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How Sweet It Is by Diamond Jim Tyler
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WARNING! THIS EFFECT CAUSES MANY ONLOOKERS TO DEVELOP TOURETTE'S SYNDROME! Imagine borrowing an initialed coin- only to have it vanish at your fingertips; Then having the same coin appear inside of sealed sugar packet which has been in front of the audience the entire time! The trick comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and the necessary props to perform this miracle.

"I have used this trick for MANY years in real world performances...it is one of my top 5 'best reaction' effects. When performed correctly this trick absolutely KILLS. Set up is quick and "reset" between table takes about 5 seconds."
- Cody Fisher

"Of all of Diamond Jim's latest effects, I think this one is possibly the most commercial and strongest of the bunch.

Many years ago I developed a signed coin in playing card, but Diamond Jim's routine is much bolder: a signed coin appears inside a sealed package of Sweet and Low which has been on the table since the inception of the effect.

This routine is very well thought out. Diamond Jim has you vanish a signed coin early in your show and then forget about it. Then, as an after thought at the end of your performance, you ask someone sitting at the table to hand you a bunch of sealed Sweet and Low packages from the table. You pick one, tear it open, and cleanly pour out their signed coin into their hand. And it's all examinable.

This is too, too incredible. Anyone can perform this with a minimum amount of practice. All you need to know is how to vanish a coin and follow Jim's simple instructions and patter."

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Not so sweet... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Effect: Imagine borrowing a coin and having the spectator initial it. In a second, the coin vanishes from your fingertips! The very same coin appears inside a sealed sugar packet which has been in front of the audience the entire time!

Method: I bought this and I was imagining different methods of how to do this. When it came in the mail I was so surprised to see how it worked. I had the right method in my head!

Gimmick: I was a little sad about the gimmicks. The gimmicks it came with I am sure can buy from Staples or Office Max for less than two dollars.

Setup: There is a lot of setup. If you want to do the effect fifty times for different tables you need to make fifty sugar packets.

Clothing: It says you need a jacket or vest to perform but I invented a method where you do not need any clothing requirements.

Angles: The angles are good. You cannot do it surrounded though.

Stay far away from this one
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I love this coin to packet trick. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 30th, 2014
The other reviewer is right in that there is some prep work. However, you can not find the gimmick easily. I've tried. You'd have to buy in bulk to get it.

The handling DJ Tyler teaches is great. It works really well for me and gets a huge reaction.

I hold back one star due to the small amount of prep work needed and the small amount of care needed to reset for the next performance.
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