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Tribute by Ben Train and The Blue Crown
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TRIBUTE contains a hand-picked collection of card magic's strongest ideas,updated and designed for a modern audience. Ben Train offers you three sophisticated routines used either as stand-alone pieces or that you can easily combine to form a powerful act. You're holding more than a decade's worth of thinking and studying, and your on your way to performing better magic.

Included on the DVD:

1. Bold Assembly (Running Time: 30 min)
Display the four aces by dealing them onto separate spots on the table. With almost no cover, the aces start vanishing one-by-one, leaving no trace behind. Eventually they reappear, found together in an impossible location.

2. The Myth (Running Time: 42 min)
Imagine taking your deck, letting someone shuffle it as much as they want, then cutting to an Ace. Every time! Learn the concept that's experiencing a rebirth after almost several decades of lying dormant. No palming. No funny moves. No bull.

3. Triumph v.136 by Ben Train & Syd Segal (Running Time: 32 min)
Paying homage to The Professor, Dai Vernon, Ben teaches Syd Segal's direct, fair and simple method for triumph (Full Metal Jacket, 2005). Ben's historical background, theory and personal touches make this a routine something you have to see to believe!

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 44min

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The best effect isn't even mentioned Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2012
If you watch the demo you'll see three great effects, but what you won't see is an effect called "Bolder Assembly", which is a twist on the "Bold Assembly" effect that actually is better than the original. For some reason, it's not mentioned or even shown, but when I saw this variation using the kings instead of aces with an incredible kicker ending I was floored. "Bold Assembly" is good--especially considering the fact that it allows you to do an ace assembly with a borrowed deck, no extra cards, and no setup other than pulling out the four aces to start the effect--but it's more of a "that's cool" effect rather than an astonishing effect.

"Myth" uses a concept I've never seen before. I have dozens of magic books and probably a hundred DVDs or more, but I've never seen this method mentioned before. After I did the work to my cards, I immediately found a dozen more uses for the method. "Myth" as explained is powerful and definitely makes you look better than you really are, but the card work is what you'll take away and love.

"Triumph V.136" is good as well and is explained in a way that allows you to fully understand the history and motivation for every move.

The downside of this DVD is the incredibly annoying breaks in the explanations. There are literally sixty second chunks of teaching, then a break to a title screen that says "Bold Assembly: Explanation continued..." and then Ben picks up explaining how he got where he is like you'd left the room and forgot rather than just sat through another title screen break with the cards in your hand. If the DVD was set up so you could repeat those as a chapter, I could partially understand (it would still be far too many breaks) but you only have 3 chapters in the DVD (one for each effect explained) so you have to stop and rewind anyway.

Don't get me wrong, Ben is an excellent teacher and you can easily understand everything and follow up on this with no problem. I just hated the annoying "ready, set, STOP" breaks in the teaching. This is definitely one you want to add just for the methodology of "Myth" alone. You'll put the concept to work immediately on other effects that will come to mind. And don't forget to watch out for "Bolder Assembly", as it will probably become your new ace assembly effect of choice.
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Each effect worth the price of admission Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 23rd, 2012
I hadn't seen much of Ben's work before other than a video or two on youtube.

I was very happy with this purchase once I started watching it. My only complaint, as with the other reviewer, I agree that Ben had too many breaks on this DVD.

Aside from that, Ben put '4' Awesome effects on this disk. One, not mentioned, as a Bonus and it's a Killer too.

I actually purchased this disk just to learn The Myth. That's all I wanted. Was I surprised to find Ben's handling of Bold Assembly and Triumph v.136 equally as powerful.

Bold Assembly: I liked Ben's handling for the most part, but the routine had a 'weakness' to, in my opinion. For those knowlegable about 4 Ace Assemblies, you may or may not agree with the 'weakness', once you see the routine. Aside from this one 'weakness', in my opinion, powerful piece of magic.

Triumph v.136 really caught me off guard. Ben's twist on this is very nice. I did Vernon's version for years, from Stars of Magic, but have seen other nice versions on this plot.

Ben is excellent at giving credit to others who inspired him and who created the 'plot' for each effect, and also Ben is a very good teacher.

I'm sure once you learn the workings of The Myth, you will find a thousand uses for the 'principle' used to create this masterpiece. Really ingenious.

I'm not a table worker, so probably won't use the other 2 effects, but this disk is definitely worth the small price tag. Just to learn The Myth, for me, was worth the money.

I also love the fact that Ben is a brother Canuck. Great work Ben. Looking forward to seeing and purchasing more of your material. I would have given 5 Stars, except for the annoying breaks. Sorry. Otherwise Highly Recommended.
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