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Volant (DVD and Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison - DVD
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Volant is a perfect ending to any ring routine, and is amazingly strong as a stand-alone effect.

Volant is a super-clean and super-easy Ring Flight that you can carry with you as an everyday item.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or casual performer, you will fall in love with this method and will be using it in no time at all!

Wearing and using Volant puts you in complete control of your spectator's ring, with no risk of damaging or dropping their precious item.

This project is the result of over a decade of routining and performance by the creative mind of Alan Rorrison.

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Unwanted disappoint Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 3rd, 2017
I tried to hard to like this trick. I really thought it was going to enjoy this trick. First of it's incredibly overpriced. If you think you know what the gimmick is you probably do. Don't waste your money on this trick. If you do want to try this trick out just go Google the gimmick and come up with a method yourself. I would say don't waste your time either but the DVD is only about 20min. He says that he has been working on it for a decade but the DVD doesn't prove it. He doesn't go over any different variations or effects with this gimmick. He doesn't even go over what to do if you either mess up in the middle of the performance or what to do if the ring is too small for the method that he used to vanish the ring. There is a lot more info he could have covered especially if you are going to pay $35. One of my worst buys on penguin. Don't waste your money.
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Am I nutz?! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 13th, 2019
Who reviews a discontinued product...I do. Performing this effect with the provided gimmick is almost impossible, I know I practiced for months. The size of the gimmick was just wrong. Someone screwed up and didn't realize the size made or broke the technique. Why did I keep trying? The effect is really very-very good and fits incredibly well into ring routines. The effect is easily on par with a modern ring flight in fact worked together and add in a wallet and it's a knock out. The gimmick provided ruined it and by all rights I should have asked for my money back from penguin. In fact, I could send the gimmick and dvd back to them now and likely they would refund me. I don't know I'm torn because I found the right size gimmick and the effect is killer. So good in fact I am half glad no one is doing it because of the mess up in what has been sold on the open market. I am quite surprised Rorrison didn't re-release this and fix the issue. I guess it might open him up to all those who felt taken advantage of not sure.

The fact remains though that I buy the effect first and the gimmick second. This is one of those "why didn't I think of this" things and I accept I didn't and Alan deserves the credit. I think we have to get over primarily buying gimmicks and secrets and let Magic elevate to ideas and performance. The explanation is basic handing and an added bonus at the end. Why do I mention this? Well I used the added bonus idea by combining it with the main move which bought me time to make the gimmick work. It wasn't 100% reliable but if I was patient and careful I could pull it off and it killed. It also gave me an excuse to transform the 'ash and ember' gimmick which I then vanished and the one I could hand out showed back up on the chain. Anyway blah blah blah I think it could be re-released just as a download and you find your own gimmick.
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