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Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce Kalver
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Magician displays a spinning spiral. Audience is asked to stare at the spiral while the magician counts backwards from ten to one. When the audience looks at the magician, his head appears to inflate like a balloon! A spectator is brought on stage and the process is repeated. Now when the audience looks at the spectator, his head shrinks and deflates!

The Growing and Shrinking Head Illusion has become a classic in magic. Magicians from part timers to professionals have made this illusion a staple of their shows.

Through the years, we have had requests to make a bigger sized spiral for large theaters and stadiums. Well there were a few things we had to work out. We have, and now the large size is finally available. The photo shows the relative size difference between the original spiral and the new EXTREME EDITION.

This spiral is much larger than our regular spiral: a whopping 24 inches! Made of super light weight corrugated plastic. With care, this prop should last a long time. To make it spin, we have found the perfect cordless drill that acts as a stand for the trick. You can buy the drill (sold separately) at your local department store. We even figured out how to keep the spiral running without the need to keep your finger on the drill button.

What's included with the spiral:

  • A special strap to keep the drill running without having to press the trigger.
  • The proper hardware to attach the spiral to the drill.
  • Printed instructions which includes Bruce Kalver's tips and hints to get the maximum reaction.
PLEASE NOTE: This spiral will need a minimum of 15-20 feet of distance between the performer and the audience to work.


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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 4th, 2011
While the concept is great and the illusion wow's an audience, this is very over priced for what you receive and very poorly made! The disc itself is constructed out of very flimsy core board and cut very poorly. The hardware consists of two washer's, a screw and a bolt. The front washer is colored black to blend in with the disc but they took the cheep route and it looked like it was painted by hand with the paint chipping off. For this price they should have anodized the front washer and the top of the bolt. Furthermore, they say that it comes in an artist's protective sleeve to carry it - be forewarned! This is simply a piece of cardboard box that they have cut and folded in half. To make this work, you will need to invest in a specific cordless power drill that will run approximately another and you will probably want to buy a real artist protective sleeve that will run another -. The instruction DVD disc was not even labeled. In today's electronic age, printing a label is a no-brainer and again this just poorly reflects on how badly produced this product is. Again, while the illusion is great in concept, Bruce Kalver should no better.
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