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Requires Only You by Roy Zaltsman - DVD
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Be amongst the first to learn Roy Zaltsman's best kept secrets and subtleties. Each and every one of these effects can be performed anywhere - both stage and close up. The DVD includes:

RZ Center Tear - the fastest, most natural, cleanest and yet the most casual center tear you can find. EASY to perform.

RZ Modified Switch - Roy Zaltsman has taken the one handed Annemann switch to an entirely new and highly creative level.

PAM TW Force - An intriguing and very versatile force for anything and everything you might want to use in your performance.

3 Thoughts - Roy's billet routine will amaze, amaze and amaze your audiences three times in a row.

Acidus Alkalinus - An extremely subtle way to secretly & easily gather pre-show and other information.

Bonus Effect: Your Second Number - Roy Zaltsman's fascinating take on the usage of the Swami Gimmick.

"Just when I thought he couldn't possibly get any better - he just did!!! Requires Only You is the best Mentalist video I have ever seen !!! Believe me, I've seen several!!!"
- Anthony Darkstone - International Deputy - Society of American Magicians

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2015
I will tell you know that the moves in this DVD are not new. These are Roy's handling of classic moves. Just like one magician does a retention pass or double lift different from another magician.
The DVD description is also a bit confusing. To make things clear, the effects in the DVD are:
1. Food For Thought - In this routine, the RZ Center Tear is taught.
2. 3 Thoughts - In this routine, Roy teaches his handling of the Anneman switch that he calls RZ Modified Switch. The routine also uses the RZ Center Tear.
3. Objective - In this routine, Roy teaches his handling of the PAM TW Force
4. Your First Kiss - In this routine, Roy teaches his handling of the Acidus Novus peek that he calls Acidus Alaklinus.
5. Bonus Routine: Your Second Number - Roy teaches his handling of using the Swami writer.

The DVD description should have described the effects instead of renaming classic sleights to sound new and attract buyers.
The content of the DVD is clearly taught and the routines are workers. These are effective mentalism effects.
If you are new to mentalism then you will not be disappointed. If you have been doing mentalism for a long time, you will appreciate seeing Roy's handlingthat make the "moves" motivated.

What I got away from the DVD:
*I use Roy's handling of the center tear over Richard Osterlind's Perfected Center Tear because of the ease of tearing the paper. It is hard to tear a business card folded in 4ths with Richard Osterlind's moves. Roy's handling of the center tear allows ease of tearing and ease of access of the information without much fumbling.
*Roy's 3Thoughts routine is a mini mentalism act in itself. I will definitely be using this and modifying the presentation to fit my performance style.
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