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Reflection by Bill Goodwin and Dan & Dave Buck - DVD
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Reflection represents an exquisite selection of eleven ingenious effects from one of our era's finest card magicians, Bill Goodwin. Included is material culled from his hard to find lecture notes as well as several effects never before published. This is the first time a collection of his secrets has ever been released on DVD.

Using only an ordinary pack of cards, discover the secrets of a true sleight of hand artist and experience the deviant card magic of Bill Goodwin.

Effect Descriptions

Oxnard Split
A highly visual handling of Paul Harris' "Las Vegas Split." A Four transforms into two Twos followed by each of the Twos transforming into two Aces.

One Off
The magician attempts to find a selected card, however, he is off by one. To remedy the situation, the magician splits the card into two cards to reveal the selection.

Off Balance Transposition
A three-phase routine where a selected card and the four Aces repeatedly switch places culminating with a visual transformation of the selection into the four Aces.

The Paint Brush Change (Roy Walton)
Roy Walton's wonderful full face visual change of one card into another happens instantaneously as you "wiggle" the card.

Double Lift Unload
A deceptive technique for unloading the lowermost card of a double so that it appears as if the card never goes flush with the deck.

About Face
A card held at your fingertips turns over visually with just a stroke of your thumb. A handling for Alex Elmsley's "Turn-About Card."

Twisting the Kings
A direct handling of Dai Vernon's classic "Twisting the Aces" finishing with all four cards turning over simultaneously.

The Mirage Trick
The magician offers to show the audience a mirage. A selection is produced between two cards, but immediately vanishes proving that its appearance was just a mirage. Included in the explanation is a handling of the Bluff Pass.

Spectator Cuts to the Aces
A clean and direct handling of this classic plot. The method highlights a versatile unloading technique that can be applied to other effects.

Mistaken Sandwich
A card is produced between two others. Realizing that it is not the selection, the magician causes it to change into the correct card. The three cards can be examined.

The four Kings and the four Aces change places instantly. Two handlings are included.

Hold the Mayo
The four Aces are produced one at a time from between two Jokers.

With over 2.5 hours of performances, in-depth instruction and the complete history behind each routine and sleight, Reflection is not simply a DVD on tricks, but an important course for the advancement of your card magic. Shot in High Definition with multiple camera angles. Includes a 10 page booklet.

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 2 of 2)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
A master of the craft Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
Reflection by Bill Goodwin

Oxnard Split
A clean way of doing the split that I will take into consideration with other effects

One Off
Reminds me of a paul harris effect. Sleighty and you end clean!

Off Balance Transposition
Aces are just flying around everywhere. Show your skills with this visual ace trick.

The Paint Brush Change (Roy Walton)
I don't know many methods on the subject but his looks smooth and graceful. This helped with my Paint brush change so much.

Double Lift Unload
Sweet! If you are caught in a pinch

About Face
Strikingly visual. Take your time with this you won't be doing it by tomorrow

Twisting the Kings
I love his handling, he really shows skills and his work with the cards. I will be using this

The Mirage Trick
I laughed when I saw this. Very deceptive.

Spectator Cuts to the Aces
This is pretty risky without the speed and finesse you need for the routine. Digest this and fool your magician friends. A great method with the plot.

Mistaken Sandwich
An epic plot in card magic. This isn't too hard and quite a fooler

The four Kings and the four Aces change places instantly. Two handlings are included. --this will take some time to learn. Looks mischievously clean for a reason!
Hold the Mayo
The four Aces are produced one at a time from between two Jokers. - This is one of the easier of the tricks. Basic Sleights are used here and it seems to be self working


Teaching: Bill Goodwin goes over each effect at least 3 times. Once from spectators View, then explaining from his POV and then just the POV. Great for the beginners if they wish to take up advance card techniques.

DVD is highly produced and sound is fairy Clear. And no annoying camera work

Difficulty: All the stuff on the DVD will take some good memorization. In order you to make it look as smooth as bill you need some finesse.

Applications: The sleights here can be used for other routines. I like how this guy just doesn't stop at one effect but there are many effects applied to one routine and it comes together to make sense

Overall Rating:
10/10 advanced but not too challenging for me. This DVD will take your card handling to the next level
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1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
4 and a half stars Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
This was a great dvd and i have no regret buying it, here are some reviews of the effects i like performing most:

One Off
One of my favorite tricks to perform, very visual color change and great motivation.

Off Balance Transposition
This one is pretty tough, but once you get it down youll love it!

The Paint Brush Change (Roy Walton)
Wow! Ive never really liked the paint brush change until I saw just how good bill goodwin was at it, its like and entire different change!! This has convinced me to using the paint brush change in some of my other tricks.

The Mirage Trick
The trick is really good, but what i like even more is the kind of bluff pass explained in this.

One of my favorite resets.

Hold the Mayo
A nice way to produce for aces.
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