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Sticky Blue Book 2.0 by Anthony Owen - Book
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Anthony Owen is the BAFTA and Rose D'or award winning producer of The Real Hustle, The Secret World of Magic, Dirty Tricks, The Quick Trick Show, Monkey Magic, The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe, Marc Paul's Mind Games, Magick, Thomas Solomon: Escape Artist and all of Derren Brown's specials and series'. He has also created material for David Copperfield, Paul Daniels, Geoffrey Durham, John Lenahan, Dominic Wood and many others.

This book - first published in 1995 - offers Anthony's revolutionary approach to card magic. It is packed with great tricks and comes complete with a Changin' Glue 2-Way Pen. This new 2009 edition has been completely rewritten containing additional afterthoughts, new handlings and four bonus routines - including a previously unpublished mentalism effect by Max Maven.

This book contains thirteen card magic and mentalism routines suitable for close-up and stage situations from Anthony Owen, John Archer, Max Maven, Peter Duffie, John Lenahan, Angelo Carbone, Julian Dixon and Steve Dimmer. These include super-clean handlings of many classic effects and some great new plots.

Contents include:

The No-Palm Card to Wallet
- A free signed selection appears inside an ungimmicked wallet, which was on the table before the card was chosen. No palming.

The Signed Card Anywhere - As performed by John Lenahan on BBC TV series Stuff the White Rabbit. A very entertaining routine in which the spectator plays the part of the magician. Great for stage, cabaret or close-up. A signed card vanishes whilst the cards are held in the spectator's own hands and can reappear anywhere. No palming or sleights of any kind.

On The Level - A quick, visual, entertaining close-up routine. An ideal opener. One of the hits of Peter Duffie's acclaimed lecture - now available to all.

The Light Card - A blue backed selection which has been signed across its face by the spectator jumps to the performer's pocket or wallet - and changes to a red backed card. No palming.

Sticky Blue Brainwave - Now you can perform the classic Brainwave Deck effect with ANY deck of cards. No more counting to thirteen or trying to look for pencil dots.

Days of Your - A great mentalism effect by Max Maven in which you correctly predict a spectator's astrological sign. No pre-show, stooges or prior knowledge required.

Caravan Travellers - Anthony Owen's acclaimed handling of Larry Jennings' Open Travellers.

Sticky Intruder - A super clean handling of the Stewart James 51 Faces North / Paul Curry Open Prediction mentalism effect. The spectator deals the cards face up onto the table. Only one card is dealt face down unseen - it is flipped over to reveal it is the only card in the pack with a cross on its face.

And more...

The book is clearly illustrated with over two dozen illustrations by Marc Paul, Max Maven and John Archer.

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A must buy Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2010
A few years back I read about Anthony Owen and how a huge majority of his creative thinking that goes into each of his effects are performed by some of the biggest names in magic. Ever single effect that is taught in this paperback book are extremely simple and gets straight to the point. Because of the simple nature of each of the effects, it allows you to focus more on your presentation which further increases the maximum potential for each effect because they are very hard hitting effects. Along with the unique Changin 2-Way Glue, it really allows you to present some of the strongest card and mental magic effects that always go over extremely well with the audience. The 2 Way Glue is an item that is almost impossible to buy in the States, however in the book Anthony talks about how you can go about picking up a spare if needed. You can also buy either a replacement 2 Way Glue pen here at Penguin Magic, for a very reasonable price as well.

Here are some of the really strong effects that are taught in the book and that I use quite frequently: Sticky Blue Wave, Escape-Spade, No-Palm Signed Card to Wallet, The Light Card, Bonking (an absolutely HILARIOUS effect) Caravan Travelers and the Signed Card to Anything/Anywhere effect. The other effects taught in the Sticky Blue book are just as powerful in their own right, but the effects I listed above fit my personal style more so than the others.

So if anyone is looking for some very powerful and memorable effects, then I highly suggest picking up a copy of this book and you will be so glad that you did, especially have just a few performances of ANY of the effects taught in this amazing book.
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Excellent Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
A really good book full of excellent tricks! I really like the sticky blue gimmick/idea and Anthony's certainly milked it for all it's worth- which is great! Worth getting.
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