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What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta
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Now anyone can be a Psychic!

  • Absolutely NO psychic ability required!
  • You can't be proved wrong!
  • The funniest Prediction in the World.

    After a series of fair selections a spectator arrives at one of twelve possible future events. The prediction states that she will "make passionate love to a clown." Your prediction is absolutely correct. When she looks up you are wearing a clown nose and a smile.

    "A subtle set up with a super socko, surprise finish!" - Daryl

    "Hilarious" - Bob Sheets

    "You'll get lucky doing this effect." - Simon Lovell
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    What your crap holds Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
    Let there be comedy, and so it was that there was comedy, and it was good. Many moons ago in The United State, Connecticut, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine-Hundred Nintey-Six, I, Jeffrey Wayne Stone, did witness the comedic phenomenon that is Rich Marotta.

    That was one funny show. He's clever, witty, and just darn funny. So imagine my disappointment when I got What Your Future Holds. The effect is that the spectator chooses one of 12 possible options for her future. Her final choice is read, "You will make passionate love to a clown." When she looks up, you are wearing a clown nose. Ok, maybe it's a funny site gag . . . maybe; the jury is still out.

    For $20 bucks you get a clown nose, 1 sheet of paper instructions, and 12 cards that have the "possible futures."

    The cards are purple with sort of a red border and a "fun" font which, in my opinion, makes them look like cheap magic store props. You can of course make your own cards with blank stock playing cards or even business cards, a simple idea that should have been mentioned in the instructions but wasn't. Also, the instructions had some pretty blatant typos and grammar errors.

    Part of the lack of appeal of this effect is the "You will make love . . . " part of the effect. Although, strictly speaking, it's not "blue," it is a bit tacky in my opinion. You can't (or shouldn't) use a line like that (even as a joke) in front of kids that may be present at a restaurant gig. I wouldn't recommend performing it when husbands/boyfriends are present. Finally, even if the girl you perform it for is single and available, this routine feels more like a desperate attempt to get the proverbial "some" rather than an attempt at humor.

    Finally, Marotta suggests you start off with the old Bugs Bunny joke, "Do you want your palm read?" Then you use a red marker to color her palm . . . get it; palm red. Of course he suggests keeping a wet wipe handy and using a dry erase marker so that it's easily cleaned up. To me it's just rude, and starts things off on the wrong foot.

    Sorry Mr. Marotta. You're a darn funny guy and a heck of an entertainer, but this effect is not evidence of comedic genius that I feel you truly are.

    The only reason I can think of that might make this worth purchasing is the fact that you could modify the routine and the concept and apply it to a different effect with a different site gag at the end. It might even be ok if the prediction said, "You will meet a brilliant and handsome clown" or something like that. In that case, it may be worth it.

    One final comment: This is merely my opinion based on my experience and my style. I recognize that this might be the perfect thing for some of you, but at least now you know what you're getting.

    One final final comment: Obviously, anyone who has been in magic for even a few months could reconstruct this routine after seeing it once.

    Based on that and some of the suggestions I've made about making your own cards, etc, it would be real easy for you to go make your own set for your own act without purchasing this from Marotta.

    However, please show some respect for Mr. Marotta and purchase the product before making a knock-off for your own act . . . grubble.
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    Can be a fun opener or finisher. Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 28th, 2013
    Let me state what has already been pointed out... This is a tacky gag effect! That said, however, it doesn't pretend to be anything else and that's where it's strength lies.

    Performed as a comedy opener or finisher this effect definitely has a place in my close up routines when I do close-up walk-arounds. Used in a full on flirty routine on a table full of women, you might get lucky and end up with a phone number (I don't do that type of routine though so best of luck to you!). Realistically however, this is just a gag that will spark a table's interest, or leave them smiling as you move on to the next audience. If you are performing it for an audience where partners are present the awkwardness of the punchline can be avoided by actually getting the partner involved. While the wife/husband/etc is looking at the card and reading aloud their "future", a quick hand off of the red nose will make it all better, and may even get you a drink bought because you "sorted him out for the night!".

    All in all - it's a fun, quick (maybe a minute/minute and a half) and very easy to perform effect (literally mastered within minutes of reading the instructions). The effect is virtually self-working with the exception of one or two VERY basic moves and a little bit of "patter". In my experience it has never failed to cause a laugh (just don't make it your whole routine) and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a comedy gag to add to a close up routine.
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