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Clockwork Apple by Chris Mayhew . - Book
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You don't yet know about Chris Mayhew, his unique approach to card magic, or his wacky sense of humor. All that is about to change. In this anticipated debut effort, Chris unveils eight brand new, visually arresting card effects. Playing cards will change and exchange in ways that will surprise everyone, even you! His specialty is creating card tricks that are simple in plot with a clear, visual element. And, his love for cult films and zany personality emanate from every page; this book is pure fun.

In A Clockwork Apple, you'll learn the following effects. If you'd prefer to actually watch them, we've uploaded a video of Chris Mayhew performing every single one of them.

Dairy Queens
McDoanld's Aces has just been kicked with a million jigawatts, straight into the future. This handling of the classic Assembly plot is both easy and incredibly deceptive.

The Asher Twist meets the Hofzinser Ace Problem meets the Fockers. Consider Hofzinser's Ace Problem solved.

Casino Royale with Cheese
A surprise transposition of the Kings and a selection. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Tainted P.O.D.
This is the latest handling of Chris' now famous "Holes" concept. Two cards visually transpose while trapped between two Jokers with holes cut in the middle of them.

Whole Warp
An amazing handling of the classic Card Warp plot. The entire routine is done without the need to ever fold or tear a card.

Lazy Rise
A selected card slowly rises from the bottom of the deck to the top while anglejogged. This is a new, doable approach to one of the most challenging plots in card magic.

A visual color change of a card that is outjogged in the center of the deck.

The Schwartz
A simple, clean, utility card force. If Ferris Bueller was a magician, he would have used this force.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 9th, 2011
This book was very well produced (vanishinginc) and really opened my eyes for the world of magic. There are some real workers in this book.
List of effects:

Dairy Queens: An incredible revamped version of McDonalds Aces. Only issue is the reset and setup. worth the deck switch, though. 8/10

FDS: Chris' version of Hofzinfger's ace problem combined with the Asher twist. Totally impromptu. Chris doesn't teach you the Asher twist, however. 7/10, perfect for strolling.

Casino Royale With Cheese: Worth the price of the book. The only trick I've actually performed to an audience. It killed. Basically, the effect is a card is signed and selected, and 4 queens are produced. The magician places the red queens on the box. The black queens go into the deck, and they trap a card between them. In a flash, the card is split into the two red queens and the cards on the box become the spectator's selected card. Just Awesome. 10/10

Tainted POD: The first effect with the holes concept. The effect is a delayed transpo in which a card between 2 jokers transposes with a face up card. Chris' routine is a version of Holy POD. Great, although the switch at the end is quite bold. 8/10

Whole Warp: A difficult version of card warp, with no folds or tears. A card turns faceup, when pushed between two jokers with holes in them. At the end the card changes into a previously named card. A cool effect that goes perfectly with Unshuffling Rebecca. I like the transformation at the end. 9/10

The Schwartz: A clean, simple card force. In the right hands this could be good, but for me, my hands look very awkward in Chris' touch force. 6/10

CardsExchange: A card switch with many possibilities including a change, transpo, and just a switch. For me, this is going in my AC routine. will take some practice. 7.5/10

Lazy rise: The thinking behind this effect is amazing. basically, the effect is, a card is placed near the bottom. In 3 phases, the card slowly rises up to the top. Perfect, easy finish to an Ac routine. My only issue with Chris' take on Raise Rise, is the fact that the way Chris performs it is different than the way he teaches it in A Clockwork Apple, and I like the way he performs lazy rise in person more. 8/10

Overall, this was a great book. The only minor flaw is that Chris does not teach you how to end clean in the 3 effects in which you end dirty. I am already creating routines fro his Holes Concept and Chris' humor had me laughing as I learned some jaw-dropping magic. You will find powerful pieces in this book, and although the material is not easy, with a little practice, you will be astounding people with his material.

Highly recommended
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