The effects on this remarkable four chapter set include:


A drawing duplication that is real time, no impressions, no pre show, no stooges. You send an image to a random volunteer in the hope that they will receive your thought. You repeat the process a number of times matching image after image to an astonished audience and a baffled volunteer.

A Card in 52. A Word in Thousands

A direct card divination combined with a triple book test, the books are cheap paper backs, a spectator choses a random page that they do not tell you, next another spectator chooses one of three books yet you clearly divine the words and them of the line they are concentrating on and you don't even know what page or book they are looking at.

Sweet Sensation

A packet of wine gums is used to manipulate one of the most unexploited senses, that of taste. Five volunteers are to imagine a sour taste, however one will imagine a sweet taste you divine exactly which spectator is imagining the sweet sensation.

£1,000,000 Serial Killer

A volunteer is asked to take part in a challenge guessing game of which hand holds the prize, they win every time, as a finale not only do you divine the serial number on their £20 note but reveal an incredible coincidence never seen before.

Staple Gun Roulette

Four ungimmicked industrial staple guns, one genuinely loaded are used in a psychological killer routine where the audience gamble with their choices. Three staple guns are fired over their hands whilst the forth is fired into a block of wood to conclude a seriously tense piece of mental theatre.

1 in Thousands

Hailed as one of the most incredible chair routines and already in the repertoires of some of the worlds leading mentalists. Marc has held this back for years and still closes with it to this day. Four participants, four chairs, four envelopes and a killer surprise in a routine that literally has a thousand outcomes.

The Orifices

Marcs variation on an old classic from John Ramsey, taken to a whole new level. Beans are snorted and regurgitated, the final bean travelling from your ear, under your facial skin through to your eye socket. Not for the faint hearted.

Free Call

An absolute killer routine that has fried some of the most distinguished performers. 20 or so objects are placed into a box, a volunteer is handed a single prediction before choosing one of the objects as an example the 10p coin is chosen. They open the prediction that has been in their possession since the beginning to reveal your office phone number, the number is dialed and the message heard which says "Hi sorry I'm not here to take your call, please leave a message, if however that is my helpful volunteer you should be holding a 10p coin."

No forces of any kind, no switch of the prediction, the object is freely selected and clearly predicted.

Just 15 seconds

A real time word memorisation and divination. 40 to 50 Spectators write long and short words on a pad, you take the pad and ask someone to time you for just 15 seconds. You however do not simply call off the words on the pad but instead take it to another level by divining two randomly selected thought of words.

Do You Believe?

Coins, keys and pieces of examined cutlery are placed into a glass as you demonstrate mass psychokinesis, first by slowly moving each piece of cutlery, then moving all of the cutlery. Finally you get the audience to imagine the glass toppling over at which point it moves eerily before toppling to the floor. A fork is twisted like string, a coin bent almost in half and a key bent at right angles.


Marc Spelmanns unique premise to creating unbelievable psychokinesis with practically any small object. Marcs hands are examined before and after the demonstration and yet he still moves objects apparently with only the power of his mind. Move a fork, pen, lighter, business card etc etc etc. This revolutionary technique has already been adopted by some very knowledgeable performers as the most practical way to mysteriously move objects. Remember both hands are very freely moved around, quick set up and invisible clean up.

Thief In The dark

Four Drawings unseen by the performer, each placed sight unseen into envelopes, yet you locate the owner of each drawing and finalize by duplicating the finale drawing that remains sealed inside of it's envelope. Inspired by Larry Becker's Sneak Thief by using a totally different principle. A killer packs small effect that plays big.

The Last Man Standing

Marcs approach to the single card in envelope premise, a random volunteer is asked to do the impossible as you tell them that you placed a single card inside of the envelope you are holding. What colour is it? High or Low? Odd or Even? What suit? Believe it or not they get it absolutely right every time. No palming, no complex system just an easy-to-do effect that fools the best.

What, Where, When?

Three volunteers are asked to join you for a demonstration of remote viewing. One is to visualise a simple design, the other a location somewhere in the world and the last a time of year. You divine everything in a very clever routine that you can carry in your pocket yet amaze an entire theatre. Multiple possibilities and different outcomes are possible. The effect can be adapted to any theme once the premise is understood.

From Beyond the Grave

You introduce a small wallet which holds a single envelope as you tell a participant that this is for them, the envelope is marked with their initials as they are asked to regress to another time, place and even body. Every choice is completely free and comes from the participants own imagination. You open the wallet and remove the initialed envelope which is opened to reveal a letter that predicts every choice with pure accuracy. No palming, forcing or impression devices. No pre show or instant stooging.

Mind To Mind Location

A group of index cards are written on by the entire audience, they are gathered and one randomly chosen by a spectator. The name of a person comes through, after some thought you announce that it is the father, another name comes through which proves to be the mother, both names are divined clearly even though you have not seen the index card, you next get the exact date written on the index card. Obviously one person in the room realises you have divined their thoughts at which point you go into the audience and locate that very person.

The Prize Draw

"This is going straight into my act." Marcs handling of the famous Bank Night routine is taken to a whole new dimension. Everyone wins but not quite as much as you do. A fantastic routine that uses a principle lost in time but is sure to be used again and again once this masterpiece is seen. This has been one of Marcs most talked about routines by magicians, mentalists and of course the paying public for the last five years. In my opinion the best bank night routine ever.

In The Shadow Of Geller

Marc Spelmann's unbelievable one handed coin bend that has fooled everyone who sees it, incredibly clean and best of all the coin slowly bends at the finger tips. Not just a reveal of a bent coin but the audience actually see it bend at which point it is fairly handed to the owner.

Just A Thought

A shuffled deck of cards is openly spread for a spectator to just think of one, no forces of any kind. The thought of card is slowly divined and placed on the table for the dramatic revelation.

Out Of Sight Just In Your Mind

Marc Spelmann's variation of the renowned classic by Dai Vernon, streamlined handling, minimal sleight of hand in probably the most direct mind reading card effect. Marc has made Dai Vernon's classic effect easier and more accessible for all to do. No table required, no breaks held, just pure mind reading.

Business Confidential

A stack of regular business cards are used to demonstrate psychometry and clairvoyance. A volunteer draws a simple image on any business card; it is then mixed and lost into the stack, the performer talks of the old mediums and how they could divine information from an object that is personalized. The business cards are slowly dealt until the performer thinks they have it at which point it is placed sight unseen under the spectator's hand. Now the impossible happens as the performer duplicates the drawing down to the finest detail.

In The Shadow Of Banachek

Marc pays homage to a modern master and inspiration with a direct easy to do visual coin bend that is ready to go in an instant, a reputation maker that creates a souvenir that will be kept for years. The audience sees you with empty hand take a coin from a spectator. The coin is held in one hand only and the audience help create an energy at which point your hand is opened and the coin eerily bends at the finger tips, again it is cleanly handed back to the spectator.

Clearly Predictable

A chosen hour is thought of, a card freely selected and an ESP symbol chosen. Three outcomes from hundreds of possible combinations all of which are clearly predicted in a single photograph in your wallet which has been in view from the start. Direct, strong and impossible for a lay audience to back track. "Another effect going straight into my intimate act."

Alls Fair

A shuffled deck is randomly cut by a spectator who memorizes the cut to card. The card is replaced and shuffled back into it's half of the deck. You ask one question and one question only as you spread the upper half of the deck "Is the mate of your card in this half?" At which point you name the memorised card. Remember, the deck is shuffled by a spectator at the beginning. They cut anywhere, even changing their mind if they choose yet you hit every time.


A card is cut to and secretly remembered. Four other cards are introduced as red herrings, all five are placed on the table as you ask the volunteer to place his shadow over each card, after which you capture his shadow. You then run your hand over the cards and stop on his thought of card. A dramatic piece of simple yet astonishing mentalism.


This alone is worth the price of the DVD, it fooled me badly. Marc Spelmann's killer application with a regular Bicycle deck that he has held back for sometime, fooling all those who have seen him use it. The most invisible of its kind. Very easy to create and even easier to use. Best of all it costs you nothing to put together.

Mental Approximation

A deck of cards is shuffled and a card thought of, the cards are instantly squared, left in their random order and pocketed. The spectator is to visualize the colour of the card, then the suit, then imagine the card in it¹s numerical position in an imaginary spread. Not only do you divine the card but mention that the card was approximately 23 cards down in the deck at which point you reach sight unseen into your pocket and instantly remove the card, no force of any kind, Marc generates huge impact from something that is easy to do. Perfect for situations when there is no table or spectators hands to use.

What Others Had to Say:

"Marc Spelmann is one of those unusual characters that come along once in a generation who knows how to create an idea in such a way as to create a stunning performance piece of mentalism, He also knows that presentation is everything."

"The material is first class, easy to understand and most important of all, highly entertaining. I like your style. Friendly, courteous and very disarming. The material is delightfully commercial. If the viewer doesn't come away with some of the most workable and entertaining effects I¹ve seen in some time, they should try stamp collecting."
-Larry Becker

"The effects I saw are very clever and seem to have no explanation. Marc handles his audience well and leaves them with a very good feeling about his "powers!"
-Richard Osterlind

"Marc Spelmann has an inspired Alchemical knack at combining ideas and principles in proper measure to create new life. His reworking of classic ideas and effects will leave you breathless. The Spelmann touch is close to a knock over the head with a club. It hits you where it counts and leaves you dazed, blurry-eyed, and excited. Do yourself a favor and study Marcs work, I think you too will find yourself highly rewarded for your effort."
-Kenton Knepper

Disc One Running Time Approximately 4hr 28min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 3hr 30min
Disc Three Running Time Approximately 3hr 37min
Disc Four Running Time Approximately 2hr 44min

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Quantity, but little quality Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 26th, 2011
I had very high hopes for this DVD set. While Marc's presentation style was interesting, focused, and intelligent---you really need the lengthy attention span of a missile-command night-watchman. The routines, good in their own right, dragged-on way too long. His instruction does cover everything, but the presentations were about as interesting as swiss cheese---without the holes. I do give him credit for having a good trick or two, as well as being an intelligent and confident speaker; however, this set was definitely not for me---especially for the price. This review may sound a little harsh, and many may not subscribe to my point of view. I can only say this: Buy at your own risk.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Just outstanding. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 4th, 2011
I can't recommend this DVD series enough. Even in the particular routines that I've chosen to not perform personally, I learned methods to apply to or improve other routines that I do, or inspire my own ideas.

A lot of us buy various gimmicks and routines, and perform them very similarly to the way that the creator originally imagined. Marc Spelmann is a different kind of beast entirely. He has put a lot of thought into alternative ways to use various "magic" gimmicks in mentalism routines, and it's simply amazing.

Between Max Maven's Multiplicity, Larry Becker's Stunners, and this DVD (perhaps Rich Ferguson's This Is Mentalism, but it's not necessarily on the same level), you will be destroying your audiences, friends, and family in no time.

If you want to learn some good routines, but more than that, if you want to learn some methods that will serve you well, and get a glimpse into the type of thought process that leads to tremendous routines, then I HIGHLY suggest this DVD collection.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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A treasure trove of mental masterpieces Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Enough can't be said about how good this dvd set is. Each dvd is full of excellent mentalism. Marc Spelmann does a superb job at explaining every nuance of each routine. I particularly like the Staple Gun Routine and 15 seconds. i know someone that built his career with this very Staple gun routine. If you want some powerful mentalism then all of marc spelmann's material is the perfect place to look.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Good but not Great. C+ Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 3rd, 2011
This dvd set is for the seasoned mentalist.The trailor was slightly misleading. Spellman doesn't tip off any of the really good stuff such as the self lighting cigarette. Each disc has 1 or 2 5 star tricks that are just performance only wich really dissapointed me. If you're not going to give a tutorial on something don't bother putting it in the dvd.
You will still have to take a trip to your local magic shop after viewing this. It helps to already own a Svengali deck and a Thread real. It will also benefit you to have already viewed a few of "Banachek's" dvds. Spellman is So far ahead a newcomer may get left behind
Don't get me wrong its not all bad. The quality of the footage is top notch. The techniques shown will indeed get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with your own tricks.
I wouldn't discourage anyone from purchasing this dvd set by any means, However in retrospect I think I should have shelled out the extra few bucks and got the "13 steps" 8 disk set instead.
2 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Chapters of Marc Spelmann Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
This was a great DVD set. Many of the routines are applicable to close-up and stage. Although his performances can sometimes be drag on a little too much, Marc's DVDs contain a number of interesting routines and ideas. Some of my favorite routines on this set include:

1. Staple Gun Routine
In this routine, Marc has three unloaded staple guns and one that's loaded. After the staple guns are randomly chosen by three spectators, three of the staple guns are fired over the hands of each respective audience member, while the last one (being the loaded one) is stapled into a block of wood. Although the performance of this routine doesn't fit my style, I'm sure that many people would find this routine very appealing because it adds a danger element to your show.

2. In the Shadow of Banachek
This is a really great coin bend where you can show the coin actually bending in front of the spectator's eyes. And immediately hand it out for examination with your hands empty. I have added this presentation to my professional close-up repertoire.

If you are interested in mentalism, then I'm sure you will find at least one routine that you will be able to use. If you are not interested in mentalism, then I would just pass on this one.
2 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Great set!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 26th, 2013
I've found this set to be one of the most viewed resources in my library. There is literary something here for everyone. There are at least 5 great tricks that are worth the price alone plus you get Marc's subtleties and thinking as well! Definitely recommended!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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The Chapters of Marc Spelmann Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 19th, 2018
I like Marc Spelmanns work, these DVDs do have good material, it’s been some time since it’s release. However I don’t see how you cannot find some great ideas here.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
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