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Sew What by Mark Presley - Video -DOWNLOAD (DRM Protected Download)
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The magician removes a silk handkerchief from his/her pocket and throws it into the air. The magician then catches it and folds the handkerchief in his hand while the other hand reaches down for a pair of scissors. The magician, using the pair of scissors, snips cutting motions high above and around the handkerchief. The audience can see that the scissors are not anywhere near the handkerchief, yet when the magician opens the silk handkerchief, a large hole is now revealed. When the silk handkerchief is opened, the middle cut of the handkerchief falls to the floor.

The magician picks up the missing cut of the handkerchief which has fallen on the floor, and places it together with the handkerchief with a hole in it. The magician reaches down and grabs a sewing pin cushion, takes a needle out of the pin cushion and starts to magically sew the silk handkerchief with invisible thread.

The magician, after sewing with the invisible thread, tosses the bundled up handkerchief high into the air and as it unravels, it slowly floats downward fully restored. There are NO HOLES WHATSOEVER! It looks visually untouched, clean, and appears impossible that only moments ago, it was a handkerchief with a large hole in it. The audience will be amazed and doubters will become believers in MAGIC.

If you are an area magician that performs silk handkerchief magic, you will love this effect. It will make a great addition to your show and will make a great stand-alone effect. The handkerchief can be examined both before and after the performance.


Why did I create "Sew WHAT?"

I created this effect because of the many cut and restored handkerchiefs I've seen used by other magicians. Gimmicks such as the Thumb-Tip, Dye Tube, Hold Out, or even hidden pockets. I tried using those effects but I felt it just wasn't clean enough for me. I wanted to eliminate any bulkiness or anything that would cause getting caught up or malfunctioning all together. I wanted to just have a clean looking effect.

After practicing and putting some ideas together, I came up with "Sew WHAT?" I created it on January 2nd, 2013 and want to share my knowledge and expertise with those in the magic community.

Benefits and features:

  • Fully RESTORE a TORN SILK in plain VIEW.
  • Great for stage and parlor magic.
  • Can be performed surrounded.
  • No gadgets, thumb tip, dye tubes or hold-outs used.
  • No chance of mechanical malfunction or anything getting caught-up.
  • Effect can be performed wearing a short-sleeve shirt.
  • Packs small and plays big.
  • Very little cost.
  • Uses a 18 inch silk handkerchief.
  • Visible from far away.
  • Use any color silk handkerchief.
  • Medium skill required.
  • Incorporate "Sew WHAT?" into other silk handkerchief routines.
  • Perform as a stand-alone effect.
I hope you enjoy performing "Sew WHAT?"


These instructions are for the basic presentation for the "Sew WHAT" effect. "Sew WHAT" should not be operated by children under the age of 10 yrs old without the supervision of an adult. "Sew WHAT" may contain small, sharp objects that might cause harm, get cut and or create a choking hazard if swallowed.
"Sew WHAT" may require using scissors , needles and pins.
Mark Presley and Imaginator Magic will now be held responsible for any harm done with the "Sew WHAT" effect. The safety of this effect lies in the responsibility of the performer/performers.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 15th, 2014
for a buck, its great! its simple, effective, visual and theres no hard moves. reminds me of "old school magic" before the fancy gimmicks and such. this is not a close up routine. u may be able to take the principal of it and adapt it to fit close up but I dnt think its worth it. the routine given is the perfect way to sell this effect. I think u will lose the cleanliness of it and make it sketchy bringing it to a close up routine but who knows, imaginations are endless. u will need props and materials u can find at a dollar store as well as silks from your favorite\convenient magic supplier. u cld perform it close up but u need a sewing kit/box to really sell the trick and I cant see y ude carry it for close up and useing pockets to hold stuff will make it sketchy as well as take up space u cld hold more little close up magic in. im sure u cld improvise a routine to get rid of some of the bulk props but with the routine shown, u need them. there is some ditches and switches but they aren't difficult or obvious. they r all covered by "natural" movements in the routine needed to restore the silk. theres really no sketchiness if u follow the routine. the vid is good quality and the teaching Is great and simple. practice is the key to this one, making every movement flow seamlessly. like I said, they are not hard or sketchy movements. they r all natural movements u wld need to make even if u weren't ditching or switching. if your considering this trick, I say buy it. for a buck, u cant lose. if u don't feel its for u, your only losing a dollar. but if it is something for u to use, its a cheep gain. if u practice this routine and do it as natural and smooth as can be, it will surprise folks. is it a super crazy jaw dropping effect? no, and that's y I gave it 4 stars. it is very visual and super easy/clean but its no "vanishing person". had it been more money, I wlda gave it less stars. the routine and handling u get for the price, makes it 4 star worthy, not the effect(not saying the effect is bad or anything) ive bought many tricks and downloads for much more money that I immediately throw to the drawer or know I will nvr use, but this one I will work on and use on stage or parlor setting as u need props i wont carry for close up. for $0.99 u cant lose even if u feel its not for u. im sure weve all wasted money on tricks so if u lose a buck, its not a big deal. great trick for a great price. thanks mark for sharing ur work and haring it with us for a low low price!:)
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