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Money, Money by Juan Pablo and Bazar de Magia - DVD
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May you change this one dollar bill into a one hundred?... Sure we all have often heard this! To change the value of the bills is an often request of the spectators. Perhaps that's why Patrick Page created, time ago, the first version of his trick "Papers changed into bills". Since then many other versions of the trick were created, but all of them require a gimmick, and not ALL the bills may be examined. Now, Juan Pablo and Bazar de Magia created "Money Money". With his version you may transform five one dollar bills, that the spectator gives you, into five one hundred dollar bills!!! Which the spectator may examine and you may offer to him!!! No Gimmicks. No double bills. No magnets. ALL the bills may be examined. And, if you wish, you may give ALL THE BILLS to the spectator! You may change pieces of paper into bills, or otherwise. All kinds of bills may be used, provided all have the same size. You receive a one hour DVD (in English and Spanish) with all the explanations, some variations and tips, and all you need to perform this miracle and amaze your audience with "Money, Money".

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This is the BEST Revision of Page's 5 Bill change Ever! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 12th, 2016
My “go to trick” for many years has been the Hundy 5 Hundred. Recently I have been playing around with the new Extreme Burn Locked and loaded, since I was to clumsy for the original version. The locked and loaded is a major improvement to the original version for clumsy people like me.

You can still use this concept with Juan Pablo’s version but you need to wait until the “one last thing” at the very end of the video to find out how.

Money by Juan Pablo is a major improvement from every version so far. I am amazed and YOU will be AMAZED too!

This is no construction project. No double stick tape, rubber cement, cutting or anything else, only simple folding and you hardly need that as there are a couple versions where you really borrow the bills.

There is even an impromptu version where you need nothing but 5 bills in your pocket to change to. You don’t even need the borrowed bills to be the same demonization. You can hand it out when you are done. You are clean. It couldn’t get any better. Juan Pablo has thought of everything. I LOVE this guy!

Buy this. Juan Pablo is now my HERO. I WILL buy more of his magic and YOU will too! Did I say… I LOVE Juan Pablo’s thinking. You will too.

This trick is now a part of my life and I am sure it will change your life too.

Thank you Juan Pablo for sharing this with me (us)!

Juan Pablo is the BEST! You are the BEST! This illusion will prove that it is TRUE.

WE LOVE YOU in Illinois!
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