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The Magic Of Suzanne: The Castle Act (2 DVD Set) Black Rabbit Series Issue #4 - DVD
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"A joy to watch! From her opening to her closer, Suzanne's thinking and personality are on full display. Suzanne's magic is proof that strong magic powered by personality will deliver exceptional results! Watch... Listen... Learn."
- Paul Gertner

"Suzanne is a magician who has studied, worked, and walks the walk. Her routines combine a sure knowledge of technique with a gift for construction. On top of it all lies her searingly unstoppable brand of showmanship. She is, simply put, a powerhouse."
- David Regal

"For a long time, no one had ever heard of Suzanne because she had been working all the time. I met her 30 years ago and have been tracking her career ever since. She has the kind of chops that one gets after doing this 10,000 times. Now, as Close-Up Magician of the Year, she has decided to share some of the real secrets of magic... Not only the how but the why... sign me up for this information!"
- Doc Eason

"Yes, she has the skill, the showmanship, the energy, and all those other things that make for a great close-up performer. More than that, Suzanne shows her human side. This is what makes an entertainer stand out, more so than what he or she does, because it forges a bond, an emotional connection, that turns spectators into fans -- and performers into stars. And that's what Suzanne is: a star."
- Ariel Frailich

"The Magic of Suzanne: The Castle Act" is ISSUE #4 in the Black Rabbit Series, which features outstanding professional magicians from around the world who perform full shows for live un-coached audiences.

Suzanne is the only woman to win the coveted "Close-Up Magician of the Year" award from the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle). In this 2-DVD set, you will learn Suzanne's valuable secrets on how to properly structure a magical performance to create a standout show, as well as some fabulous magic. If you want to become a better performer of magic, get ready for some serious note taking!

Volume 1
Filmed live at The Magic Castle, you'll be captivated by the same show that consistently earns Suzanne standing ovations, and ultimately won her the prestigious award. Suzanne performs her most famous effects: "Let's Play Together," "Coming Home III," "A Mother's Love," and "The Journey." Also included are three commentaries, each one taking you further inside Suzanne's thinking as she analyzes and discusses her own performances. Alternate live performances of her favorite routines, a 30-minute interview in which Suzanne talks about her unique magical journey, and footage from her acceptance of the "Close-Up Magician of the Year" award, are also featured.

Volume 2
Go behind the scenes with Suzanne and guest host, Matt Marcy, as they explain step-by-step how to perform "Let's Play Together" and "Coming Home III," Suzanne's workhorse card routines that she's relied on for decades. Suzanne even discusses her unique deck switcher in detail, a device she uses in every performance. You will also be inspired by thought-provoking discussions on how to create a signature trick, how to find the perfect story for a routine, and how to incorporate archetypes into your show to craft a dynamic character-driven performance.

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Don’t buy this expecting to learn good tricks, get it to make your tricks… gooder Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 9th, 2015
First the bad news, the effects that you mostly won’t be learning. You get to watch Suzanne perform her four-trick Magic Castle act. The four effects are:

Let’s Play Together: an ambitious card-like presentation. This one *is* taught in detail, and you are not likely to perform it in its entirety due to some specialize apparatus. However, Suzanne explains the simple slights she uses so effectively, and you can fold them into your routine.

Coming Home III: this is Frank Carlyle’s Homing card with an extra phase. This is also taught in detail and the easiest of the bunch to attain. I’ve been performing this trick for 30 years, successfully for about 25, and there were subtleties presented here that I will start using. Not the extra phase because I’m not worthy, but the two phases I do perform will be much better for it.

A Mother’s Love: is her take on Joe Givan’s Band-Aide Transpo, couched in an enduring story. The effect isn’t taught however you might be able to figure it out from watching the presentation or you can learn the handling from Givan’s lecture notes.

Cups and Balls: is cups and balls, again with an enduring story. (All I remember from Mystery School is the drum circles) She doesn’t teach this either but if you do some other version, then you can easily learn hers. Except for the final load. I have to wonder if Penn and Teller will be fooled by it.

Now, the good news…

In addition to seeing each effect performed, and sometimes performed several times, you also can run through them with her voice-over commentary. It’s like climbing into the head of a real pro and learning the “why’s” the lead to the “whats.”

Another valuable lesson is the real secret behind how she palms card, even with her teeny tiny hands. Turns out that method also applies to passes, top changes, multiple lifts, and watch steals. Guess you could say that tucked away in this two-DVD set, or more appropriately spread throughout, is a single concept that is easily worth its price.
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