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Mind Thief by Chris Philpott
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"This effect is just outstanding! I really love Mind Thief, and I will do it close-up. Thanks for putting this out. It is going to be so much fun to do."
- Ethan Nessen

"Have to say, Mind Thief is really stunning, very clever. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for releasing this brilliant effect."
- Garry Hadley

Mind Thief is a fun game of imagination, with a plot twist that turns it into a powerful piece of mind reading. A spectator thinks of one of any one of over 30 valuable objects: a platinum Rolex, a Prada necklace, Gucci Shoes, or a million dollars: it is truly a free choice, nothing is ever written down and no questions are asked.

The spectator imagines he has to get this valuable object home and hide it - but someone is trying to steal it from him! The performer shows him pictures and words in a spiral-bound book with options to get home and hide the object: on wide thoroughfares or narrow alleys, entering his home from the front door or back, hiding it in the bedroom of basement. The spectator never tells the performer his choices.

The performer then explains this has all been a con job: the real valuable object is the thought in the spectator's mind, the thief is the magician, trying to steal that thought; and the imagination game told the magician everything he needs to know about how the spectator thinks: for example, his choice of whether to go home on a wide street versus a narrow alley reveals how comfortable they would be sneaking this object home through a crowd and helps the performer interpret their body language. The performer then tells the spectator not only what the valuable object is, but where in his house he's hidden it.

Mind Thief is an effect I've been working on for over five years. It includes a combination of methods and strategies in a way that maximizes the emotional, dramatic and fooling power of the effect. It also includes a number of variations that I've explored along the way. And the Mind Thief method is applicable to other presentations you can make yourself - you can do it with names of people you know and character traits, or superheroes and their powers - there are unlimited possibilities!

"I just got Mind Thief. Wow! Truly amazing. The incredible amount of thought and care you put into the effect and its production are evident. Also, 'packs flat and plays big' is always a plus. Thanks for creating a spectacular effect."
- Sam Downing

"There is so much amazing flexibility within this intelligent effect. I found myself happily inspired. I ended up creating my own customized application of Mind Thief that dovetails well into both my table hopping and stage show."
- Doug Sparkes

"As always... great effect! I love the simplicity."
- Ed Rapoza

"Mind Thief is great - never doubted it would be. I really enjoyed the instructions. The quality of the prop is up to the high standards of all of your products. It's especially nice that you provide PDFs to customize Mind Thief."
- Shad Schroeder

"Received Mind Thief yesterday. Absolutely love it! It will be going into the act as soon as possible. Nicely produced prop and brilliant method."
- Alan Kennedy

Includes a presentation book, an instructional video and extra JPEG artwork.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2018
(This review is for Mind Thief by Chris Philpott)
During the Mind Thief video explanation, the ever personable Chris Philpott mentions that the method relies on the work of Leo Boudreau in one aspect, and Chris wonders if Boudreau ever used the other aspect. He did. Mind Thief is Boudreau methodology all the way, with Philpott-added DR if you want. (I do mostly close-up so I don't find that addition particularly useful.)

Pros: The little spiral book is beautifully done, and the routine is pretty fun. Cons: It's expensive for what you get. You can read Boudreau's books and make this and similar effects yourself using a color printer, a glue stick, and an empty notebook. (Boudreau called that a "nothing book.")

Leo Boudreau's stuff is genius; it actually looks like real mind reading. This is the same concept. I will probably modify Mind Thief and use it. But I'm still keeping my homemade nothing book. That thing is worth its weight in gold and cost me about $10 to make only because I got a really nice notebook. I prefer a homemade mentalism prop over a slick, commercially produced one any day. But if you aren't inclined to DIY projects--and aren't familiar with one of mentalism's unsung masters--you will be impressed by Mind Thief.
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