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Chico: The Complete Package (DVDs, Music CD, Props, Script) by Bill Abbott - DVD
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For the family show entertainer Chico the Mind Reader is an hilarious show-stopper and solid laughed packed routine that packs small and plays big. After thousands of performances spanning a decade and a half, Bill Abbott has worked out EVERYTHING, structurally, physically and in every conceivable venue and in front of every kind of audience. Bill Abbott has booked more shows from this one routine than any other in his repertoire. With this single purchase you will be adding 15+ minutes of solid entertainment to your show that can be learned in a short while, with everything you need to make it your own.

Bill Abbott's Chico Package is a one-of-a-kind professional compilation that includes:

All Necessary Props...

  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Binoculars
  • Dust Pan
  • Broom
  • Spray Bottle
  • Soft Hat (toque)
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Zippered Banana
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Staple Gun
  • Frying Pan (varying sizes)
  • White Cotton Handkerchief
  • 3 Party Poppers
  • Customizable natural wood roll-down sign with complete details of how to trace, outline and finally paint your own puppet's name.*Use your own existing case/container or follow Bill's detailed suggestions and tips on choosing the perfect case and stand thoroughly detailed on the Instructional DVD.
Other Supplies Include
  • Fast Dry 2-Part Epoxy Glue
  • Set of Artist Brushes
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Velcro Strips
Custom Chico Monkey Puppet
Prepared Monkey Puppet with removable tail and miniature Fez hat.

The Poster
A poster featuring 40 photos with all the necessary "behind-the-scenes" action with the script lines so working out the routine in rehearsal was that much easier.

Royalty-Free Music CD
Royalty-free intro, background and finale tracks on Compact Disc created just for the Chico routine.

An Exclusive Performance DVD
In this new Chico package there are two additional bonus performances of the Chico routine on the DVD exclusive to this release. One performance is at a kids day camp and the other at a high school retreat in front of 500 teenagers. This along with Chico's classic TV debut appearance and another killer performance at an adult comedy club all serve to illustrate how versatile the routine can be!

An Exclusive Instructional DVD
An exclusive DVD detailing all of the nuances of the set-up, prop management and a complete performance breakdown. The Master Puppet Workshop section of the DVD will show you all of the intricacies of bringing your puppet to life with the proper hand positioning, technique and the manipulation of a few simple props. Everything is taught in detail showing how to create a character so real and endearing, kids & adults alike will latch onto it like it's a live animal! Everything is covered to help you find and develop a character with your puppet, developing a bond between the puppet and the audience and how to use the Chico routine as a foundation for your very own creation. Bill's main objective is to help you to understand the routine inside and out, so you feel comfortable in performing it as soon as possible!

DVD-ROM Contents
  • Full Photo-Illustrated Script
  • A complete script on PDF transcribed with over 50 photographs to make learning the routine that much easier.
  • The Templates
  • Chico Text Template
  • The Mind Reader Text Template
  • The "Y" Letter Template
The Real Deal
What you are purchasing is a well-orchestrated and thoughtfully put-together professional package with built in laughs over years of refinement. Whether you adopt this routine as is, or inject your own personal touches, you will be receiving a truly perfect little piece of comedy, magic and theater that appeals to a wide age range. Bill Abbott made an appearance with Chico on the "This is Daniel Cook" TV Show. Since it first appeared the episode has been airing consistently 3 and 4 times weekly on several Canadian networks, and was nominated for a Canadian Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children's Series! The show was recently been purchased by Disney so you will see Bill & Chico on a Disney Channel near you.

Here are unsolicited endorsements from purchasers:

"I purchased the complete package and heartily recommend it to others - for me it was a no-brainer! Everything is well-made and packed and there are several additional bonus performances of the Chico routine on the DVD I was not expecting. For example there are live performances at a day camp for kids, at a college for young people and at an adult comedy club, which serve to illustrate how versatile the routine can be! The entire Chico script that's included makes it easier to refer to during rehearsal and together with a separate poster of the main moves from the audience and performer's view, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Another thing is that the accompanying DVD for the Limited Edition has been re-shot and is not a repeat of the explanations portion of the DVD Bill Abbott Performs Magic for Kids. The version supplied with the set is much more detailed and covers all the nuances of the set-up, pack-up and performance (including card-handling, a master puppet workshop and complete prop management). The most valuable part for me was the Master Puppet Workshop section. His advice on here is invaluable."

- Magic Bern, Hong Kong, China

"The Chico routine is very strong, superbly crafted, and appeals to a wide age range. The price of $550 is very reasonable when you consider that you're getting 15+ minutes of solid entertainment that can be learned in a short while. I personally learned the routine on holiday in France. It took about ten days practicing for about 2 hours a day.

I was surprised Bill even released this routine, more so that he put all the effort into making these complete kits ready to go. Someone described this as the "perfect puppet routine". I second that, really first rate, and FUNNY! Bill has no doubt created with Chico one of the finest puppet routines. A perfect "packs small, plays big" routine. And for that, I will always be grateful. Bill Abbott is a World Leader in kids' entertainment because of this routine, and I hope he feels content that he's brought happiness to many kids (and many sick kids too) around the world. A big thank you again, Bill, for Chico, who will continue to make the kids of Sussex and London laugh for years to come, I hope!"

- Doug Roberts, aka Potty The Pirate - United Kingdom

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    Great entertainment! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 9th, 2015
    I've performed this twice since receiving it and can see it's going to be the "jewel" of my children's show from now on. It's just so darn cute and clever -- they love it! And I'm able to come up with more and more gags as we go along. Also, adults seem to love Chico as much as the kids. I think the price is way too high; it would be fair at half the cost. However, I'm not complaining about what I got. The DVDS and props that come with the monkey are very good.
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    A winner right out of the box! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 9th, 2011
    This routine is worth it's weight in gold. It makes the kids laugh out loud the whole time you're performing it. This kit has everything you need to perform the routine except for the case and eurika table base which Bill tells you where you can find them or you can get one at your favorite magic dealer so that shouldn't be a problem. You are adding 15+ minutes of pure entertainment to your act. Bill Abbott leaves nothing out and shares all his secrets that span over 20 years with Chico.

    The routine is updated from his kids dvd with added gags and the fine touches on it makes this routine even better then before. The poster, and script are very nice to have because they make rehersal a breeze. The CD I haven't used once, not because it's bad, just that I don't think it's necessary to have background music during this routine. This routine also plays well for a wide age range. Bill gives you 3 performances for 3 different age groups (kids, teenagers, adults). The routine never changes, so you get to see how well it plays for every age group.

    The explanation dvd gives you a complete routine walkthrough from behind the case. Bill tells you everything from case management, to each prop coming out during the routine, to why each thing chico does works, and much more. The only drawback on this package is the price which if you're looking at this from a prop standpoint, you are not getting your moneys worth because the props included are not worth 0.

    However, if you are looking at this from a magic standpoint and what this means to your act, then you are getting every single cent worth. This is a winner right out of the box. You don't have to change a thing if you don't want to, just follow Bill Abbott step by step.

    What will happen eventually is you will start making stuff up as you go because it will never be exactly the same. Chicos movements will never be exactly the same, your expressions will never be exactly the same, and sometimes the kids laughter may never end during one of your performances.

    Another thing about the price is don't think about the price, but think about how many shows you would have to do in order to make up that price. And if the parents are booking you again because of seeing chico, then every year from this point on is pure profit and chico by himself is making you money. The kids absolutely love chico and can't stop laughing. So knowing this routine gives you that, what is that worth to you? Everytime I get repeat bookings the kids ask if I brought chico with me, and when I say "yes", they can't wait to see him.

    The parents also get a kick out of him because their child is laughing so hard, and that's why you get repeat bookings becuase you entertained thier children so much. I can tell you right now, it's the best 0 I've ever spent. If you can afford this, then get this right now, if you can't afford it, then save up for it and buy it when you can.
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