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Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval - DVD
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"Some of the most refreshing deceptions I've seen in years, fascinating effects from a fascinating character"
- Daniel Madison

Paint the Roses Red is the début DVD from the UK's Lewis Lé Val.

In this DVD, you will learn a collection of LLV's working effects that are easy to do and insanely powerful. If that wasn't enough, you also have access to a 45 minute roundtable discussion between LLV and Dee Christopher on subtleties and techniques that you can add into your own performances to make them more powerful and effective.

Harmony - Despite the spectator giving a deck of cards two thorough shuffles beforehand, the performer is able to know the exact order of cards in a chosen suit.

Curiosity - The spectator secretly conceals their own coins at various locations on their body (left pocket, right pocket and one in their closed fist). The performer is able to divine the location of every coin. As a finale, the date on the third coin is also revealed under seemingly impossible conditions.

Binary - The spectator finds their selected card using an unknown prediction card from another deck. The prediction is then revealed to bear the same value as the original selection and to have even predicted its numerical position in the deck.

Off with his Head - During an entertaining exposé of card cheating techniques, the performer finds a royal flush in a deck of cards previously shuffled by the spectator.

Hack - A number force using a spectator's borrowed phone.

Caterpillar Control - A flashy card control paying credit to Chris Brown's Venus Trap.

Wardrobe Change - Instantly make a card change by popping your T-shirt!

As well as all of the material taught and the roundtable discussion, we've also included 4 PDF files on the disc to expand on some of the effects and subtleties taught; You will learn to tell instantly whether your spectator is left or right handed, how to sense when a phone is about to ring and how to create false memories with a little known visualization technique.

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Amazing Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 20th, 2012
This dvd is amazing, it contains huge amounts of information and amazing tricks.
1. Harmony.Rating- 10/10 The obvious stand out trick of the dvd, I am always set up to do this, it is a miracle worth the price of the dvd. The effect is that the spectator cuts to a card and looks at the suit. Lewis does not explain how to be able to have the spectator name a suit freely, but anyone with a good knowledge of cards can, after a single cut, do this. The spectator then gives the deck a thorough shuffle, and another cut, and then another thourough shuffle and then starts dealing the cards faceup and when the first of the suit is reached, they deal it aside, the performer is then able to accurately predict the order of every other card in the selected suit without looking at the cards.
People may think the spectator has to do a riffle shuffle, but you can ribbon spread the halves and have them push them together if they can't
Negative- It is not 100% accurate every time, and only one out is addressed.
2. Curiosity.Rating- 8/10 A coin effect, I don't do much with coins, but this is one that I will, if someone asks me for a coin trick, do. It is an almost impromptu effect that takes approximately 1 second to set up. The effect is that 3 coins of different values are borrowed while your head is away, the spectator then puts one coin in their right pocket, one in their left pocket and the last in their hand, you then accurately predict where each coin is, and the exact date on the last coin.
Negative- Not bad, but the coins do have to be in your hands.
3. Binary. Rating- 10/10 The secondary highlight of the dvd, A trick that I have used before harmony,and a hard trick to work out for a layperson. The effect is that a card is selected and lost in the deck, not so original yet, but then a card of a diffent back is brought in, and the spectator can put it into the deck anywhere they want. They then count down to the "indicator card" and the card above it is the selection, you then flip over the indicator card, and it matches the selection as well as it having a written prediction of the numerical position of a card in the deck, written in permanent ink. It is not explained, but this could be turned into an even stronger effect by asking how many cards down the spectator thinks they put the card, and then counting down that number to find the selection and prediction, however this is not taught.
Negative- this takes a good deal of setup as well as misdirection, it cannot be done after most tricks.
4. Hack. Rating- 6/10
A number force using a borrowed iphone. Not a trick on it's own, but a nice number force if you don't have one. It is executed by bringing up the dialer, holding the phone facedown and having a spectator tap the screen in 3 or more different places, and then when you come up, it is a predetermined number. I did this with a selected card to book in which I forced the page number and it got a good reaction, but there are negatives.
Negative- The phone must be on mute. It does not work with all iphones, and people might know what they're hitting, or they might mess with you and hit nothing, I cannot say why it doesn't work sometimes without exposure, but I can't give it more than 6/10
5. Caterpillar Control. Rating-10/10
A flawless card control, no doubles, no palming, no pass. Controls one or multiple cards to the top of the pack in a minorflourish that appears as though you drop half the deck over the card, yet it is controlled, and it looks as good as it does on the trailer.
Negative- Angly, solvable by either turning to the side towrad a spectator, or turning the cards towards yourself.
6. Wardrobe Change. Rating- 5/10
Fun to show people, an angly variation of a shapeshifter change, just an addition to a routine, not a closer, harder than the shapeshifter, not worthy of the dvd, but not bad, the effect is that you change a card by popping out your shirt over the top of the deck.
Negative- Angly, Not as good as shapeshifter, will take practice, doesn't always work.
7. Off with his head. Rating- 10/10
An addition to a gambling expose in which the spectator shuffles the cards, then you bring up an ace of spades, show the second deal, then the bottom deal,then reveal all the dealt cards to be a royal flush in spades. The spectator gives real shuffles, and it is an extremely surprising moment of magic when it is turned over, very good routine.
Negative- requires minimal slight of hand, and a small amount of misdirection.

In all, I obviously believe that you should buy the dvd, you won't get any surprises, other than that you really took the time to read this review before buying the dvd. Included in the dvd is a round table discussion between Lewis Leval and Dee Christopher that is extremely interesting and informative. also included are multiple PDFs which teach many ways to know whether a person is left or right handed, and how to know when somebodys phone is about to ring. So buy this dvd, and you will get more than your money's worth.
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Lewis Leval.. cool is an understatement. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 4th, 2012
I don't what I like better, the effects and way of thinking Lewis teaches...or the cool crisp delivery Lewis displays.
Either way this DVD is really good.
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Boring Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 24th, 2012
First of all, I think it is too pricey for what you got from the DVD. The actually teaching is only about 30 min. Only 7 tricks are taught in this DVD, half of them are not even trick, but force/control/color change. I don't see many innovation in this DVD, most of the thing are just variation of existing tricks/sleights. The teaching by Lewis Leval is boring, bad magic teacher in my opinion.

Harmony - Seems to be the main effect from the DVD. This trick is good, but it is so similar to other people's tricks that I learned before.

Curiosity - Just a variation of other people's trick.

Off with his Head - Boring

Hack - Awkward handling, does not start fair enough.

Caterpillar Control - Just a variation of other people's sleight.

Wardrobe Change - Just a variation of other people's sleight.

I'm glad they include a roundtable discussion between Lewis Leval and Dee Christopher, but that's not the reason I buy this DVD.
1 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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