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Notion (DVD and Gimmick) by Harry Monk and Titanas - DVD
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An effect that is direct, easy to do, and will totally blow your audiences' minds. Harry Monk has created a mentalism routine based on cards, and a 'gambling' theme that is perfect for any working condition. Perform this walk-around or on a stage.

Imagine walking up to a group of people and showing four totally different photographs, each showing a different hand of playing cards. Each spectator looks at any one card in their photograph, and remembers it. The mentalist then shows a deck of cards and is able to tell each spectator the exact card they are thinking of. It's direct, very easy to do and can be performed on one to four people.

You almost instantly know what card the spectator is thinking of, which can be used to perform other miracles rather than just revealing their card straight away.

Presented by Paul Romhany, you will watch and learn the basic routine, as well as different handlings and variations. Paul performs this one on one, as well as for a group of people - showing you the potential this can have. By itself this routine is VERY strong, but if you combine it with a few of the touches Paul has added then it become a MIND BLOWER.

Comes complete with:

  • Walk-around photograph cards - designed to fit in your pocket or wallet.
  • Larger photograph cards - these are designed for larger audiences, perfect for parlour stand-up, street or trade-shows.
  • DVD - Presented by Paul Romhany, and includes several live performances with variations on how to present the effect.Running Time Approximately: 20min
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    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 30th, 2011
    ok. to be honest i was going to give this one 3stars but gave four because it is an easy yet strong effect. i became VERY annoyed with 2things. i dont know why but when he says the word 'cards'. it kinda comes out like 'keeyods', and he says it a total of 47times on the dvd.

    the other is the deck stacking. OMG could you have come up with a more frustrating and annoying sequence. theres a cheat sheet with the stacked deck but its so small u cannot make out the cards. clubs looks like spades, etc. the guy teaching, Mr. keeyodz, instead of showing slowly which cards to take out and stack, shows a bunch of piles that aren't shown close up until theyre hurridly shoved into the pack. the "random keeyodz" are most likely some of the ones you are going to need for a later stack.i dunno, i think i just got too frustrated with this. i love richard sanders teaching style because you will know EXACTLY what goes where and how. this seemed a bit rushed.

    it is quite amazing however to see the way this works and how you'll instantly know which cards they saw. to be honest...i'd get a mind power deck. much more direct, and to the point. it requires a bit of fishing tho.
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