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Romhany's Travel Book Test by Paul Romhany
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If you have ever wanted to perform a book test but couldn't afford the high price tags - Romhany's book test now offers you a three phase routine complete with the specially designed book, at a very affordable price - you can start performing this almost instantly as the book does the work for you. There is nothing to memorize.

For the past twenty years Paul Romhany has been traveling and performing his magic all over the world, and has visited more than seventy five countries. Because of his extensive travel, he ended up writing a book for lay people on his top ten travel destinations. To help promote his book during his shows, he would perform a book test. Of course, the one he used during his show was a special book he had printed, to look like the one he sold - but this one was gimmicked and enabled him to perform a three phase book test routine with it.

A book of holiday destinations is handed out, and a spectator thinks of a country, another chooses the first word on any page while another person looks at a paragraph and concentrates on an image. You take out three business cards and write down a country, the thought of word and draw the image that the spectator is thinking. There is nothing to memorize as the book does it all for you.

You can use this book test as a stand alone routine performing the three phase routine Paul does, or have it as an addition book test with the other books you may perform with already.

Comes complete with gimmick book and instructions.

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Romhany's Travel Book Test Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 8th, 2012
I really like this. It is a very easy 3 phase book test, that really fools. Or, you could use it like i currently do. If you have Mental Epic and Paul's book, Mental Epic Compenduim,the very first effect in the book is called Travel Epic. A really good routine. I had Mental Epic on the shelf for a long time because I didn't like the end of the standard routine. I then discovered Mental Epic Compenduim, and am I ever glad I did. The book is loaded with routines, tips, etc. So send Penquin Magic an order for Mental Epic, Mental Epic Compenduim, and Travel Book Test.You will have a routine that plays very strong and is super easy to do.
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Wow! For about $30, this is a bargain! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 3rd, 2016
I like book tests of all kinds. Some are quick, hilariously bold, and cost nothing, just find a book or two, like Marc Paul's AAA Book Test or David Hoy's Book Test, while others with multiple-phase routines use gimmicked books that can cost hundreds of dollars. New Zealand's Paul Romhany is a seasoned, well-travelled professional, and everything he puts out is simply excellent. His travel book test, based on an actual travel book that he wrote, is so good and unbelievably priced that I want to shout it out from the rooftops.

What you get is his paperback travel book to his top 10 destinations and downloadable instructions. The routine may have three phases, but if you are the slightest bit more than a novice mentalist, you'll have this all figured out in about 10 minutes. The first routine has a spectator pick a place featured in the book, a one in 10 shot. Then, another spectator can pick out the first word on any page. Finally, a third spectator can pick the last paragraph of a page and draw a picture of an image from the paragraph. Each phase uses a different, time-tested mentalism gambit. They work brilliantly well together and completely hide the methods.

This is one of the best, easiest, cheapest multi-phase book tests on the market. I am surprised at the paucity of reviews. Is it because folks think that a great book test has to cost the price of a new car payment? Anyway, if you like book tests, you won't regret adding this one to your repertoire. It's simple but terrific. And as an added bonus, you can use it in a Mental Epic routine. How's that for a bonus?
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