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$1000 Secret Seance Docc Hilford
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The $1000 Secret Seance by Docc Hilford ($1000SECR) Magicians have always loved performing seance theater. But how to make it practical and profitable has been a question unresolved - UNTIL NOW!By creating a system of three different seances, Docc has a practical system for selling and performing many types of seance theater.The Pocket Seance can be performed close-up and surrounded. A spirit message appears addressed to someone you`ve never met and signed by a spirit known only to the addressee! It amazes potential buyers and sells the other seances.The Personal Seance reveals personal information about a sitter and commands high fees. Docc`s method rivals the great mediums of the past.The Grand Seance is designed for several sitters at once. Their fortunes are told, birthdates revealed, personality traits given all through your spirit guide. Who makes his presence known in a finale that will have the sitters gasping for breath!This is the system that has made professional magicians $1,000 a session. It was originally released with all the simple props for $350. Now you can have this secret information for a fraction of the cost.Each seance is fully scripted so you know exactly what to do and say.Features:Complete darkness is NEVER required.All acts are instantly set-up and taken down.Everything travels in a briefcase.You can perform them anywhere.All three seances are really a SYSTEM for making big fees.The system sells the shows. - No assistants neededNothing "corny", the REAL stuff!Bonus slate moves.New billet reading methods.The Hilford Office Test, A wonderful way to read a person`s thoughts, is also included FREE!Fully scripted - every move and gesture is written out.Everything you need to make up to $ 100,000 a year, and keep your day job!

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Amazing to build on and make it your own. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 8th, 2012
(This review is for $1000 Secret Seance Docc Hilford)
I feel at odds with this one. As I read through the instructions I found references to other publications to study, yet, you can't expect the world. I feel like a few more modern effects in each of the three seances would add SO MUCH MORE to the presentation. I would tell you what effects I'm thinking about, but that's my secret ;). The first few bits of the book you do start to wonder how you could pull it off and be able to sleep at night, but the more you read on you find ways to perform the seances ethically.

With a little bit of updating and dressing up, this could be some of the strongest performances in your bag of tricks.

Also to comment on the "REAL STUFF". If done correctly it will "SEEM" real. Isn't that what we all want, that "WTF" and "NFW" moment from our viewers?
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the Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
(This review is for $1000 Secret Seance Docc Hilford)
I'm trying to understand what it means when a seance routine claims that it's "nothing corny, it's the REAL stuff". Magicians often make extravagant claims in their marketing, but to claim a seance routine is the "real" stuff is very odd. Are we to assume the claim is that this booklet will actually teach you how to speak to the dead?

Well, obviously it doesn't. But I still have no idea what the ad copy is implying. In any case, I found this product somewhat offensive. The intro insists that it's all just "theater", and that you're not really playing with anyone's emotions, but when you read the rest of the manuscript, which seems overly focused on how much money you can earn from your clients, this comes off as a phony, hollow rationalization. It's disturbing that anyone would want to engage in this sort of potentially exploitive activity.
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