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Angel by Christian Knudsen and Card-Shark
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"Are angels immortal?"

A special moment between two people, alone, somewhere in a secluded corner of a discreet bar, far away from the worlds hustle and bustle. A conversation about angels. A game of destiny.

"This is how the game goes: Every card I place on the table represents another year of your life, from now on."

A person names a card, any card. The deck, that was lying there from the beginning on, is simply picked up and the cards are counted out on the table face up. There are only 51 cards. The chosen card of destiny is missing.

"Perhaps you are... an angel."

Christian Kudsen, the creator of "Photographic Memory", brings you another strong effect: "Angel"

  • Provided deck can be adapted to other brands and colors.
  • The person may choose nearly any card.
  • No sleights needed.
  • No calculations.
  • No stooges or pre-show work.
  • Only one deck is used and it is visible all the time.
  • No hidden extras or rough-and-smooth.
  • The audience sees regular cards with fronts and backs.
  • Instant reset.
  • A touching presentation based on an idea by Gaetan Bloom.
  • Perfect for intimate moments.

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This is golden! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 19th, 2013
This effect is something that I immediately put into my arsenal upon discovering the method, in my opinion It can be better than the invisible deck(with the correct patter)!I am not a fan of the patter provided but I created my own which gets awesome reactions(having them select a card from a different deck, then having them hold on to it. Then introducing another deck and saying there is one face down card in the deck and it is your prediction. Then I deal through the cards having them look for the face down card, and when there is no face down card and their selected card is not in the deck I explain it never really existed. They then turn the card over to find it is blank.) I gave it four stars because they cannot necessarily name two specific cards in the deck(which can easily be fixed with patter) and because the patter included was not necessarily the best. Aside from the two cons this trick is a must buy!
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ALMOST! But no cigar... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 24th, 2016
I was pretty excited about this trick, even knowing the general method prior to purchase. The gaffs are fantastic quality, as are all Card Shark products (Card Shark makes the best cards IMHO).

So why one star? The trick is not usable (or at least not easily). The designer swapped the positions of two of four gaffs for one of the card values, turning an otherwise very simple effect into a disaster if the spectator picks that particular card. The worst part is there seems to be absolutely no reason he designed it this way. He even warns you to watch out for the problem in the instructions.

I am left thinking this was a design error that was only caught after printing. I would gladly overlook it if I could wrap my head around how to fix it myself. Alas, these gaffs are not easily made to the high quality standard of Card Shark cards, so I can't fix the error myself. I've never left a one star review on Penguin before, but the frustration with this design flaw is just too great to overlook.

I wish the designer would have simply asked Card Shark to produce the correct gaffs and then charged extra for the effect to cover the cost of the replacement gaffs. I would gladly have paid much more for a usable version of this effect. Aaarrrgh!
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