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Six (All Gimicks plus DVD) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick
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The DVD will teach you to easily make the necessary gimmicks to present the 6 routines included on the disk. Follow step by step the making of each effect and how to present each one under real-life conditions. It's a course in magic in your home, a lesson in creativity from the gimmick specialist !

All the necessary raw materials for making the gimmicks are included with the DVD. It will take just a few minutes to assemble and personalize your gimmicks. Putting them together will become child's play.

Let's take a look at detailed descriptions of the six effects included in the DVD :

Effect #1 : " RBR " Rubber Band Ring
Bringing a simple elastic band and a borrowed ring towards each other, the ring interlocks with the elastic band in full view. At the end of the routine the ring and elastic are handed out for examination. Both are ordinary!

  • No switching elastics!
  • No switching rings!
  • A very strong illusion!
Effect #2 : Tic Tac Box
A perfect routine for children. Show a simple box of Tic Tac's. Open it in front of the spectators. They'll note that there are only two Tic Tac's inside. Shake the box in front of their eyes and, believe it or not, your spectators will see the box magically refilled. Open the box and dump a handful of candy into your hand and give some to your spectators -- REAL candy for a REAL mystery.

Effect #3 : Autoreverse
Give each of your guests a playing card and ask each of them to do exactly as you do. Although there's only one card, your spectators will not be able to imitate you. A veritable conundrum, a puzzle for your spectators but simple for you. A new, updated version of the effect, "Do as I Do."
  • No switching cards
  • Only one card is used
  • Really strange
Effect #4 : Color Card
Learn how to put together an instantaneous, full-view color change!
  • No flaps
  • No elastics
  • Once learned, you will be able to personalize your routines by adding this technique.
Effect #5 : Jump Card
A rapid and visual card sandwich! A spectator freely selects a card that is then signed and lost in the deck. Take out the two red kings, for example, and place them slowly and visibly in the center of the deck and ribbon-spread the cards. In the middle of the spread the two kings are still visible. Invite a spectator to verify that no card is hidden between the two kings. However, in one second the chosen card LEAPS and is found sandwiched between the kings, still in the center of the deck!
  • No switching cards
  • The card is SIGNED
  • The appearance of the card between the kings happens IN FULL VIEW
Effect #6 : Ghost Coin
A penetration of matter through matter that's so clean it could only be magic! Borrow a coin and have it signed. Place the coin in full view on the table. Place a card on the coin. NOTHING in your hands, NOTHING to hide. Rub the center of the card with your fingers and, believe it or not, the coin is now on top of the card. Show the card on all sides and hand the coin out for examination.
  • The coin is ordinary -- you can use any coin and have it signed
  • Incomprehensible
  • Very easy to do -- no thread, no magnets

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 6 of 6)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
not practical Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 26th, 2013
these effects are not practical. I still cannot use any of these effects in my strolling show. the ring and the rubber band effect, BAD! I think I might be able to use one effect, the appearing coin. But that's not worth the price of the dvd.
Did this review help you?
Ok... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 26th, 2014
I was a little bit disappointed when I received this trick.The RBR band effect wasn't that good(could have been better), and Tic Tic Box didn't feel comfortable to me, I don't know if I would perform that effect in front of people. Overall it was good. I recommend this.
Did this review help you?
Chatelain Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 3rd, 2013
This is a great effect with many different effects on it. I use a few of the effects but not all but overall a good purchase
Did this review help you?
Great effect and useful gimmick! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 13th, 2013
Before this DVD arrive I thought I wasted my money again on camera effect . After I watch this DVD just feeling amazing ! Very smart gimmicks ! Love these effects! For only 4 stars reason ,because the only effect I don't like is the ring thru" rubble band"..... Only this one let me down.
Did this review help you?
Six by Mickael Chatelain Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 10th, 2013
A very clever inventor of gimmicks has launched yet another successful DVD. Ingenious and well-thought-out routines. My only reservation----and this goes with ANY trick that uses gimmicks-----is that most of the items are not examinable unless you are very skillful. Still, I highly recommend this DVD if, for no other reason, it will get you thinking out of the box!
Did this review help you?
0 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
SIX Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 23rd, 2013
I did not buy this from PENGUIN living in England and all that, but I have got to say, this is just some cobbled together s**t. OK a couple of the effects are pretty good if you enjoy building model aircraft and the likes, but the DVD I received (once again I stress not from PENGUIN) has French titles and English verbal and vice versa, a bloody awful put together DVD!! If you like the look of this well go for it, but IMHO there are better things to waste money on. It's a real shame because I pre ordered this in the UK and was looking forward to learning a trick or two, this did not live up to my expectations, Shame
Did this review help you?

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