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Innovative Card Magic by Mariano Goñi - DVD
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"SPANISH CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Mariano Goñi's excellent disc delivers exactly what it promises: a collection of original ideas and creative variations in card magic. Cardmen will find plenty of versatile, practical material here. Expect someone to catch you with one of these ideas at a convention."
- Genii Magazine / December 2010

Learn fresh tricks and techniques from Europe's Close Up magician Mariano Goñi, the mind behind the world famous "Melting Point" effect!

In this DVD you'll find 11 items, some from his professional repertoire. There is stuff for everyone, card routines, quick visual effects, new sleights and color changes, and it comes with necessary materials to configure your "Eagle" gimmick. This trick by itself is worth the half the price!

Raikiri Shoot: The selected card is ejected by itself during a cascade.

The Hurricane: A devilish method to make a card spin at high speed!

Sidewinder 2.0: A natural looking card control, can be used as color change.

Color Strike Mama: The red hot mama plot on steroids! A visual transposition.

The Lightning Change: A fast, center packet double color change. Has many uses.

The Harmony Stone: A multi-phase routine that goes better and better and ends with a surprise.

The Shotgun Change:A center packet change, one for four cards, eye popping.

The Evolution Change: Another great center packet color change, ending with a clean pack!

Color Triumph: Mariano's own routine for an easy to do color triumph with two selections.

Floored!: A street effect. A signed card lying on the floor, changes under spectators foot!

The Eagle: A closely guarded secret used by Mariano to fool knowledgeable magicians. Learn the identity of a stopped card under impossible conditions. Guaranteed to fool anyone who does not know this secret.

Running Time Approximately: 112 min

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 11th, 2011
"SPANISH CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Mariano Goi's excellent disc delivers exactly what it promises: a collection of original ideas and creative variations in card magic.
The opening effect, "Color Strike Mama", gives a hint as to what follows. It's a variation on the legendary "Chicago Opener"...but before you yawn, you've got to see how Mr.Goi has added visual impact to the magical color changes of the backs with the "Lightning Change", a color change of a card extending perpendicularly from the side of the deck. You've seen some similar ideas, but Mr.Goi has made this useful not just as a (double) color change, but has also shown integrated into a classic plot.

"Evolution" is another color change for those seeking visual, impromptu, in-the-hands card magic. Where the "Lightning Change" works with the changing card in a perpendicular configuration, "Evolution" works from a diagonal outjog position, which is a far more natural position to my eye.
For those who frequently work seated at a card table, the Sidewinder control (unrelated to the Andrus sleight of the same title) is essentially a longitudinal tabled side-steal, well choreographed to control a card from the middle to the top in the action of squaring the deck.

While you're at the table, you may as well try a "Triumph". The provenance of "Color Triumph" is readily apparent. This version owes both to Daryl and Vernon, but it adds the extra visual oomph of an initial color change of half the deck. After the mixed shuffle, the colors separate with the exception of the two selections. "Floored" is a straightforward transformation of the face of a card signed on the back, dressed in a hint of Cards Across but requiring only one person. The use of the floor to isolate a card is reminiscent of J.C.Wagner, but in this case it also adds some needed misdirection.

While most of the routines require little or no preparation and no props beyond what a cardman would probably have on hand anyway -a stranger card, for example- there are a couple of items requiring a bit more preparation but delivering an impressive payoff. "Hurricane" is a way to make the "Whirl flourish" move faster, last longer...basically it injects steroids into the visuals. Similarly, the "Raikiri Shoot" requires more preparation than you might imagine, but causing a selected card literally jump from a cascade into your waiting hand is startling. And the little something you need to make the "Eagle" peek work like a charm is included right in the jewel case.

The disc is comprised of video shot in a variety of locations, in someone's home, in front of a backdrop, and even in a formal show situation. There are plenty of close-ups and a lot of careful editing. While it's not a big studio production, the final product compares nicely with work from lager producers.

Cardmen will find plenty of versatile, practical material here. Expect someone to catch you with one of these ideas at a convention.

(Genni Magazine December 2010)
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