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Tivoliland 2 by Arthur Tivoli - DVD
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In his new DVD, Arthur Tivoli presents the routines he actually performs in restaurants: 3 sets, 8 minutes each, with cards, laughs, coins, surprises, ropes, hearts, diamonds... and all this magic fits in his pockets and a small box.


Set #1

Sponge ball routine - How to make friends with people who don't know you and just want to eat without being aroused by a magician.
Diamond - A little ball of bread is transformed in a diamond.
Rising Card - Arthur shows you a very practical handling for this routine.
The bill in the pen cap - +The best and simpler way to make a signed bill disappear and reappear in cap of your pen. It's a killer.

Set #2

Silver Thread - All that you need to focus the attention of your spectators: fire and money.
Ring and Rope Routine - A great routine with a lot of new moves and subtleties.
Sushi - The stabbed card without any risk.

Set #3

Brocken heart - A great trick to begin at a table with women
Russia - The history of the Russian people.
Simplex card to box - An ingenious move for a killer effect. A signed card disappears and reappears in a little non tricked box.

Two great bonus tricks: One to give your business card and the other to take people's money

Running Time Approximately 2hr 5min

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
"That's how I got it . . . " Yes he used that freakin' line! However, all is forgiven since this was a pretty solid DVD. You get three full sets of performances. Each are done live at a restaurant.

Let me get the complaints out of the way first. The DVD gives you the choice of viewing in French or English. I, of course, chose English.

During the performance, you hear a voice-over person speaking English, and you can faintly hear Mr. Tivoli speaking French to his audience, but the sound on his voice was pretty much turned down all the way. In the explanation section, however, you basically are hearing both Tivoli and the English-speaking voice-over guy talking at the same time at the same volume. I actually could not sit through some of the explanations because it was so hard to listen and very annoying.
Set One:

* Sponge Balls
* Bill in Pen Cap
* Diamond
* Rising Card

Set Two:

* Silver Thread
* Ring & Rope
* Rope Routine
* Sushi (card stab)

Set Three:

* Broken Heart
* Russia
* Card to Box

As for the routines, Russia is pretty lame and just seemed like a bunch of stuff thrown together. During the effect Silver Thread, which is a nice coin production, he does a really crappy flurry sequence (isn't crappy flurry redundant?). His rope routine was decent, but just kind of dies off at the end.

That said, the rest of the stuff is pretty darn solid. Each act resets right in front of the audience. His ring and rope routine is beautiful. The effect called Diamond is a really visual production of a diamond. There are a few card tricks on the DVD. However, what's great about his card effects is that all of them use blank face decks. Rather than having a card chosen, a spectator makes a drawing on one of the blank faces. Then that card becomes the "selection" that is used for the routine.

His rising deck effect has a clever novel presentational idea. There is a lot of solid material on this DVD. The only thing that I don't like about the material is that there is a lot of stuff to carry in your pockets, and he actually brings a small wooden box to the table with even more stuff in it. However, the majority of the routines are very magical and fun to watch. GEM.
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