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Knock out Prediction Outdone by Wayne Fox
Price: $40.00
Out of stock.

Your audience will be stunned as you can cut to any card that the spectator cuts to even though they spectator can shuffle the cards as much as they like and the cards are totally normal.

You will want to perform this effect right away, it knocks out both laymen and magicians alike. It is one of the strongest card effects your audience will have seen in a long time.

Comes complete with 2 decks of cards and a full explanaton and variations on this comprehensive DVD.

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Overpriced!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 30th, 2012
This is a really nice principle, you will use it and it works. You really can do amazing, impossible effects with this, you use regular decks, no gimmicks at all. The thing is, that this guy takes a principle that has existed for years, puts it on a dvd, and sells it for 40$. This is way too high priced for what you get. 40$ would be appropriate, if he would have discovered something new, or created something original. Buy Ben Harris X-Ray, it's only 15$ or something like that, you get the same principle well explained with a great effect, don't buy this dvd, better go for a book or something....
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A little-used idea that will fool them Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 24th, 2012
When I watched the demo for this effect I had several ideas for how it could work. I was completely wrong on all accounts. Using a very old concept (and one I haven't seen used in many other effects of the past decade) you are able to do exactly what you see in the demo. You can allow the spectator to shuffle their deck as much as they'd like. They can examine the cards before, during, and after the effect and probably won't find anything (I say "probably" because a thorough examination will expose part of it even though they won't necessarily understand what they're seeing).

With the DVD you receive two normal decks of cards that you will use after you do the initial one-time set up. It will take you about ten minutes to set this up and then you can use these decks to perform the miracles again and again. Wayne says he's left prepared decks aside for years and come back to find them still able to work, so we will see. As I said before, a thorough examination isn't going to pass but a cursory examination during the effect will probably show them nothing. You will have a very small bit of memorization to do and a limited number of times you can do this for the same spectator, but in the end it seems worth it.
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