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Little Egypt Book of Ghosts by Steve Bryant - Book
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Finally unearthed ... The Little Egypt Book of Ghosts.

Steve Bryant lurks on the dark side of magic. Deep in Little Egypt, in the remote region of southern Illinois where the towns in the mist bear the ancient names of Thebes and Karnak and Cairo, Steve grew up on the drive-in horror movies of the 1950s, on the gothic cartoons of Charles Addams, and on the ghost stories he and his friends used to tell on dark bus rides to high school football games. If a boy such as that grew up to do card tricks, what would he do? Here in 230 haunted pages lie the answers-part home spook shows developed for children and their parents, part ghoulish Halloween extravaganzas developed for adult performance in a seedy river town bar. If you've ever wanted to host a séance, put on a midnight ghost show, or haunt a house, you need this macabre compendium of the world's scariest magic tricks. Be afraid, be very afraid ...

A brief look at the contents ...

Introduction: Invitation to a Ghost Show. A review of fifty years on the dark side of magic.

Chapter 1: Haunted Deck. Thirteen scary card tricks. If you have access to the October 2008 issue of MUM, take a sneak peek: one of them appears there.

Chapter 2: Future Shocks. Two spooky approaches to telling fortunes, quite accurately. Be warned: not all futures are rosy.

Chapter 3: Parlor Tricks. Six parlor tricks, including a spirit slate routine that is the eeriest item in this or any book. No card tricks in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Apparitions. Four ghost materializations, a dark "Pseudo Psychometry," and an in-depth look at Nelson's Phantom Ghost Projector.

Chapter 5: Cabarets de la Mort. Two spirit cabinet routines, one "normal" and one titled "The World's Sexiest Spirit Cabinet Routine." Fun to do!

Chapter 6: Grand Illusions. Ten more stand-up items. Guaranteed screams.

Chapter 7: The Others. Sixteen spooky takes on tricks belonging to others. Some you have to go to the original source, some are complete in this book.

Chapter 8: Let's Put on a (Ghost) Show. Sample programs based on the material in the first seven chapters.

Addendum: The Black Arts Book List. A list of recommended reading.

Pages 230 - Hardbound with Dust jacket

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 20th, 2010
I'm really into bizarre, scary magic. I saw this book and thought that it would have some good ideas. It may be 230 pages, but it is mostly wasted space. First off there are very few pictures, to go along with the explainations. 2nd, this book is mostly card tricks, there are a few ideas that don't involve cards, but 95% of all the tricks involve cards. The third complaint I have is that almost all of the tricks he describes belong to other people, which means you need to either know how to do the trick already, or go out and buy it. All Bryant has done is add a spooky story. It says in the description of the book that there is a section of other people's ideas, and you need to go to the source to learn the trick. I found that probably 80% of the book requires you to know how to do a certain card trick. Bryant tells you what trick he uses, and then gives you the site to purchase the trick. You also must have some knowledge of how to hadle cards. While the forces he uses are not difficult, hindu shuffle, and riffle, he does not explain how to do them, and some of the tricks reuire more advanced handling. The levitating table is useless unless you want to go out and purchase a very expensive prop. Overall this book is not worth the money. Anyone with a little imagination could take alomost any trick they know add a Halloween spin to it. I gave it 2 stars because there were a few ideas I thought were useable and unique. But he spends way too much time writing about props that are no longer avaiable, using very expensive props, and just recycling other peoples' material. If the price were cheaper, say $15 it would be a good deal, but $33 is way too much, even though iit is hard back.
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